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d/i;aub Clinic &Hospital has been setting the standard for medical care in Hawaii ever since renowned physician Dr. George F. Straub brought a distinguished team of medical specialists together in 1921 to form "The Clinic." For 77 years, Straub physicians have been leaders in their fields, introducing .many medical first·s to Hawaii, some of which were the first to be performed anywhere in the world, Today, as the onlyfully integrated health care system based in the slate, Straub Clinic & Hospital continues to expand the frontiers of med icine in Hawaii. In 1997, Straub continued to introduce breakthrough medical procedmes that minimize trauma for patients, speed recovelY and reduce costs, Several of these dramatic procedures are highlighted later in this report. In addition to medical excellence, Straub continues to serve the people of Hawaii with the high­ quality, cost-effective health care services it's known for-all delivered by a dedicated staff that understands the tme meaning of caring. No wonder... when it really matters, people turn to Straub.

Hawaii Turns

tOI Straub

9ft Straub, everything is centered around patients and their needs, There were 1110re than 600,000 outpatient visits, 40,000 inpatient, hospital days and hundreds of thousands of medical

procedures performed during 1997, Our goal is to provide these services in a Gompassionate, caring atmosphere at. a reasonable cost. A medical center and hospital, like any enterprise, depends on the technical knowledge and dedication of its employees, as well as its customer service, We believe we succeed in



because we are dedicated to exceed the expectations and demands of Hawaii's people, and of its visitors,

Straub Report  

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