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New Clubhouse Takes Shape Both Inside and Out

Captains 2010/2011 March is the time of year that

For those of you who have taken

we recognise that it would not be

the time to stand on the steps of

possible nor practical to consult

Seamus Elmore, the very popular

the old Captain’s Lounge, the

all our members on their preferred

incumbent for 2009/2010 has

current view of the new clubhouse

choices. To meet the deadlines

made way for George Farrall.

is a mass of concrete and pillars

imposed on us by the contractor

rising up from where the old

we have pulled together the ideas

basement used to be, and it now

of the Building Committee, the

extends well above the former

House Committee, the Executive

roof terrace. Even for the most

Board plus some other Members

imaginative minds, it is not always

with relevant skill sets. There are

easy to have the vision of what the

literally hundreds of decisions to

new building will actually look like

be made from the size of tiles to

when finished.

the colour of carpet, to the types

To assist with this ‘vision’, we

of door handles, to where to put

have commissioned the services of

the shoe cleaner! To avoid being

a well known, highly professional

overwhelmed with ideas, the local

local interior design company to

interior designer has put together

co-ordinate our ideas for the

some indicative 3D images of what

types of materials, tiles, doors,

the new ‘look’ may be like. We can

walls finishings, locker rooms, bar

then use these as the starting

and dining areas that are in

point for refining exactly what we

sympathy with the contemporary

want and hopefully avoid the old

style of the exterior.

adage of a camel being a horse

Time is of the essence. As the

designed by a committee!

building advances on a daily basis,

(Continued on page 7)

the Club changes the Captains.

Many will remember George from his days as proprietor of the Pig & Whistle and Galleria Restaurants. The equally popular Anne Elmore leaves office with her husband to be replaced by Anke Döring, Anke was a tennis player in an earlier life and gave up tennis 16 years ago when she caught the golf bug. She is a member of St Peter-Ording Golf Club in North Germany. We wish both George and Anke well for their year of office.

A computer generated impression of the new clubhouse entrance

Club News A New Chairman and Deputy Chairman

The Weather The winter of 2009/2010 saw an unprecedented amount of rainfall in the Algarve. There were days when we had several centimetres of downpours with no respite for weeks on end. At the AGM we showed a short video (available on

Bernard Cooper (right) and David Morley (left) studying plans for the new clubhouse.

In January Bernard Cooper took

meeting after the AGM.

over as Chairman of the Executive

At the same meeting David Morley

Board of the Club. Bernard has

was elected Deputy Chairman.

been a member of the club since

David has been a member since

1988, and has served on the Board

1985, and has been on the Board

since 2005. In 2009 he was

since 2006. David currently heads

elected Deputy Chairman. His

up the Building Committee

appointment as Chairman was

overseeing the new clubhouse

confirmed at the first Board


the website) with scenes of Members sloshing around in

Charity Fund Raising

bunkers, submerged buggy paths

Like many institutions CGQL in its

and sodden fairways.

own quiet way does a substantial

After 3 months of deluge from

amount to support charitable causes.

mid December to mid March the

Every Monday a group of some 30

weather reverted back to the

men play in a 'casual' roll-up, and

Algarve norm.

their donations on a monthly basis pay for nearly €250 worth of chickens

In This Issue

for the 'social' dining association in Quarteira, in addition to making an equipment. The Tuesday Ladies

Petronella Hamer-Janus hands over one of the many Christmas presents donated by CGQL Members

annual donation to purchase kitchen donate to the weekly “Baby Basket”

St.George's day €500, all destined to

which provides nappies, formula milk,

go to good causes.

and other food for approx. 15 babies

This year, on Portuguese National

at the Antonio Alexio Centres in

Day on the 10th June, the Club is

Quarteira and Loulé. Every Christmas

teaming up with ADCQL and the

ACCA have a Children’s Christmas

Association Empresarial de Almancil.

Wish List and the Ladies fulfil over

They will be lending us their

100 wishes for the children in these

assistance to ensure that as much as

local centres and the Girl’s Orphanage

possible of the expenditure on the

in Olhão. The new crèche in Quarteira

day is covered by donations. The

has also benefitted with security gates,

chosen beneficiaries which are the

outdoor toys and many other items.

underprivileged children of Almancil.

Additionally, various members’ events

These funds will be distributed by

have raised significant amounts of

individual teachers in the Almancil

money for charity. The Vikings Day

area to needy children to help with

celebrations raised a total of €1,750,

payment of clothing, educational

the Captains Drive-in €1,050 and

materials, school trips etc.

What’s happening on North 15? See page 6

The Club from the Air See page 5

Trophy and Competition Winners See page 11

Club News Aerial Views of New Clubhouse

The CGQL clubhouse is not the only thing new in Quinta do Lago. Under the direction of new CEO, John Dwyer, there is a lot going on with people and places within the resort.

Koko Lane

At the beginning of May, Jane Reason and Ewald Rottland took these stunning aerial photographs of the new clubhouse from a helicopter. The top picture shows the new clubhouse emerging beside the current SGQL

Koko Lane - a new bistro cafĂŠ has opened next door to the driving range - perfect for a light lunch or mid-morning coffee

Patrick Murphy

clubhouse, and clearly shows its proximity to the ninth green. The picture right shows the temporary clubhouse made up from fourteen forty foot containers.

New Committee Structure at the Club

Patrick Murphy has joined the

Some changes to the Club’s main committees took effect from 1st

team as General Manager of

January 2010. The formal Legal and Contractual Committee was dissolved

SGQL. Patrick is from Galway in

so that all legal matters could be dealt with by the Executive Board as a

Ireland and has a background in

whole. Graham Fitch was appointed to take over as Chairman of the

hotel management.

House Committee whilst Jane Reason takes on the role of Treasurer, as

Easter at Quinta

well as co-ordinating all Club publications and sponsorship. There have also been a few changes to personnel who sit on the

Did you catch the

committees. Seamus Elmore has been invited on to the Building

fireworks down at

Committee to lend his expertise on electrical installations amongst

the lake on Easter

other things. Anita Rottland and Janet Brittain have left the House

Saturday or the

Committee and have been replaced by David Proctor, Sylvia Proctor and

Easter Egg hunt

Brenda Brown.

at Casa do Lago? This was the

In March there were some changes to the Golf Committee. Seamus and

first of many more animated

Anne Elmore have left as the outgoing Captains and have been replaced

celebrations that will be

by Brian Hubbard and Judith Greenhalgh the Vice-Captains. George

organised by Quinta do Lago

Farrall, as Club Captain has taken over the chair of that committee.

throughout the Summer.

Golf Courses Its All Changes on North 15

Aerial View of North 15

There are major changes being made

The subsoil excavated in this work will

to the layout of the 15th hole on the

be used to construct a new ’Tiger’ tee

North Course, to prevent golf balls

in the wooded area that divides the

from landing in the gardens of

current 15th tee from the 14th green.

adjacent houses. The full effects of the

The buggy path will wind between the

changes will lengthen the hole by

two new sets of tees.

between 35 and 50 metres (depending

The fairway bunker on the left side of

on which tee you are playing from),

the fairway will be filled in, and the

and will undoubtedly make the hole

sloping bank to the left will be cleared.

much more challenging.

There will be some re-shaping of the

There is history behind the problems

fairway short of the bunker to stop

on North 15 (the hole used to be

balls running down the bank. A new

referred to as 'A6'). In the 1990's, plot

bunker, approximately 170 metres

owners had problems with balls

from the men's yellow tees will be

landing in the garden and a protective

built on the right side of the fairway.

net was raised on the corner of the

This will leave a clear view from the

dog-leg. This net was then removed

tee of a wide expanse of fairway on

about three years ago when one of the

the outside of the dog-leg,

properties went through extensive

encouraging shots to the left of

renovation. However, continuation of

centre. The extra length will

the problem and further negotiations

discourage players from trying to carry

between SGQL and the property

the dog-leg, and will mean that

owners has resulted in some agreed

misdirected shots should not reach

The diagram above shows an

alterations now being carried out.

the properties.

aerial view of the hole, the

Firstly the men’s teeing platform is

The work has already started and the

current configuration of tees,

being lowered by 1.5 metres, which

new hole will be ready for play by the

will reduce the tee height almost to

beginning of July. It will be a necessary

the level of the fairway. The hole runs

to re-rate the golf course based on

slightly downhill to the dog-leg, so

these changes and the Club will be

(denoted by areas bordered in

the necessity of a raised teeing area is

contacting the Portuguese Golf

black). The area shaded in grey

less acute. Next, the men's yellow tee

Federation in this regard. In the

to the right is the boundary of

and ladies red tee will be moved back,

meantime Qualifying Rounds will

the plots.

and the current ladies tee removed.


fairway and bunkers and the approximate new layout

New Clubhouse Interiors (Continued from page 1) multifunctional and practical Clubhouse with many of the facilities we were undoubtedly lacking in the old building. Highlights include luxury locker rooms, a ground floor spike bar, internet and library areas, a large and multi purpose Captain’s Lounge for dining with a special area that can be used for dancing or watching television, and, of course, plenty of outside seating with suitable shading. There will

Above: An artists impression of the Club Bar on the ground floor, showing seating area, bar, and tables and chairs, with floor to ceiling glass sliding doors giving access to the outside terrace.

also be some subtle traditional touches to remind us of our history! Our one ‘bete noire’ will be the necessity to ban all golf shoes on the first floor plus some areas on the ground floor. This decision is in the best interests of the Club as a whole to avoid damage to what will be a very smart and clean floor! Further photos and updates on the building’s progress will be posted at regular intervals on the web site:

Above: The changing rooms on the ground floor of the new clubhouse will be light and airey, with plenty of locker space. Below: This view of the entrance lobby shows the office and reception area, ‘shop’ front window displaying club merchandise, and the entrance to the bar. We do caution that these artistic impressions are being used by the club to decide upon final interior decor, so they should not be viewed as definitive examples of final finishes.

Competition Voucher Scheme

Voucher Scheme Advert

Natura Garden Center Almancil Estrada Vale do Lobo Sitio Escanxinas 8135 Almancil

Other Competition News

Visit of Castle Golf Club In February the club was graced

Pinheiros Altos Match

with a visit from the members of

The 5th running of the Ben Hogan

Castle Golf Club in Dublin the

Trophy was the most closely

home club of Seamus and Anne

contested of the series. For the

Elmore. Despite the appalling

first time neither club had a

weather 2 matches were

significant home advantage, as an

organised and played, and many

equal amount of matches were

friendships made over the lunch

played on each course. However,

and dinners spent together.

in the end Pinheiros Altos just managed to stay ahead of CGQL by one point. In total 32 fourball better ball

George Farrall congratulates Pinheiros Altos Captain Vernon Reid on retaining the Ben Hogan Trophy

matches were played over a two

hosted the 16 mixed pair matches.

day period. On the Friday morning

Slowly the overnight deficit was

the Ladies played 8 matches

eroded, but in the end it was too

against each other at Pinheiros

great to overcome and PA won

Altos with PA winning 6.5 to 1.5.

16.5 to 15.5.

CGQL men did just as badly in the

The match was rounded off with a

afternoon going 5.5 to 2.5 down

very convivial barbecue on the

Red and white was the order of

to the counterparts, leaving PA in

temporary clubhouse terrace,

the day for St.George’s Day.

command at the end of day one.

where the Ben Hogan Trophy was

Competition winners were David

The comeback started early on

returned to the safekeeping of

& Hazel Allsop, with Peter and

Saturday morning when CGQL

Pinheiros Altos for one more year.

St.George’s Day

Kathleen McMannamon.

Christmas Festivities

Hole-In-One The following members have recently registered holes-inone:

Terry Williams Liv Weset Nills Klaveness (x2) St.Patricks Day

The club’s Christmas festivities

David Morley Dennis O’Callaghan

Once again the Irish members

went ahead with their normal

came out in force for St.Patrick’s

cheer despite the dismal weather.

Laurie Raper (x2)

Day Competition winners were

For the record about 40 members were present for the Christmas

Hazel Allsop

Colin Reed, Donald Dempsey, Pat Morrison and Barbara Steinberg.

fourball competition won by Derek and Aileen Hickey, and finally, after many years of trying the Men beat the Ladies on New Years Day.

Peter Johnston Congratulations and thanks for the Champagne!!

Quintassential - Issue No.49 CGQL - Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago Apartado 2138, Quinta do Lago, 8135-024 Almancil, Portugal Tel:+351 289 396141 fax:+351 289 394997 Email: Distributed by mail to all members and published on Contributions from: Mark Foot, Jane Reason, Ewald Rottland, Anke Döring, David & Linda Morley. 3d computer images supplied by Planassociados. © CGQL - Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago 2010

AGM Week 2010 Competition Winners AGM Week 2010

Steven Reeves & Nicola Raper are Club Champions AGM week started on Sunday 21st

from Kingsley Borrett and Gerry

March with the Captain's Plate,

McNamara (42).

originally the last major event in

Thursday was the opening round

the Captains Year but now the first

of the Club Championship. A

event of a week of challenging

round of 90 by Nicola Raper put

golf. This year the men played on

her into an early lead which she

the North Course and the Ladies

maintained with an 82 on the

on the South. In the Men's

second day to collect her first Club

competition Michael Hickey won

Championship title. In the Mens

with a net 70, beating Jorrit

Club Championship it went quite

Feldpausch (71) and Frank Lavery

literally to the wire - in fact all the

(71) into second and third place

way to the last green with Peter

respectively. In the ladies

Lomas failing to get up and down

competition Janet Dodd won the

with a chip on the 18th, leaving

Lady Captain’s Day Pat Fischer

first of her week's prizes with a

Steven Reeves as the new

69, with Dorothy Blair (72) as

Champion. Congratulations to

AGM Men’s Day Denis White Alan Thomson

runner-up and Pat Cunningham

Janet Dodd (again!) and Dermot

(73) in third.

Merry for winning the Mimosa Cup

Captain’s Plate Michael Hickey Janet Dodd

Club Championship Steven Reeves Nicola Raper

On Tuesday the Ladies said their

and Ria Formosa Cups

last farewells to their Captain,


Anne Elmore, on Lady Captain’s

The final event of the week was

Day. As ever it was a very well

the Captain's Drive-in. After the

attended competition with lunch

Sunday competition some 100

afterwards. Winner of the Singles

members gathered to see the old

Stableford was Pat Fischer (36)

Captains, Seamus and Anne

with Janet Dodd as runner-up (36).

Elmore, putt out on the 18th

Winners of the Men's Day fourball

green, and the new Captains,

betterball, played in the morning

George Farrall and Anke Doring

before the AGM itself was Alan

drive in on the 10th tee. It was the

Thomson and Dennis White (42)

end of a great week!

Ria Formosa Cup Dermot Merry Mimosa Cup Janet Dodd Captain’s Drive-In Jane & Peter Beale

Clockwise from top left: Steven Reeves on the 18th, Nicola Raper collects prize, George Farrall & Anke Döring at the Drive-In

Competitions & Events Competition Winners July 2009 - March 2010 Junior Shield Charlie Williams

Hemmens Trophy Robert Jones Marianne Pile Mixed Fourball Matchplay Seamus Elmore Anne Elmore

New Events in the Yearly Calendar Under the auspices of our new

edition of the Ryder Cup at Celtic

Captains, George Farrall and Anke

Manor in Wales. This has caused

Döring, the Golf Committee have

us a little bit of rescheduling

agreed a few changes to the

since Oktoberfest was initially set

annual and weekly programme of

for the final Sunday. Oktoberfest

events, which we will do our best

has now been moved one week

to highlight here.

earlier to 26th September.

For the next 6 months

In honour of the Ryder

(from May 1st through

Cup, CGQL will hold its

to the end of October)

own Ryder Cup event

the Captain's Flutter

on the Tuesday,

will change from a

Wednesday and

Thursday to a Friday.

Thursday beforehand.

The first scheduled

Matches between

start time will be the

honorary 'Americans'

same (12.00) , but preference for

and 'Europeans' will be arranged

entry into fourballs will be given

in Betterball, American Foursomes

to people who have signed in on

and Aggregate Stableford on

the booking system before 18h00

three consecutive days followed

on the previous day. You can still

by a barbecue on the final day.

roll-up as in the past but you will

The Birmingham Dribbler & Flutter

only be allocated into a fourball if

Dinner has been moved back one

the numbers work out.

week to allow more members to

At the beginning of October

participate. It will continue to be

Europe play the USA in the 38th

held on a Thursday.

MonthlyMedal Monthly MedalWinners WinnersJuly July - December - December 2009 2009

President’s Putter Graham Fitch Dorothy Blair Birmingham Dribbler Donald Dempsey & Derek Collins Medal Winners Chalice Dorothy Blair (Ladies) Seamus Elmore (Men)

July August September October November December

Div 1(M) P.Kershaw M.Hickey H-P.Vogt B.Collins G.Farrall M.Hickey

Div 2(M) P.Johnston R.Sumner J.Feldpausch J.Kidd D.O’Callaghan R.Morriss

Div 1(L) J.Heel M.Blain T.Derbyshire J.Heel P.Ledbetter M.McElderry

Div 2(L) A.Newhill P.Morrison H.Allsop W.Bennett D.Blair J.Dodd

MonthlyMedal Monthly MedalWinners WinnersJanuary July - December - March 2010 2009 January February March

Div 1(M) M.Hickey D.Dempsey M.Hickey

Div 2(M) B.Bennett J.Bentley P.Heel

Div 1(L) A.Cleary C.Johnston J.York

Div 2(L) D.Soldani D.Blair S.Pease

Annual Calendar 2010 \ 2011 2010 June

Thursday 10

Portuguese National Day


Friday 16

First Junior Summer Weekly Competition


Friday 20

Last Junior Summer Weekly Competition


Sun 12 - Sat 18

Gala Week

Sunday 26


Tues 28 - Thurs 30

Ryder Cup Competition

Fri 14 - Sat 23

Mixed Fourball Matchplay

Tuesday 19

Lady Captains Trophy

Sunday 31

Halloween Dinner

Sunday 21

President’s Putter

Sunday 28

Thistle Trophy Mixed Foursomes

Thursday 2

Birmingham Dribbler & Flutter Dinner

Tuesday 7

Ladies Christmas Competition

Wednesday 8

Ladies Christmas Lunch

Sunday 12

Christmas Lunch

Wednesday 15

Men’s Day Champagne Brunch

Sunday 26

Boxing Day Mixed Competition


November December

2011 January

Saturday 1

Ladies v Men


Monday 14

St.Valentine’s Day Competition

Sunday 27

St.David’s Day Trophy

Thursday 17

St.Patrick’s Day Trophy

Monday 21

Medal Winners’ Chalice

Sunday 27

Captain’s Plate

Tuesday 29

Lady Captain’s Day

Wednesday 30

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 31

Mimosa Cup - Day 1

Thursday 31

Ria Formosa Cup - Day 1

Thursday 25

Club Championship - Day 1

Friday 1

Mimosa Cup - Day 2

Friday 1

Ria Formosa Cup - Day 2

Friday 1

Club Championship - Day 2

Saturday 2

Annual & Captains Dinner

Sunday 3

Captains Drive-In



Ladies Day - every Tuesday, Men’s Day - every Wednesday Captain’s Flutter - every Friday, Mixed Competition - every Sunday Please consult for full details of weekly competitions

Quintassential Issue 49  

Semestral newsletter of Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago

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