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first for people places and partnerships










Our Strategy 2011 - 2016

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Delivering Excellent Services and Improving Homes and Neighbourhoods whilst Adding Value to Residents and the City

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Our Strategy 2011 - 2016

Overview Chair & Chief Executive Foreword


Our Vision and Values






Key Objectives



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Chair & Chief Executive Foreword We are pleased to set out the key strategic objectives and priorities for the next five years. Much has happened since transfer – some very good things and areas where we need to improve our service. As we reflect on two years of hard work by engaged residents, our partner organisations, staff and voluntary Board Members our focus has been on making a difference and creating opportunities.

Investment in homes, neighbourhoods and services has made an impact and been consistent with being FIRST for people, places and partnerships. At the end of the 2010/11 financial year some £42 million will have been invested in homes throughout the City.

Moreover, our promises on: • • • • •

Over that time we will have completed some: • • • • •

• •

2,500 window & door replacements 2,000 heating upgrades 1,550 kitchen upgrades 1,600 bathroom upgrades 1,500 electrical upgrades

Community safety Home Assistance Service Rents Financial inclusion/debt advice Environmental improvements/ community support funds Resident participation Quality improvement

have been kept, with more service improvements planned. By demonstrating real outcomes we have begun to meet our criteria for success and contribute to the improvement of homes and neighbourhoods where people choose to live, work and stay.

with resident satisfaction exceeding 90%.


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Chair & Chief Executive Foreword Involved residents have worked tirelessly throughout to ensure there is honest engagement in the design and delivery of all services.

Perhaps one of the most pleasing aspects of all this activity is the way in which we have been able to create and sustain more than 400 jobs for local people. We can also add the many other jobs in Newport that are supported by us buying services locally, so our impact is significant. Equally important have been the 32 trade apprenticeships and the 50+ work experience and training opportunities we have made available to young people from communities across Newport.

We want to be a values driven, learning organisation that listens to residents and always wants to improve. If the aim of excellent customer service is to become our standard, we then need to recognise that we must get service delivery right first time across all our activities. We will succeed because of a Board that is challenging and supportive in equal measure, and the shared determination and talent of our leadership and staff team.

All this work has given added impetus to our long term strategy to improve both what we do and how we do it. ‘Our Strategy’ seeks to describe how we intend to deliver all that has been promised and more, and demonstrates that we have the financial capacity to do so.

Chris England Board Chair


Peter Cahill Chief Executive

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Our Vision and Values Our Vision Our ambition is to pursue excellence and deliver opportunities for all to transform the quality of homes, communities and lives. We wish to encourage residents to engage with us and create a confident, dynamic organisation that listens, learns and improves continuously.

Our Values At NCH we pride ourselves on being FIRST for people, places and partnerships.


Innovative Respectful Sincere


in our policies and practices as a landlord and as an employer, providing flexible service delivery and recognising the efforts and contribution of our people working together to continuously improve, embracing change and striving for great solutions to transform vision into reality of the inherent value and worth of each person, striving for inclusiveness and diversity in all our activities open and transparent, we value trust and seek the views of others, responding appropriately to the voices of our residents and employees accepting ownership, responsibility and accountability for our words and actions, living our values and delivering our vision

Our Mission We have a passion for providing quality homes and services by investing in people, places and partnerships.


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Governance The role of the Board is to provide strategic direction for the organisation within a framework that has at its heart the delivery of good quality homes and services within sustainable neighbourhoods. The Board acts as the guardian of the vision and values of the organisation and regularly reviews performance against the objectives, priorities and targets it establishes.

The Board comprises of fifteen people with tenant, independent and Council nominated members equally represented. The Board has the following governance arrangements:


Finance & IT SubCommittee

Corporate Services SubCommittee

Audit Committee

The Board has a learning and development plan in place to ensure continuous improvement of its skills and knowledge to undertake its role effectively. This will enable the Board to respond positively to the Welsh Government’s regulatory regime and the expectations of residents and partner organisations.

Housing & Regeneration SubCommittee

Asset Management SubCommittee

The Board has elected an Equality and Diversity Champion from amongst its membership. There is a clear commitment to openness and transparency. From June 2011 the existing observer arrangements for representative residents are being expanded to open Board meetings. It is recognised that we need to put measures in place for succession planning for tenant and independent members of the Board consistent with its governing instrument and the desire for continuity and stability.

We have instigated arrangements to ensure that self-assessment of the organisation’s performance meets locally established priorities, whilst addressing nationally determined expectations and standards. A governance improvement plan has been developed by the Board.


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Priorities We are a new housing association charged with the core responsibility of delivering the promises in the offer document, and ensuring all the homes we own and manage achieve the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).

+ We will ensure people live in places that meet their needs and expectations by delivering that standard through effective partnership working. This core requirement and our commitment to service excellence have enabled us to identify our three strategic priorities.

services, create opportunities for local people and work with neighbourhoods to deliver positive community development and regeneration outcomes. These priorities are underpinned by key objectives against which we and residents can assess performance. We have maintained a clear focus on action-based outcomes for residents, the Board and our staff. This format specifically recognises our position as a new transfer organisation that, over the period of this plan, will move from our second year of operation to a mature housing organisation.

They reflect our obligation to provide a clear framework to deliver the high quality homes, services and neighbourhood regeneration we are committed to achieving. Our second five-year plan provides the framework to develop and grow our


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All of our activities will be supported by a clear focus on: • •

high quality homes and services

• • •

effective partnerships

neighbourhood and environmental regeneration alongside the improvement of homes

• •

long-term sustainable solutions

Our key objectives are to:

Deliver Excellent Services

putting residents at the heart of our work accountability for what we do sound stewardship of resources and risks

Improve Homes and Neighbourhoods

investment in people, places and partnerships

We have developed key objectives which are central to achieving our vision and meeting our strategic priorities. The objectives reflect the promises made to residents and our aspirations for the communities which we serve. They set out a framework for measuring performance across the organisation, in conjunction with our service delivery plan which forms the basis for organisational, team and individual activities.

Add Value to Residents and the City


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Key Objectives Deliver Excellent Services We are developing an organisation in which excellent customer service is natural and at the heart of all that we do. We are focused on achieving outcomes that benefit our residents and their neighbourhoods through the delivery of high quality and improving services.

Our aim is to become a proactive housing provider of choice in Newport where our services are visible, local and easily accessible. It is important that we shape and deliver efficient, caring and consistent levels of service across the City, reflecting local priorities that match residents’ different needs and expectations. Our challenge is to ensure that residents’ experiences in dealing with us are positive.

Our priorities in delivering this objective will be to: •

ensure that our residents can access our services at times and in a manner that meets their needs;

provide an effective housing repair service that is ‘right first time’;

deliver high quality housing management services that use resources efficiently, are responsive to the needs of our residents and are outcome focused. We aim to resolve or action resident enquiries and requests for service at the first point of contact; ensure that we fully exploit our housing assets to meet housing need through effective lettings, minimising the number of empty properties and supporting the sustainability of tenancies;


provide an effective housing service to maximise income by letting homes as quickly as possible and at a standard that meets resident expectations;

proactively work with our residents to minimise rent arrears;

commission a comprehensive resident insight study to ensure that our resources are targeted to match need and achieve optimum outcomes for residents;

undertake a comprehensive consultation exercise with residents on access to services, standards and communication methods to identify priorities and an action plan for improvement;

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implement an effective performance measurement framework with the emphasis on measuring the outcomes for residents and incorporating a corporate approach to measuring resident satisfaction and opinion; monitor and evaluate our service delivery outcomes to identify areas requiring intervention and, where appropriate, redesign our processes to ensure that all services are high quality and improving;

maximise opportunities for resident involvement through the Resident Participation Strategy. We will seek to maintain vibrant and dynamic engagement with residents through a wide range of methods to maximise representative involvement in the design and delivery of services;

tailor services to assist independent living for older and vulnerable residents;


implement rent and service charge reviews to comply with Welsh Government requirements and recover expenditure on existing and new services;

promote the use of new technology to improve resident access and enhance the delivery of housing and maintenance services;

provide a customer focused and quality service to leaseholders and home-owners;

work with our local authority and housing association partners to introduce and monitor a common housing register.

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Key Objectives Improve Homes and Neighbourhoods We will continue an extensive programme of investment works to homes and neighbourhoods across the City to meet and, where possible, exceed the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).

We will be innovative in driving physical improvements, alongside neighbourhood and environmental regeneration, to facilitate long-term change and will not be afraid to develop and test new solutions to long-standing problems. We will integrate environmental sustainability into our key objectives.

Our priorities in developing this objective will be to: •

meet and, where possible, exceed the WHQS by 2015 or sooner through the re-profiling of our investment programme;

deliver WHQS improvements to a high quality while providing value for money and achieving high levels of resident satisfaction;

implement a regeneration strategy for specifically identified neighbourhoods that have multiple issues requiring higher levels of intervention and investment. Our approach will consider all options including selective redevelopment and realignment of our management processes to address need;


fully implement the Asset Management Strategy to inform investment decisions and option appraisal for all homes, land and commercial premises;

further enhance our delivery processes for adaptations in partnership with our health and social care partners;

invest in and, where necessary, redesign our sheltered housing and other provision for older people to meet the needs of current and future residents ensuring we engage in a holistic approach across the City with our partners;

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implement energy efficiency measures to assist residents with fuel costs including specific action on communal heating systems to enhance the service to residents;

instigate and participate in community safety programmes to ensure our neighbourhoods are more attractive and become places where people choose to live;


work proactively with leaseholders and home-owners to undertake investment works that will complement work to achieve the sustainable renewal of neighbourhoods;

engage with residents in our neighbourhoods to develop and implement environmental and community initiatives that will help transform the quality of open spaces.

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Key Objectives Add Value to Residents and the City In implementing our programmes to deliver excellent services and improved homes and neighbourhoods we want to fully utilise the capacity and potential that exists to bring added value to our work for the benefit of our residents and the City.

We have a unique opportunity arising from the level of our investment to help local people and companies to thrive, and so contribute to the long-term transformation of Newport. We are committed to making a strong contribution to Newport’s economic, health and employment agenda by maximising the impact of our investment, regeneration and neighbourhood activities. Where capacity and sound stewardship allow it, we will seek to enhance our service offer to residents and partner agencies.

Our priorities in delivering this agenda will be to: •

implement an approach to procurement that puts the emphasis on ‘localism’ and ensures that all we do contributes as much as possible to ‘expanding the Newport pound’ for the benefit of local people and businesses; maximise our contribution to local employment and work experience programmes and ensure there is a robust support package in place for apprentice training through partnership working with our contractor supply chain;


promote and support social enterprises that deliver local services in our neighbourhoods to provide employment and training opportunities for residents;

work with the Local Service Board and other partners in support of core objectives in respect of employment, community cohesion and preventative services that will benefit all residents in the City;

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co-operate with our social care and health partners to expand the use of the Telecare service to support independent living in the community, preventing hospital admissions and facilitating early discharge;

successfully secure local, national and European funding to support our community development and regeneration activities;

develop a ‘fit for purpose’ performance management framework, that includes performance comparison with peer organisations, to ensure we are fully utilising all our resources and capacity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our core and added value services;


implement our communication strategy to raise our profile and reputation with residents, partner agencies and the neighbourhoods where we work;

fully develop and review the Home Assistance Service to ensure that it meets the needs of targeted service users.

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first for people places and partnerships

Newport City Homes Housing Association Limited is registered by the Financial Services Authority as an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable rules. Registration No 30192R and with the Welsh Government Registration No L149.

Newport City Homes App Summary  

Newport City Homes App Summary

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