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Why Pharmacy Technician Registration Is Essential What is pharmacy technician registration and why is it essential? A pharmacy technician must get registered with the specific Board of Pharmacy to work in any pharmacy. The registration makes him eligible for working in different pharmacies all over the country. Technicians are basically these people, who are well qualified and trained through different pharmacy degree and training programs. They execute their duties, directly under the supervision of pharmacist and perform various pharmacy related works. Their most important job function is providing medications to the customers, patients and common people, they also informs patients about the drug reactions, effect of drugs on the body and consequences of drugs misuse. They also read the prescription for the patient, count tablets, measure and mix medications as required by the patients. It is also necessary to understand that, these technicians can not work in a pharmacy, unless they are registered with respective State Board of Pharmacy. The registration with the boards needs following necessities: the registration application must include, contact details of the applicant, non-refundable fees, application, copies of various accredited degrees and certification certificates, qualifying methods, 2 inch x 2 inch photograph, social security account no. For tax purposes and fingerprints. It is also necessary to complete all registration requirements within 90 days before earning licensure. Any falsification or providing incomplete information may get your application for registration rejected. It is mandatory to give all required information correctly in the application. It is also essential that an affidavit must also be attached to show truthfulness of all information furnished by the applicant and it is the applicant, who is furnishing all required details. The Registration with Board of Pharmacy paves the way of technician for working in a Pharmacy. Few states require PTCB certification to get registered and working in a Pharmacy of that state. PTCB certification is basically prerequisite for registration, if you are moving from one state to another. Pharmacy Tech Certification

Why Pharmacy Technician Registration Is Essential  

application, copies of various accredited degrees and certification certificates, qualifying methods, 2

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