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Some Physical Based Careers Some careers required more physical involvements and activities than others. These careers are generally more suitable for people who like physical activities. Physical activities could be things like martial arts, sports, dancing. Often skillful body coordination is a plus point. The following are a list of careers that are more physically inclined: Gym instructor. This job involves assisting clients in improving their fitness. The scope of work often consists of organizing group as well as individual exercising activities. Gym instructors often are employed in fitness club or leisure centres. Professional Gardener. Gardening is the activity of growing plants for their beauty as well as consumption. There are many types of gardening. Gardening can involve the growing of many types of plants. These plants may be vegetable, fruits, flowers and trees. A person who does gardening for a living is known as a professional gardener. Soccer player. Soccer and football is one of the most popular game in the world. A soccer player plays football or soccer for a living. This person must be very fit and of course be very good with the game. Carpenter. Carpenters work with their hands and are usually skilled in woodworks. Professional diver. This person does diving for a living. This can be a dangerous career that is physically very demanding. A diver works in the sea which can be a very harsh environment. Professional divers may be hired in places such as oil rigging companies. Well, these are just some of the physically-inclined careers. There are many more of such careers. Thank you for reading. RN to BSN Ohio University

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