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Solar Power Fencing System And Its Importance Why Electric Fences? Gone are the days when traditional, passive methods of fencing, used broken glass, barbed wire, concertina wire etc., through which the intruder can easily enter the premises. Solar Electric Fencing systems have revolutionized fencing technology, to keep intruders away from your properties. How Electric Fence Works? Electric fences are the first line of defence, at the perimeter. It serves as a deterrent to would-be intruders, who climb the primary barrier, the compound wall. All other home security devices serve only as detection devices. When intruders touch the electric fence, they will get a shock which is safe, but is an unforgettable experience. Why you choose our fencing systems? Our Electric Fencing System works with the core principals of the security- to Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny the intruder, with our innovative technology which will raise the alarm, send sms alert, activate CCTV, Flood Lights etc. We are here to provide you professional perimeter security solutions - 24x7. Our Products: Campus Security Fencing: Fenzgard's Slikfenz(TM) is the sleekest and intelligent, of all wall-top electric fences now available worldwide, to protect industries, campus and homes from intruders and material loss. In wake of terror threats, vital installations, industry and housing needs enhanced level of protection. Slikfenz(TM) delivers on aesthetics and pro-active security round the clock 24x7. It can be erected on pre-fabricated and on the slimmest walls. The voltage on fences ranges between 6000 to 10000 volts, DC pulses. The equipment is certified safe for humans and animals. Detection of attempted intrusion is enabled in the Slikfenz(TM) by an audio alarm that is activated only during a positive condition such as cutting of Stainless steel wires, shortening of wires and etc. No false alarms are raised in events such as cats climbs the wall or if a bird sits on the fence wires. Industrial Security Fencing: It is very important for industries and private establishments to plan Pro-Active security. Perimeter security could be incorporated at the concept stage in new establishments, to save on capital cost. Slikfenz(TM) erected on a 2m pre-fabricated wall, serves as a reliable, intelligent barrier, than can pay for itself in a few years by way of reducing security manpower. Fenzgard's Slikfenz(TM) is a very effective deterrent to intruders and our systems carry international safety certification, which protects you legally. Fenzgard's Slikfenz(TM) is made of stainless steel, which can survive in humid, industrial and coastal areas. The engineering plastics are UV stabilized and sturdy to last at least 10 years. Being a onetime capital investment, Slikfenz(TM) pays for itself, over time, with reduced dependency on manpower and enhanced safety of the property. These security fences are not dependent on AC power and are entirely powered by Solar Energy

stored in a battery which will run 12-14 days even without sunlight under rainy conditions. This ensures that the security is not compromised even during power outages. This includes all features, such as Audio alarm, Flood Light, CCTV and SMS alerts are solar powered and independent of the grid. Solar Lights

Solar Power Fencing System And Its Importance  

No false alarms are raised in events such as cats climbs the wall or if a bird sits on the fence wires.

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