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List Building Secrets - Stay In Touch With Your Email List Members Once you have built an email marketing list, the next step is keeping them there. A hyper-responsive list is one filled with members who know they are appreciated; you have placed a great deal of effort into building relationships with professional interaction. In order to keep them reading the email you send; they must be filled with information they want to read. If you foster in them an automatic response of positive response to your messages, they are more likely to read them, and not just skim over your name and delete the email. Below you will find a few suggestions that will help you stay in touch with your email list. Perhaps the easiest most effective way to convey a positive message is by blogging. Not only will you have an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on your business niche; you can post members ideas as well. People like to be appreciated for their opinions respond to each and every interaction with your members while blogging. Ensure your writing is filled with factual information written in a conversational tone. You will be inviting a response, because they will see it as an open-end exchange. Keep it fresh and compelling this is not a serial novel, do not leave them hanging at the end; create your posting with a catchy title, a beginning, a middle, and an end. Do not forget the link to sign up for your newsletters, and an invitation to join your website. Your monthly newsletter is also an invitation for interaction, ask for opinions and input from your members in your newsletter, and post their replies in the next edition. Keep the appearance of your newsletter clean and uncluttered, with a professional tone that while being conversational, is also informative and filled with intriguing topics. The information should be up to date and provide a positive message. You might consider a question and answer forum as a portion of the newsletter. Request feedback from your members, what are they looking for that you are not providing? You will be surprised at the positive response a well laid out newsletter can receive. One of the best venues for online business success is article marketing. You do not have to be writer to write an excellent article; if you know a tremendous amount about your niche, write it down and share it; submit it to an article directory such as In your article place your website link, and an invitation to join your website; by using strategically placed keywords within your text, providing information that is not only well written, but accurate and authentic, your article will land high on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This means that every time a keyword you used is entered into a search engine your article will be one of the first results shown. People will notice how highly you are placed, read your article, and if it is well written, they will seek you out in order to see what else you have to offer. If you have already proven you have what it takes to succeed as online businessman, by building a list to begin with; then you already have what it takes to keep the members of your email list content and a part of your business. Your commitment to personal, professional interaction, which fosters a relationship, built on mutual trust around a common interest. Keep it up and stay focused on your email list and it will continue to grow and prove beneficial for all concerned.

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List Building Secrets - Stay In Touch With Your Email List Members  

Your monthly newsletter is also an invitation for interaction, ask for opinions and input from your

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