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Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Lighting Investment! Congratulations on your decision to go green with solar lighting! Used properly, solar fixtures help the environment and save you money. You'll see the most benefits during late spring, early fall and summer and the sun is strongest, but there are easy things to do to get the most out of your investment year-round. You Just Got a New Solar Light. What Should You Do? • Read instructions before assembling or installing your solar lights. You'll save time and avoid unintentionally damaging your purchase. Save instructions for reference down the road! • Charge the fixture for two sunny days before use, setting the on/off switch to "OFF". If there is no switch, place the product in a sunny area during for two days. • A properly positioned solar panel is absolutely critical. Place solar lights where they'll get the most sun throughout the day. • Shadows will move during the day, making solar lights less efficient, but an area with strong sunlight for four or five hours a day is okay. • Place your light in an area unlit by another source, such as a street light. Solar lights have sensors to light up at dusk and will think it is daytime if it sees light from other fixtures. • For solar fixture requiring effort to install (such as a lamp post), follow the above steps. Then, place the lamp head where you'd like it before installation to make sure it's a good spot. Hold On.. They Still Don't Work! If your solar light doesn't turn on at night, double-check the above and then: • Make sure the switches are turned ON. • Check that batteries are installed correctly -- one reason to save installation instructions. • Move the light to a sunnier area. • If it still doesn't work, contact the seller for advice, which may include returning the product. Keep original packaging for a while, as few online or brick and mortar sellers accept returns without it. Solar Panels Throughout the Year To get the most from solar lights, adjust any movable solar panels seasonally. • Summer: Place solar panels in a flat position or at a 15 degree angle. Think of the hour hand on a clock: flat is 9:00; 15 degrees is 9:30. • Fall and Spring: Place solar panels at a 45 degree angle, or around 10:00. • Winter: Place panels at a 75 to 80 degree angle, or around 11:00. Tips for Spring & Fall • Clear blowing leaves from the solar panel. • You may want to take in accent lights between fall and spring clean-ups to avoid damage by rakes, blowers, or snow shovels. • Each spring, clean fixtures and solar panels with a cotton ball DAMPENED with vinegar. Wintertime Hints • Keep snow cleared off of the panels. If they are covered with snow for a few days, let them charge

for 6 hours before using them after the snow melts. Follow the above tips and benefit from solar lighting year-round -- helping the environment and saving yourself some cash. Solar Lights

Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Lighting Investment!