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Forex Robots - How Much Money Do You Need To Make Real Profits With Forex Automated Trading Systems? The promise is often that you can make lots of money easily with Forex robots. But you do need to have money to invest in the first place, enough to multiply, and enough so you won't go under if you lose a few trades. So here's what it takes... 1) Reign in your expectations The first thing you should realize is that it's wise to be skeptical when you hear overblown promises of gains. In fact, it's illegal to promise any particular results. And with the new FCC rules, examples too have to be typical. A little bit of tiny print warning you that they're not won't cut it anymore. You also need to determine what your investment will be, both upfront and later. There are several factors: 2) What's the real cost of the robot and what are the maintenance fees? For the most part, robots require an upfront fee as well as a maintenance fee, particularly if they come with a signal service. However, most robots, especially those that come with a signal service, typically involve an initial investment plus a monthly subscription fee. Start by getting that information and plan for it. 3) Are there other ongoing expenses? And once you bought your robot, you'll also need a trading platform to actually run trades. It's also a good idea to rent a dedicated server to run your software, unless you're just getting your feet wet and won't mind the occasional downtime. 4) Consider your investment budget All of the above expenses are just small change in comparison to the investment funds it will take. In order to make any kind of significant profits, you need to have enough money to invest on a consistent basis. Depending on the type of robot you choose, you may be able to start with fairly small sums, but you're still looking at hundreds of dollars or Euro per trade at least. And in order to increase your odds, you'll want to make multiple trades at the same time, so you'll have to multiply your investment. 5) Do the math! If you read about someone making thousands on a single trade, start asking questions: Exactly how much money did that person invest in that particular trade, and how many such trades will it take to make those kind of profits. You'll need deep pockets if you want to get those kinds of results. 6) Be able to handle losses It's not popular to talk about losses when talking about Forex robots or automated trading, or about any other investment situations for that matter. Let's face it though: any kind of trading involves risk. Sure, you can reduce your risk by being cautious, but losses happen. Then what? You should have enough money in reserve so a loss here and there won't incapacitate you. Instead, you should be able to learn from a loss and do better next time. 7) Protect your investment

Be sure to select an automated Forex trading system that will protect your investment with a variety of safeguards that can limit your losses when things are heading South. If you can't find information about that, ask. So how much will you need in dollars, pounds, Euro, or yen? That will depend entirely on you, your situation, and your preferred robot or trading style. Just keep the above six factors in mind as you consider investing in a Forex automated trading system or robot. Forex Course

Forex Robots - How Much Money Do You Need To Make Real Profits With Forex Automated Trading Systems_