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Cheerleading Exercises To Jump Higher As a cheerleader you may want to learn how to be able to jump higher. Jumping higher looks so much more professional and with being able to do good splits will really look great. There two key points you need to concentrate on first, strength and flexibility. The first thing I will cover is flexibility, having good flexibility will improve your range of motion in addition to helping with the cheerleading routines. When you do your stretching hold the stretch for 30 second. Do not bounce, this can create micro tears. There are many types of stretches you can do, pick the ones that you fell will work best for you and spend some extra time on your weak points. You should improve your arm strength as your arms are needed to help you jump higher. In addition stronger arms will not tire so easily. You can use a light set of dumbbells to exercise with. Do curls were you raise and lower the dumbbells in front of you in a curling motion with your elbows held into your side. For the back of your arm try kickbacks; hold a dumbbell in one hand while bent over at the waist and raise the dumbbell up and behind you while keeping your elbow tucked into your side. Leg strength is probably the key to getting higher jumps, you will need to increase the strength of your legs. Just the act of jumping alone will strengthen your legs, but you should try some strengthening exercises. Do bodyweight squats where you just bend down at the knees till your thighs are parallel to the floor then raise yourself back up. Keep your back straight and try not to rock forward. how can you jump higher

Cheerleading Exercises To Jump Higher