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2 Natural Ways To Stop Sweating 1-Foods It is important to remember that certain foods in your diet can add to the amount that you perspire. Therefore, you need to take a look at your diet intake of food. There are foods that can make you sweat and maybe you eat them on a daily basis without even realizing, spices, onions, caffeine and garlic are just some of the foods that can make you sweat more. If you can try to include in your diet lots of fruit and vegetables as these have high water content and may help to reduce odor that can come through excessive sweating. 2-Lemon Juice There is another option for you to try and that is lemon juice. This also can reduce the amount of odor that can come from excessive sweating. It may not completely stop you from sweating but it may reduce the amount of odor you produce. If you can, it is better to use a fresh lemon rather than a pre-squeezed one, and gently rub this on the area where you have the problem most. It must be remembered that if you choose to use natural treatments it does not mean to say that they will work for everybody. If you have tried many treatments and still suffer with a problem that is causing you anxiety and embarrassment, then it may be best to talk to your local doctor for advice, as for some people it may be a gland problem and with professional help can easily be treated. Stop sweating fast

2 Natural Ways To Stop Sweating