Lotus Elon Mission and Description

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Lotus Elon

- Electric Lotus Elan

- 650kg

Mission is: to show the world that Electric Cars can be light, fun and completely guilt free and that lotus DNA 'performance through lightness' applies to EV's too. This is not a commercial project (I couldn't afford the product liability insurance), it's just a one-off between designing electric folding bicycles and kitchen gadgets. Background: Engineer/Designer who loves handling/steering/balance/lightweight of Lotus cars - especially 60's Elans which are fun at legal speeds, as well as on track. An Elise/vx220 was also on the conversion shortlist. BUT these cars are similar to Tesla Roadster and only really get their ‘fun strides on’ above 60mph, unless on track / antisocial. Elans also have a ‘dirty little secret’ : it got 23mpg before conversion ! Costs: Tatty 1 owner £23K Elan S4- rusting at back of Miles Wilkins garage, then with rebuilt twincam engine, new chassis and suspension, by Miles, but no other restoration. Sale of TwinCam, exhaust etc £8.5K Cost of most EV and conversion parts £12K, Total £26.5K PLUS about 400 hours of blood sweat and tears engineering. Basic Spec:  650Kg (1430lbs which is ~20kg lighter than before conversion) - this needed slightly lowered springs, possible as no exhaust hanging down, and results in horizontal lower wishbones and accurate geometry.  Hyper9 Electric AC Motor, programmable regen etc. Similar to TwinCam with 88Kw/118hp @5000rpm plus 235Nm/173lbft @0rpm, 73Kg lighter  5 x Tesla ModelX P90D battery modules, most energy from 125kg - 3 in front 2 in rear for same weight distribution - 28kWh, 125v  Best/worst range 200/100 miles (lightweight, low CdA and regen helps)  6.6Kw (slow) Onboard Charger controlled by simpBMS, with Speedo, Tacho and 'fuel' gauge (as well as cockpit) all original and working.  Kept Gearbox, but not clutch - It pulls from zero in top gear, so you select one gear depending on journey: from tyre shedding in 1st/2nd to 3/4th for speed/cruising.

Build history: mas-design.com/lotus-elon/ (please hover over pictures for notes, and scroll down). Controversial - Some hatred from Lotus purists (even 1st owner, in his 70's .. "you did WHAT to MY car ? " !!). But, to be fair, it got a lot of instagram likes from more enlightened lotus folk. Lotus are more interested in their current range, than 'heritage brought up to date' fare enough, but I hoped this might have been a neat segway to the Evija. Mark Sanders MAS Design Products Ltd. MicroBlog/Twitter: @77A w: www.mas-design.com

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