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Taking Care of Your Laptop Charger Sometimes we take our laptop charger for granted. Little do we know how doomed we may be once our laptop charger gives up on us. Ask yourself this question: how are you going to access all the files you saved on our laptop once its battery goes dead only to find out that when you plug in the charger, the laptop battery would not be recharging for the charger is messed up? What more if you had not backed up your files on an external hard drive? You are so dead! Oh, make that: you are so double dead. Double doomsday! Of course, anyone would not want that to happen! Not only having a messed up charger is already a hassle, finding the proper laptop charger for your laptop model is an additional burden. So before you encounter this problem, give your charger some TLC! The following are some ways how you can provide it some tender loving care: T-ake care of the cord. The most common problem that happens to the charger is that it becomes frayed. That is, the cord becomes worn out. This is due to the plugging and unplugging we do. So when unplugging it, take great care not only for your safety from being electrocuted, but also for to avoid its cord from being damaged. And when plugging, make sure that the cord is not twisted, hanging or pulled from the base unit and that the voltage circuit requirement is compatible with that of your charger. L-earn when to unplug. When your laptop gets very hot, unplug your charger right away. Not only you can save your unit from overheating and your charger from wearing out, you can also save energy! C-lear the surroundings from sharp and/or pointed objects. Needless to say, these types of objects might damage your charger by causing its wire covering to tear and expose the wires eventually. Exposed wires may cause short-circuit and other bigger damage. Remember, prevention is better than cure. BUT. When all else has failed and it is too late for the said safety precautions and TLC tips, you can always physically search some computer shops for a replacement for your laptop charger or explore the Internet for some online stores that sell computer accessories. Or better yet, visit! It offers a wide range of products that are 100% genuine and proven to be of high quality which ensures you nothing but the best performance.

Taking Care of Your Laptop Charger  

Know the ways on how you can give laptop charger some TLC (tender loving care) before it’s too late!

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