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A Picture speaks a thousand words……A Film speaks a Million Welcome to the world’s first video file sharing website dedicated to the Pharmaceutical and the Life Sciences Industry. Pharmaworld.TV, allows you to upload your Corporate Videos, Infomercials, Demonstration Videos, Interviews, Conference & Seminar Presentations, and any Motion Communications that you would want your potential clients to see and easily understand what your company can offer, and how you serve the industry. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Being able to show your clients exactly how things are done, without having to send pages and pages of literature, organize a site visit, to initiate a dialogue with your clients. Define your company activities, and place them under specific criteria’s, and search widows Get hits via – Related Videos Read comments posted by viewers, and monitor real time responses. Match Pharma – a unique feature which allows users to view related companies videos matching their key search criteria. Educational Documentaries- A designated platform to host educational videos and feeds to help researchers with easy access to answers they have been searching for. Media Pack Contents: 

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Demographic Let the video do the talking

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Company X – Created the first nanotechnology xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…… ………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………….

Primetime Positions are the most wanted spaces on the website. Positioned at the top of the page, it is the first direct contact you will have with the audience; optimising user experience and the likelihood of viewer attraction.

Sub-Categorize Your Video Sub-Categorize Your Videos

Sub-Categorize your videos, provides an option to create a subsection under a category. This creates a fluent search medium for viewers to filter through and enables you to be defined under a specific expertise.

Whats New Here?

What’s New Here? Provides you, the customer with most of the control whilst, we at Pharmaworld. tv sit back and let you take advantage of your personal platform. You can upload as many videos within a period of a month, enabling you to make the most out of your yearly marketing plan.

Dedicated Company Page

Dedicated Company Page, opens with one click on the information located either side of the video. This can be the information in Primetime or what’s New Here? This is the chance for you to promote your services via a 400 words description, highlighting your expertise and a company logo. Monitor what people are saying with user-friendly comment feeds located at the bottom of the page.

Watching Video Format Watching Video Format makes your video the focal point. Opting for the What’s New Here, enables your video to be the centre of attention (whilst other videos are greyed out) with a different watching format for your video and viewers.

Rates & Prices £2 per day


Minimum Cost – Membership required for one year – Estimated dates – 350 working days

Basic membership with Pharmaworld. tv. Basic membership fee enables Pharmaworld. tv to facilitate your video on our website. The footage you provide is categorized under a section / sub-category, related to your video description e.g. manufacturing. Other features are add on’s – e.g. Prime Positions, What’s new here? To opt for an add on, it is necessary to purchase the basic membership plus the add on of interest. Each feature on our website is encouraged to be purchased; to get the most out of your marketing campaign or the tools to reach your audience. Please note- this is more than just a marketing platform; this is educational medium to develop your message Basic membership includes:  Your Video appears; when viewers click to see videos listed under a designated categories or sub – categories.  Each video hosted is accompanied by your personal dedicated profile page; list your expertise, services (Up to 500 words) and logo on this page. Furthermore, we provide a link to direct them to your website.  Find your company searchable with Match Pharma search.  Follow comments left by viewers on our social feeds and connect them to other sites. £ 700 for 1 year

PRIME POSITION (4 weeks Maximum at one go) – 3 times maximum in a year Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Prime Position, is a valuable tool for compelling communication to the world. This is the prime position on Pharmaworld. tv which means; it is the first section you see when the webpage is loaded. Footage uploaded in this location is guaranteed to be viewed first and therefore it is necessary to limit its availability. There are only 8 Prime Positions available at any one time. Here is what to do:  Click on the weeks you would like your video to be on Prime Position.  Note- You can only select 4 consecutive weeks. This software will show you which weeks are available for your video to be in the Prime Position. If you have selected 4 Consecutive Weeks, the software will automatically not allow you to select the prime position for the following next 8 weeks. (E.g. If you have selected week 1 – 4 for your video to be on the prime slot, then you will not be able to position your video on the prime position from week 5 – week 12. You can programme in your video to be on the prime slot again from week 13 for another 4 consecutive weeks) If you select alternate weeks, or random weeks, you can only select 12 prime slots in one calendar year.

£ 110 per week premium

WHATS NEW HERE – SECTION What’s New Here? Provides you with the opportunity to upload more than one video in a period of a month. This section enables you with the ability to keep news and information fresh and your company and the forefront of other videos. Get the most out of What’s New Here:  Whats New Here consists of 3 pages; upload more videos in this section in order to keep your company fresh on the front page at all times  Remove older Video or leave them on the page and we will Archive them for you, for 3 months (before deleted).  You will have one of your video of choice still unloadable in the Designated Category – for the cost of £700 (See under Designated section)  If you want any other videos to be hosted under a separate category – the same cost of £200 applies (see Under Designated section) This ‘add on’ is purchasable on a Monthly Basis.

£ 300 per month

Although Pharmaworld. tv can be accessed by all individuals in the industry, the initial registered demographics for this site comprises of the following viewership within the lifescience sectors: Geographical Breakdown: EUROPE: 5,000 USA: 6,000 000 ROW: 3,000

Subsection in the Industry

Distribution by Job Function

43.2% Pharmaceutical/ Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies 7.0% Fine Chemical Companies 11.2% Contract Manufacturing Companies 8.0% Analytical / Biochemical Laboratories 6.5% Contract Packers 7.1% CRO 7.0% Medical devices 6.0% Health Services 4.0% Others - including speciality pharma, drug (discovery, development & delivery) consultants, financial institutions & Government Bodies

8% CEO/ CFO/CMO 7% Medical Directors 6% Heads of Life Science 9% Heads of Monitoring/Regulatory Affairs 9% Heads of Operations 9% Heads of Packaging Management 8% Heads of Procurement 7% Clinicians 9% Heads of Research & Development 7% Heads of Production 8% Heads of Formulation Development 7% Heads of Clinical Trials 7% - Heads of Clinical Supply 5% Logistics & Supply Chain Managers 4% QP/ QC/QA 4% Heads of Business Development/ Sales and Marketing 4% Brand/ Product Manager 4% Heads of Regulatory Affairs

* Please refer to Distribution by Job Function for a further breakdown 100 of this Subsection in the industry.

7% Heads of Medical Device 5% Heads of Analytical Development 9% Laboratory Management 12% Marketing 7% Purchasing Managers 13% Brand Managers

80 60 40 Managed and Private Healthcare

East West North



12% 16% 11% 13% 8% 19% 16%

PCT Managers 0 Patient Compliance Officers 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Senior Nursing Advisors Purchasing Managers Chief Financial Officers Long term Health Managers Pharmacy Managers

2% 17% 9% 11% 11%

Patient Groups Government Agencies Medical Insurance Providers Transport officers Neutraceutical & Functional Foods

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