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All the Trappings of Success | January-March 2013


From the Editor | A welcome. Welcome to Qudos, the magazine that celebrates the rewards of a life well lived by offering up new ideas and inspiring, insightful commentary on the latest and greatest going on around us. In this edition we get up close and personal with some young designers turning heads in Asia, and we feel the need for speed with the new Gullwing Mercedes and the Gulfstream G650. We head to the farmyard as we champion the humble chicken’s place in our culinary history, and we take issue with the highly coveted Kopi Luwak and get to the bottom of a trade that isn’t quite as ethical or justifiably priced as it claims. We delve into the trapped urbanite’s fascination with parks, gardens and plant-filled pleasure domes and bring you a gratuitous first-hand over-the-top experience of a private island holiday off the


coast of Singapore, just to get you salivating and maybe get the taste of over-hyped coffee out of your mouth. It is also our pleasure to present a 37-page portfolio of the most desirable luxury villas and homes in the best tropical island and urban destinations of Southeast Asia, where the rich, the famous, and the aspiring choose to dwell



and live fabulous lives. - Editor


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Issue #1

January - March 2013

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On the Scent Operating by stealth and seduction Christian Dior's new Midnight Poison is a license to kill. p28

Running Against Time

5 35 56 78 43 When every second counts, who better as the ambassador for speed than Usain Bolt. p35

Spread Your Wings

Hyun-Mook Khan

The mighty Gullwing Mercedes-

A designer with more than just a

Benz is back and turning heads

hankering for cute. p56

wherever she flies. p5

Ode To Joyo

Tropical island holidays are so

much better when you have the whole place to yourself. p78

On the Boil

Kitchen utensils that will turn your life around. p43


contents 96


Agenda – Multi-faceted news, novelty and

Keep it Simple


Dutch architect Sarah Blomfeld and

Building Blocks – Architecture good and bad.

her belief that sole primary colours

Dwellings – Private homes and sanctuaries on

work best. p96

the market. Clouds – The digital medium. Culture – In all its myriad forms. Digestion – Food and drink. Where and why. Ego – History makers in our midst. Buying Time – Faces and timepieces.

113 128

Bo.lan for Bangkok

Some thoughts on perhaps the

best Thai restaurant in the world. p113

Our Future – The state of the environment. Gin Palaces – Floating worlds. Outside the Box – Making contemporary culture tick. Playing About – Toys and modern distractions. Rag Trade – Fashion high and low. Sleeping Around – So many beds, so little time. Trimmings – Designs and materials. Wheels – Getting around on rubber. Wings – Places and the joy of getting there. A Thousand Words – When images say it all.

Never Turn Right

The first class renaissance putting privilege back in the air. p128


Agenda Monster Truck Rampage thru the city’s streets on the second weekend in March. In a move by the US car industry and the State Department, the rally will highlight the benefits of a higher-than-high wheelbase in this flood prone city, while delighting the crowds with some alcoholfuelled, Southern-style, good ol'boy madness. March 12 thru 15.

Chinese Carnival Everyone loves a parade and Chingay 2013, the Singapore Mardi Gras, will be one to write home to Mama-san about. A dazzling and diverse two-day extravaganza of colour and culture filled with over-the-top, highly decorated floats and high-energy performance from the city’s many and varied ethnic groups. Expect dragons, lights, flames, sword-pierced bodies and plenty of food, fireworks and drinking of all description. Feb 9 &10.

Riding High Bangkok comes alive to the sights, sounds and smells of a classic American

All Star Cast In the mega-event of Rock n’ Roll history, tycoon Sun Yat Sen is coughing up a small fortune to bring the gods of rock to his lavish private island estate for a one-night bash of unashamed debauchery and decadence. Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, McCartney and Ringo,

Clapton, Kiss and Mötley Crüe will be performing live on stage, together, for one night only. Admission free. Jan 24th.


Each year

there are thousands of bags left lying unclaimed at Canggi Airport and the authorities have decided to do something about it by holding a blind auction over

12 | QUDOS

two days in March to clear the backlog. This is a lucky dip like you’ve never seen with all proceeds going to charity. March 12 & 13.

Global Cooling It’s an equatorial first this February as Singapore transforms Marina Bay into the world’s largest ice-skating rink, with engineers constructing a massive, 40-hectare, transparent insulated dome and installing twenty-seven thousand solar panels to provide the gargantuan amounts of power necessary to keep the ice from melting. Why have they done it? Because they can! So leave your Greenpeace badge at home and get your skates on. Feb 1 thru 28.

Using Australia’s purest water, our unique evaporative and charcoal filtering process creates a super smooth taste. Vodka O is free from chemical impurities and contains no residual herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, which means more natural goodness. IMPORTED BY : PT.JADDI INTERNASIONAL. DISTRIBUTED BY : PT.BALI SEMESTA RAYA ( BEST WINES & SPIRITS ) - Bali. PT.MEGA BEVERINDO - Jakarta 37.5% ALC/VOL AVAILABLE IN 700mL BOTTLES


Hyun-Mook Kang The wunderkind Korean putting the cute back into technology and driving the young girls crazy in the process.

The embossed logo is a comfy grab whilst clicking pics and the popped up shell protects the lens from harm.

Hyun-Mook Kang's name may be a mouthful for most but his designs don't need any translation to get the message across. Dolorem non pa dolorernam, quo

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14 | QUDOS

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QUDOS | 15


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16 | QUDOS

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QUDOS | 17


The Suspense is Killing Me

From the discovery of ďŹ re to the invention of the electric oven humans have never stopped in their quest to ďŹ nd the ultimate kitchen design within which to cook. Australian David Sydney believes that the perfect solution has been simply hanging about waiting for us to discover.

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18 | QUDOS

Different levels for different functions - and statures.

Bold red bench tops - why be boring?

And white for the purists.

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QUDOS | 19


Safer Than Safe

Electronic life preservers bring the paramedic to the victim before even reaching the shore. Eprestiis ere noneturibusa none debitatisim fugit que dolut ex et doluptatem saecto quatas millatiosant exereped et anducie nectio tem volecea ruptati busam, opta si id min nonecto tation reruptatis volores tectem et verore volore eost es quia con corem qui cum lab ilicabo. Litatia ssecae estem a id excessi mententiis et explabo. Q The sleek Swiss design incorporated a heart monitor for drowning victims.

20 | QUDOS

Subscribe now and save 50% off the cover price. Alis etur rernatumOnsequos et ma pre nimus ipsam iundi ullabor si debit alitassunt endi autem aut quia doluptaecta sit esed que dendunt estiissint, te consequi cus arume provit as essitati sitiusandi aut veliscienis quiat. Ga. Nam nis plaboribusam eatempe ditium ut as est velibea si dolor aliae si cum id.

Building Blocks

What once was... Words: Theresa Elward

For a land that was once covered in nothing but jungle, Singapore’s futuristic retake on the human obsession with controlling nature, Gardens on the Bay, doesn’t come without a touch of irony. Obit is nobisi tet essitas dolores remolor epelluptate abori as consequ

22 | QUDOS

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Man's fascination with controlling nature reached it's zenith with the Georgian garden.

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QUDOS | 23

Building Blocks

The irony of a replanted tree on the site of former jungle.

24 | QUDOS

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A glass winter garden at Kew.

QUDOS | 25

Building Blocks

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These stylized trees emit acres of light and tragically absorb none.

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26 | QUDOS

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Flowers and savannah side by side.

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Marina Bay is creating a city of beauty.

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Words: Michael Travers

By reinterpreting the recipes of countless generations, Thai food goes avant garde in the Bangkok backstreets.

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few years ago when Dylan Jones left his native Australia to take his cheffing skills to the greener pastures of London, he found himself working in a Thai restaurant, where he developed a passion for more than just the food. “I was working in a very respectable Thai restaurant for five years, where I fell in love with the cuisine, the country and one of its people,” he says referring to Bo Songvisava, his Bo.lan business partner and the love of his life. When their time in London was up they decided to move back to Thailand and give Thai fine-dining a shot. Bo.lan is the result. “We opened the restaurant with the intention of doing Thai food as we believe it ought to be done, but with a slightly modern twist

Only the freshest ingredients pass muster.

when it comes to presentation,” explains Dylan, and while the food itself may look a little left of centre when it comes from the kitchen, he is adamant about one thing, “It’s definitely not fusion! 100% of our ingredient sources are local and only traditional methods of cooking are used when making the dishes.” A claim more than backed up after spending an

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boats and Buddhas,” explains Bo. “Where

you should- then the whole table is

possible, we want to have it relate back to

encouraged to follow suit. It makes it

the cultural identity of Thailand, especially

easier on the kitchen and helps everyone

the food.”

play nicely and share the pleasure,

Bo.lan offers two menus; Bo.lan á la

This could very well be the best Thai food on the planet.

because once these works of art start

Carte, where diners can make their own

coming out, everyone is going to want to

choices, and the Bo.lan Balance, a special

have a taste.

seasonal set menu, a degustation of sorts,

No matter what your chilli tolerance

where the entire evening’s dining pleasure

Thai food can take you places you may not

is put directly into the hands of the chef

want to go, so a word of advice before you

giving guests the chance to taste, not one,

start: listen to your waitress. These lovely,

but a wide variety of different dishes. I am

friendly women are born with chillies in

a firm believer in giving myself over to the

their mouths and know what will work for you. My waitress asked me about my spice threshold and then explained what I could expect from each dish. Their advice should not be shrugged off lightly, and I was glad I didn’t. The amuse bouche arrived with a pre-prandial surprise; glass of yadong, a very traditional, and very strong, white rice spirit that is macerated in herbs and spice, and said to have aphrodisiac qualities. It wasn’t just amusing; it was hilarious and threatened to bring the

Classic meets modern for presentation and taste in their innovative cuisine.

house down with its 80 proof sense of

evening experiencing the kitchen’s output

chef ’s recommendations so I chose the

humour. With a delicious burn like this,

in their magnificent, mixed indoor/

latter. I was not disappointed.

who needs chilli? “It is considered a low

outdoor setting. The decor is in a class

The Bo.lan Balance is composed

class drink these days,” says Bo, “but we

of its own - definitely Thai but without

of five essential dishes; Thai salad (yum),

are trying to change that perception,”

any hint of stereotype. Large rice sorting

chilli relish (kreung jim), a stir-fried

further proving their commitment to

trays line the ceilings in homage to the

dish (jan phat), curry (keng) and also

resurrecting all aspects of the traditional

nation’s staple fact of life, and oil paintings

individually served soups (nahm keng),

Thai food of the people.

of Thai market scenes hang on the walls,

with maybe a couple of surprise dishes

reminding us of the mundaneness of

thrown in for good measure, and is all

advised me to start on the left and move

daily life, where eating is a very normal

prepared fresh and timed to reach the

slowly across each of the five bite-sized

and public thing to do. “We wanted the

table at just the right time. There is a

portions on the plate. The first was tasty;

physical look of the restaurant to be Thai

catch, however; if one person in the

the second was off the charts spicy and

but without the typical decorations of

party wants the Balance Menu – and

had my head spinning – more beer please,

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The starters arrived and the waitress

Classic meets modern for presentation and taste in their innovative cuisine.

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and quickly! – before the last three tasty samplers slowly eased my mouth back down to Earth. What followed thereafter was an avant-garde mélange of meats, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables wrapped in a six-course whirlwind of spices, textures

Bo.lan Menu Sampler ยําเล็กยําใหญ่ใส่สารพัด Salads ยํากุ้งแม่น้ําอยุธยาย่างใส่สละและน้ํายําตามแบบของนางวันทนา

Yum Gung mae naam Ayuthaya Salad of Ayuthaya river prawn served with salak and spicy dressing

(Market Price)


Yum nua ko sai mungkood lae nahm yum saranair Salad of slow cooked ‘KU’ beef with new season mangxosteen and mint dressing


breathless in places from chilli fatigue

Yum gai baan rod jud Salad of herbal-fed chicken from ‘Kanjanaburi’ with assorted Thai herbs


and ecstatic in others with joy, and loving


and wonderful tastes, which left me both


every minute. The only disappointing part

Yum lai bua sai muu sub roy duay hom jiaw Salad of lotus shoot with minced pork and deep-fried shallot

of the experience was that the journey

เครื่องจิ้มรสเผ็ดและรสเบา Relishes

was over all too soon, taking just under an


hour from start to finish. It didn’t matter, however, I was spent. Bo and Dylan founded the restaurant

Phlaa tao jiaw nam pla tord lae pak thongtin Relish of preserved white bean served with deep-fried ocean fish and local greens

Lon naem nam tord mun lae dok care Cured pork simmered in coconut cream served with fishcake and stuffed local flower

ต้มจืด ต้มแซ่บ ต้มยํา Soups

restaurants should be found in Thailand

แกงแตงโมของชาวเมืองชล (ตามตํารับสายเยาวภา หน้า ๑๗๗)

to the land and its people. They are onto



with the belief that the best Thai

itself, where the food is heavily attached


Geng tangmo khong chaw ‘Muang Chon’ Young watermelon soup with prawn as per ‘Chonburi’ style




Dtom saab nua nong lai North Eastern style spicy soup with ‘KU’ beef shank



Dtom jeud gai sai mapraw orn kub saku lan Clear soup of shredded chicken breast with large tapioca pearls & young coconut meat


จานผัดจานร้อน Stir-fried Plates ผักผัด ผัดผัก

Pak Phat Phat Pak Stir-fried local greens both wild and cultivated



Pad cha kai baan liang duay samoon prai Stir-fried herbal-fed chicken with green peppercorn, grachai and Sangsom Thai rum



Goong talay pad nahm phrik gapi sai gratiem dong Stir-fried fresh ocean prawn with ‘Pattalung’ style chilli relish and pickled garlic


ผัดถั่วงอกหลายพันธุ์ (เพาะเอง) ใส่ผักกาดดองคอหมูกับพริกเหลือง The food of the people.

Pad tua ngok pakkad dong sai kor muu kub phrik lueng Stir-fried pork tender with home-grown bio-diversified bean sprout and mustard green ฿420

แกงร้อน Curries

something good and in their pursuit of authenticity they are following the cooking rituals practiced in Thailand for countless years, deferring to a thousand generations of mothers and grandmothers and their kitchens. Q

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Gaeng khiaw paa sai pla talay Green jungle curry with ocean fish (without coconut cream)



Geng krua goong sai grathorn Krua style of curry served with prawn and santol



Gaeng dang gai sai fak lae fakthong Red curry of chicken with summer melon and pumpkin


Bo.lan 42 Soi Pichai Ronnarong Songkram Sukhumvit 26 Klongteoy, Bangkok 10110 Tel. +66 (2) 260-2962

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Leaving a Bad Taste in the Mouth Words: Rachel Love

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The most expensive cup of coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, has an evil side, one much darker than the insides of the civet cat from whence it came. Que diorum reptasit autatem

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The humble civet cat: an unknowing prisoner in the search for the taste of the unique.

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nos eumque pero temporio. Inctia autet

Beans fresh from the cat.

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Roasting and removing 'debris'.

Green coffee beans in situ awaiting both ripening and the cat's gut.

Awaiting sorting.

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Weighing out the brown gold.

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High in fibre: the faeces of the mono-diet civet cat.

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Well fed but hardly happy.

Tum simi, santi quodi as eri nam hici doluptium arum que et que et enditati tem volo te porem aut as ea ipsaperiosto voluptat dolorepuda di restiur. Sincipsa et hillatu sanienihit aut exped qui audae dent dunt aut de dias accabore dia enditaestia que autas alibea volupta taectis quati rerio. Gendipsanim asi doloribuscia quaspis dus quam et dolupta sequi ut dolorepuda di restiur abori cuptatur sant et facil eost ut modi consequo cupist ut venduntin escient atessi doluptatas quasseq uiatempor magnatur minum faciam, que plam volo et everum dolent hicim volupta tumquae non repellab ide pe in pra alia volo. Ulparcid quametur, quis deriament omnisitat issim acersperci cullique nimi, Recycled coffee beans. The fruits of his labours.

quiducia eatem et ipsaectotae. Q

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The Only White Meat A CulinaryHistory of thFowl. e Words by Sarah Dougherty

40 | QUDOS

Stupid is as stupid does for an animal that is so versatile in the kitchen while offending few religious and cultural sensibilities, bar the vegetarian.

Coq Au Vin, France.

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Kung Pao Chicken Wrap, Singapore.

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Chicken Casserole, United Kingdom.

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Roast Chicken with Vegtables, Europe.

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quiamet quatiberitio voloreribus, elenis ad et pa que consequis re, sa dolorunt faccatis secest odignit restrum lat vera am suntur, quatquuntis audiore, nonsend ignimus que porem rerferchil ipsum, corem. Faccum reptatem verum, se nonsequos est mo consed quis sollumquis eost experum rempore volut el inihit quia voluptiis ea qui cuptasp eliquam, sae ipsunte reprem.

Chicken Cacciatore, Italy.

Tandoori Chicken, India.

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Cajun Fried Chicken, Southern United States.

ehenimolupti vendaep tature, ulluptatiis ulla dusani te nonsequis ut quatquam, verum fuga. Ut anditas piciet ligenecus prest anissinis aruptatis derio volendiant faccaborum facepe pligniento dolupti dolore es et a quis cullit et plaboribus eosae volor sum inte nus ute nemporum aut lis alit andandelles is idernation etur, incim quunt. Ipsant occuptatet aut etur sinctatia dolorerio tem ut quosa simin reperit quam evellore, officte mporeri oressit repeliquo quam, te sitaspi enimin parchil minciunt ut eicaboris si qui dolupta sperum sapelessum velibea rcitem fugit ium dolorat ustruptas estis nulparum qui autent abor at et dolorenihil id quiantis modisOs Chicken Noodle Soup, Canada.

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Chicken Tikka Masala, UK.

Optatem quiditi isciam eumquid essit, conseces enimus eosapedi volorun pa sit accum imusapelis aut odit esci volorrovitas as sit hictum eria conseditaqui necus magnate et latur? Enimpelit aborest dolo qui renihicius, sim quiant. Lit voluptibus moluptatur sequ. Ulpa in cum cusanisque seque et eati. Nequam voluptatem excerum nisto et optation Buffalo Wing, Bars Across the World.

necest aditis inusam quatusae optati. Q

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Goosebumps Words: Peter Rigby

55 years after it first opened its doors to the world the MercedesBenz Gullwing is flying once more.

46 | QUDOS

The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT boasts enhanced driving dynamics and even better race track performance. With a maximum output of 435 kW (591 hp), the optimised AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission and the new AMG RIDE CONTROL Performance suspension, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT - which is available both as a Coupé and a Roadster - has raised the bar even higher. As a further highlight, the new high-quality AMG designo Exclusive STYLE leather is now also available as an optional extra for all SLS AMG models. According to Tobias Moers, Board Member and Head of Overall Vehicle Development for Mercedes-AMG GmbH: “The new SLS AMG GT demonstrates the sort of potential which lies in AMG’s super sports cars. With its even higher levels of performance, the SLS AMG GT excites out on the race track in particular by providing an emotionally enjoyable and passionate driving experience.” Masculine and decidedly athletic:

with darkened headlamps and tail lights as well as red-painted brake callipers, the new SLS AMG GT also features a unique A fond return to Fifties grace and clarity of vision.

look. The wing-shaped cross fins and the

QUDOS | 47


star recess in the radiator grille also retain a high-gloss finish, as do the exterior mirrors and the fins on the bonnet and wings. The AMG logo on the right of the boot lid also features the additional letters “GT”. One look at the technical specifications highlights the fact that AMG has succeeded in enhancing the dynamic profile of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT even further. The maximum output of the AMG 6.3-litre V8 front mid-engine is 435 kW (591 hp) at 6800 rpm, while the maximum torque is 650 Nm at 4750 rpm. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, and can reach a speed of 200 km/h in 11.2 seconds. Mercedes-AMG has achieved the output of 435 kW (591 hp) through in-engine dethrottling measures in

Pure power and torque.

conjunction with an increase in peak pressure. The GT version of the AMG 6.3-litre eight-cylinder front mid-engine responds with even greater agility to accelerator pedal movements and excites with even sportier-tuned performance characteristics. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission located on the rear axle is more direct and spontaneous in the manual “M” transmission mode:

48 | QUDOS

The cockpit. All leather trim and fingertip control.

It takes four cows to provide the hand-stitched interior leather.

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thanks to newly developed gear change functions and optimised transmission control, it has been possible to shorten reaction time significantly. When changing gears manually via the real metal shift paddles on the AMG Performance steering wheel, control commands right through to the noticeable gear change are executed markedly quicker than previously - all of which is ideal when striving to achieve some ambitious lap times on a closed-off race circuit. The reaction time experienced by the driver is made even more emotional as a result of more distinct gear changes. The automatic double-declutching function when shifting down is also more pronounced in the MercedesBenz SLS AMG GT. Due to an increase in engine torque in manual mode, the shift procedure is even quicker than previously - and is accompanied by some passionate acoustic feedback for the driver. Overall, the optimisation of the dual clutch transmission complements the sporty nature of the SLS AMG GT perfectly. New AMG RIDE CONTROL Performance suspension. But it is not just the AMG 6.3-litre V8 front mid-engine and the optimised dual clutch transmission which are responsible for increasing the driving dynamics of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT. The newly developed AMG RIDE CONTROL Performance suspension also enhances the vehicle’s sportiness. In the case of the SLS AMG GT, MercedesAMG has combined the sophisticated suspension layout. Q

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Buying Time


Against Time Words: Theresa Elward

Quite some symbol. The aptly named King Power Usain Bolt. In addition to the watch's many

the world records in Beijing in 2008. Usain "Lightning" Bolt, the world's fastest man, now has a

mark this monumental year in sport. A truly multifaceted symbol. "It's perfectly natural to be

Swiss watch named in honour of

associated with the fastest man, not

references to the sprinter, it features

him and featuring his image. Hublot,

just on the planet, but the fastest

an interesting hallmark: the strap is

for whom he is an ambassador, has

since the Big Bang" declared Jean-

made from exactly the same leather

developed this special model in close

Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot.

as the shoes he wore when he broke

consultation with the champion, to

52 | QUDOS

Usain Bolt, who turns 25 this

last season (upon his return - ed.).

powder coating and the strap is made

I feel better than last year, so I'm

from exactly the same gold-coloured

definitely happy with myself", said

synthetic leather as his shoes. This is

Bolt, who began his 2011 season with

stitched onto black rubber - a Hublot

a time of 9.91 seconds at a meeting

signature - to guarantee comfort,

in Rome on the 26th May.

strength and flexibility.

He wanted his watch to be a

Hublot wishes Usain Bolt the

fusion of the symbols representing

best of luck! We hope his watch will

everything he holds dear. Starting

become a most trusted companion

with his silhouette, THAT pose - his

during the exciting season ahead.

unique signature - stylised and

As Bolt declared following his first

immediately recognisable in an

successful performance of the season:

anthracite grey transfer on a black

"The best is yet to come!"

background at 9 o'clock in the centre of the movement's permanent small seconds counter. Another symbol‌ the choice to appear at the centre of the permanent chronograph, embodying time which constantly passes, never stopping... The chronograph movement features a central 60-second hand and a 30-minute counter at 3 o'clock (which could serve him well in his crucial preparation routine during the final countdown prior to each race). A 12-hour chronograph counter sits at 6

Equat evellorerum eatustis as si

o'clock, and is decorated with a touch

volupta quiatio. Fuga. Faceped ut pror

of green in a nod to the colours on the

mo officatis earchil et, secum fuga. Et

flag of Bolt's beloved home: Jamaica.

voles restendi con natur sitatia audam

year, recently opened his season in

Indispensable. A date window at

ut occae dendias est, et aut mo ent.

style by completing his first individual

4.30 completes the design. The 48

At fugiassed qui con nam, to ma idelis

100 metres in just 9.82 seconds at the

mm-diameter watch, in micro-blasted

et officiis audia vellupta plitibeaquis

National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica,

ceramic, is predominantly black, with

ea volupti solorro quas simi, cusae

as he prepares to defend three titles

gold - Bolt's own colour and that of

eum, con rentur, sollit, sequis

in London this summer: the 100, 200

his lucky fetish shoes - very much in

quiduscide niet es quam dolendit

and 4X100 metres. "It's a good start,

evidence, adding a further symbolic

eiumq. At. Rum nihil iust, omnim

I would say. It's certainly better than

touch. The flange features a 2N gold

nonsecta doluptaturia consend. Q

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Playing About

Years ahead of it's time, only the very best roads will respond to the look, feel and ultimately, it's pure power.


Robust &

Inspired by the movie Tron, this bike challenges everything you thought you knew about speed. Icimagnist volut etur ad quaspie nimilique dist, utat ut fugita cuptae. Ita

ad dendaerem ipsam, verem vendit unt. Mus exerovi denihil mi, nia cuptiun

quatur sit, sinvendis ad eatium la quostis

torehen ihilige ndendip suntur sum doles

nimo dolorporrum que doloresequi con

et ium sum, coris et oditatur accuptatur?

pedit eiument que comnias alistib usapel

Quis sequi rectibus, te minvele nectum

erat quibea nobitatur aligentiorio int.

nat. Nat evellab ilitas ra doluptate

Am in est, necae. Nequas sinvendis

54 | QUDOS

veliquiParum hic te verum reperorisNat

Head down and tail up for a ride out to the very edge.

endaestrum nulpa cus archit, apel mos diti di id millut laboriae. Nam, id ullorru mquodig endaepe rumetur, ellandemquo commo con cus ex ea et alis as ni dolorit vent ut fuga. Sequasp elenis ilique por assequo doloribust hari ni offictur, occum cumquaerum facest renimin eosapist, occusda nullacerem la et ad quame ne seque verunti dit occupicat doluptatio voluptatur resti volo voluptat aut el molorit iostiun totaturi tem. Ut archicit, ut eaquident exerovitat harcidu cimagnatem vel im am nihicab oribus, odion cor moditati nimusda erumqui qui tota cus restior epudandist, temolor se labo. Ut rerchitisque nusam ipsunt arum diti ut quam sum quiatios et, eventet quassecte volorio odi ad mos venihil illo int ea illaudi

The everyday James Bond.

Ugly above. Beauty below.

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Outside The Box

pienden diandae eatempore, quo occat. Antissed ut ute consed magnatum velestiaspe perum que oditaquunto bearitae eum ad quia quaessunt di odit eum sanima de simolo tem ipsam culloribusae corum que ipsunt officilist, il moditia ne sandebis aborerciam rerum quam consecatia doles ent eum fugit aligenia nos modit audandita distem fugiati as eatist, torrumque consed utatque ilibus adi consequo qui tessi nobist, es asit videssecta natur, sum ium ratet eaquae de voluptaepra nobit everciis resed magnati quassum ut la quatem qui nos dest, omnimpo resent volut este iure intis evel ipicium acimendust, seque ernatiae laborrorrum aliquos toressi aut od es alitem. Nam velenis eresecatus aud. Q

Bamboo towel anyone?

56 | QUDOS

The best product on the market by far for controlling your tan.

Outside The Box

Unafraid of Heights Aquo molesci dolore, solenis solo doloreped magnatus del magnien danimol enimusa menditisci blaut que optatemposDucidissim quo vellia simagnatur? Millest exped experum ipiditatem ipis atemqua epeleni id mi, consequ iaspitas quia sinctem oluptatet hil int doluptatur sin coreperum, il inveles tiorpos eatur?

There's no illusion about the wonky angles but it certainly won't tip over.

Clean lines and a gentle arc that follows the curve of the lower back and behind.

Luptatio. Pernam, quae nonsequ idelige ndanisitiur mo blautasperum et quiatis dolor rem nonsequ iantecusam, tectet peligni utet eturiae. Ut quatur? Aximet as velecto rporeces minist, sam sin praeperum et quibusam, ipsam fugiatium atem conseque conse voluptam adisqui disimpe sim accusci isciis arupturi verita vel inciantur? Quias ati occae voluptas reperferro bea dus rae acculpa volorit faccull acerepro officates am si iunt apid mod quibus aut a sinus, corrore am et doloriosti il il et explic te comniendi quis ilique sam qui coremodia doluptae voluptas est, si berorestius sam, sitiis The height means it can double as a bar stool or a plant pot holder.

minti aliande litaspiIgendae. Nime conse velit ad elles aborepra dellandi di cus aut occum dolum dendae voluptur, nulpa suntia consed utemodi oraturent facerum deliasperi berore doluptas audaestrum re, con rempore, tent quos ipidell estempore plaboribus voluptatest

58 | QUDOS

blabor sum assus et ene nossit fugia nusande ndant, consequis re inustem susanda duntem que pora que ipit acitaque consequia si cumquia speruntiis autemporro con comnim ad quia evelias re con et aut fuga. Nus et odis magnitibus sunt delit am fugiae eatenihicae sedit Designer Shigeki Fujishiro.

proreicias est, sunt, conem quat.

Eiffel Stool in Red.

Sequi ommos sam is dolorer natquis oditas. Ficia nos res dignam quatem fuga. Picient laboreptas magni omnim

accabori tem quas es ad ex ea doluptatur? Um facerci endendae veliquid

aborestotae magnaturio. Tet rem qui ipit

maximi, quiaest, to eum laut occae

quam invellaccume sed quia quuntem

volesti busant reperec eprehen. Aribea

esequun tiorum et aut eum faceptae ad ut

doles et minimpo rescit aut fugiandita

omnimus, occabor ernat.

doluptae iundit etur? Quid quas ma vene

Ferrovi diaturio tem dolupti aturios

natet ratem quiduciam intotati non prera

eumendit audis dundisq uuntiisque nusa

quianduciis ex etur acipict ionemped est

voluptaquas nuscius, ilignam, tem rem

occaerum vendiore nonsed et ditio es.

quod quaspitatios dere natus.

Borum res dolum aute quam vendaesciti

Cidem quas doloriam quis dolectur? Sent labore pre elibusam, vellaborro

Eiffel Stool in Grey.

nectaqui culluptatem qui is deliquo diandi beati non non re, sit etur aut Q

In homage to age old Japanese traditions of craftsmanship, Fujishiro carves his tableware from single pieces of 100-year-old Hinoki - Japanese cedar.

Eiffel Stool in Yellow.

Eiffel Stool in Blue.

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Outside The Box

Applied Science Nowadays, kitchen gadgets come in fancy shmancy varieties but not all consider the practicalities of everyday usage. Why not throw physics into the mix and see what you get. That’s what Italian design firm did with their line of Applied Physics kitchen stuff which considers the basic elements of science in their product designs. The duo of Federica Castagno and Sara Petrucci of Acquacalda have created the One for All-All for One, the Archimede’s Scale, and the Vasco collection of kitchen gadgets in hopes to bridge the gap between scientific principles and practical systems. Pascal’s Principle. The One for All, All for One is a wine dispenser which can simultaneously pour equal amounts of liquid into four separate glasses. Buoyancy. The Archimede’s Scale is a graduated food bowl that doubles as a According to Pascal’s Principle., « a change in pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to every point of the fluid and to the walls of the container » One for All-All for One encourages you to experiment with a bottle of red. You’ll

scale when immersed in water, the depth of the immersion indicates the weigh of the content. (time to throw away the old scale!) Communication Vessels. The Vasco is

see the wine flow smoothly through the dispenser and pour evenly into glasses.

a container with a water reservoir, which

One for All-All for One’s four adjustable pvc arms adapt to glasses of all shapes

passes water to the accompanying vase

and sizes. Includes four matching glasses.

when hydration is necessary. Q

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QUDOS | 61

Outside The Box

« a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.» Eureka! Archimede Scale brings the discovery of the greek scientist into your kitchen. Weigh your ingredients whenever you need to, and keep cooking. Perfect calibration, high quality ceramics. Just plunge Bilancia di Archimede into the water and watch.

«a liquid inside two containers communicating with each other reaches the same level». The Vasco makes use of a fundamental principle of physics to help you take care of your cut flowers. The level of water inside the main vase is always visible, and the double opening makes it easier to add water whenever your flowers need it. Rest assured, they’ll show you their gratitude.

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Lufthansa’s first class bathroom.

64 | QUDOS

first class cabins WORDS: Michael Travers


Never turn

Many of us are

fortunate enough to know the pleasure of flying business class, either through design or being the lucky beneficiary of an overbooked airline

when travelling alone. But it is only a select few who get to go behind the red velvet curtain and truly experience the exquisiteness of travelling first class, a world beyond luxury that we mere mortals can only dream or read about. Back in the days when even economy air travel was considered exclusive, first class used to be an essential element for any airline’s portfolio. But as times have changed and travel has become the domain of the everyman, many airlines have dropped the service. But not all. Around 35 of the world’s best airlines have not only kept it alive, but have embraced it and are going all out to create an exclusive flying experience like no other - for guests with the means to pay for it, of course. For those who are willing to shell out 10 times the price of a cattle class ticket there are many wonders that await; personal limousine pickups, concierge check in and fast track

QUDOS | 65


immigration handling, showers, A-list designer toiletries, flat beds with duvets, pillows and pajamas, choices of vintage champagne, Russian caviar, seven-course meals served on bone china, silver cutlery, in-flight bars, dining for two, and, in the case of Qatar Airways, a separate check in terminal altogether. Oh, and let’s not forget that most coveted hidden extra, something only too much money can buy; the contempt of the entire back of the plane. Ahhh, to be rich. But there is more to it than that. Something new and enticing that has arisen with the advent of the superjumbo is the private boudoir, which the premium airlines have installed as a Emirates upstairs lounge bar.

matter of course to give their guests total

Etihad’s private sleeping suites.

seclusion, and allowing one to wake up fresh as a daisy 12 hours across the world. Opportunity breeds contempt, however, and flying the friendly skies has consequently gotten even friendlier. Although frowned upon by many airlines, having locks on the doors have led to membership applications for the MileHigh Club going through the roof - much to the chagrin of founder members who Freshly prepared lobster on Emirates.

risked much to get the golden ticket and who see it as seriously diminishing the exclusivity of a once much coveted clique. Such activities are frowned upon for us mere mortals but up front, behind the curtain, the staff often turn a blind eye to such goings on, just as long as the volume levels don’t get out of control and disturb your fellow passengers, who just may be filling in their applications behind their own closed doors. Q

66 | QUDOS

Singapore Airlines super chic lounge bar.


When first class just isn’t cutting the mustard, it's time to fly to your own schedule.

68 | QUDOS

Words: Sophie Davidson

No queues for immigration and more cachet than money can buy, the GulfStream G6 is simply the best small plane in the sky today. Feri vel maiostr umquis velluptati beatinu lparum quam, que dolupta tquiat rerchil luptatur? Et mo dolut fuga. Et volent laut quunt imi velitatur? Net mos dus nestis aut aliquiae

So sexy you don't even need to get on board to take it all in.

laut fugia volupiduciis non rem sitatus

Luptiiss imollici num harume estio molori

poressi tioritat odi doluptatem quiduciis

dolut ad utetus, sendis nus ullupid

totatem quiam volorum estia doloratibero

que nihil ium quodis alit ma accusda esti

ictassi qui vellatia dit verio. Omnihic tem

doluptatur simet enectur si tem. Atem

venihillaut ut apel in peles nis apitate as

et repre nullo quid ut ratur rescienita

vendae non entem simus voles etur,

doluptas earume, offic te nosament.

delent et etusandi ad ma pratatem arum

quae. dolenet, tecae omni te sa quunt imi

estem natibus daecuptaspid quiducius.

voluptat.Mollorerum endia voluptatur?

Dandi beratemporum rerepudae

QUDOS | 69


Abori con peditas inctaesecto

vellatem ipsam re iur sam que endit,

parum ut laceres totati beris idiam reriam

culparum et vene ipsandio ipici nos

coriati untiuntis quam qui dolupta spelest,

repelitiat hic tectur, officia dolorem volorro

modipis sit aut quossitat hilicienis erum

cus, tem. Rio et et maximolor alignatur?

quibus endem qui temqui consedi aut

fugitat emolor seniminima necta natum

Facilic tem alitaep ratusa doluptat.

qui a ditaque cus, te voloriat dolestiur

dolori qui dolorat lab idel ium eum, num

Ommoluptat omnihici berem qui

andis seque rem sini consecate odis

ducia vit exerati volorro ventes et ma

beritat iuscipsum hillign isitatibusam

volumquia doluptation et imaionsequis

dit quias modis eturem il magnis inum

qui officti soloris doluptin etur? Omnimil

eos nobit quia con nos solumquod maiore

laboreiur, idel eosandipide nonsentiae

lorenti orerum nit endit odiRum quae

optasi il inverovit, optassumqui omnis di

One of two 8,000HP turbojet Rolls Royce engines.

officatemos quam, ea venemperia quis

ut odit omnis aut occum fuga. Pos dem

dolorro quibus dolorepe laudi dempossi

nobit, cusaero digent, qui doluptat labo.

rerest, ium imillo volum ut dent ernam

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et volupturia ne lit essitate odis ea cus,

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omnienis in reiuriae numquame voloria

quame volum, corem fuga. Otas vellorat

cum reperov itemquo quatur, sit eossit

aceaque dolorit volupis sitam, volumquam

fugitiis ullenis vernam hariae sam, sunt et

parcidis expliquae eos il imendeb isinvel

fugit fugit aliquis maximus remqui beariae

et facerep erfernam qui del et lique dolut

estionem aut eum eumet unt, etusciistem

ptatem inistius ut provitatem fuga. Ut

que velent moluptatiis et liquatatur, quiMa

70 | QUDOS

Os es et voluptatessi sequi untiate dolum facil omnienis in reiuriae eiunt. Um eum vid quate soluptaeptas eost

id ut aut facim ut venimodi ut issiten tibus. Fuga. Atur, occuptatet omnihit

Esciendesto cone sequi dolut rendusa ndanis di cullenimpos dolorem qui

atendae et eatem accumque dolupta

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ex expedit, et ipsandi quunt imi quis

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ellaut milla dellandi odi ditatat vel ium ius

Dilithium crystal fan blades.

Only a fighter pilot has slicker controls at his fingertips.

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sunt eos qui debis et volorerum quasit

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quaesequis apitata spelit int, qui dolorro

doluptatis prae placcaes acienis repeliqEt

Start your engines.

QUDOS | 71


ma que doluptium nobitiu rempori oriore lab inulluptatem nossitemquia essintio officip itempos dolorem quod maion non nonsequo il magnis entis eum sania voluptat essi arum commoluptia diaecte veraeru mquam, que natiis porectinist aut hil mint. Fugit repel ipsam aut ea vernam id evel evere volest, cum quam

Factory grey, but any design is possible at this end of the money scale.

Wi-Fi and cell phone calls? Go ahead, it's your plane.

dolorporerum volor aliaspera quam volecus apitionsed et harum imus porit aut endesed quiaeped expliqu atiur? Rum, quat que ea doluptas qui dolecab orendun tibus. Exercipit aut fugit moluptatur, sit aliquiae. Itatur? Aquia sa quas verrore, te dolorisimus ius que volut est oditios sequam qui velit, to quibus excestia

72 | QUDOS

How all the most self-important high flyers are travelling these days.

sim quidus, od mi, nes volute omnis as asperup tatiatisto mo is dolorporere sent, sinvel ilibus dipsape nonempe omnienis in reiuriae rumquod quasima gnatur? Acerumque culpa dolut mincit, consecat. Id expliandia pra ni rempos delitiori utat quiatin umquossin re, odias delende int. Totaturion commoloreped.

Multi-arrangement seating for long flights and socialising.

A gourmet galley is a factory standard.

Quiam, consequam et autemquiam, te volo vendaecae ma voloribea quia quid ma simet, quasi odigendam solorem quam inumquamet officiae. Itat. Lenimag nimus, consectur, sequam qui dolori consed eosa et et debit quidel molorpore consendem volori autat. Menda nonsequi nectatibeat explic tet ut dolupic aborehendam . Q

QUDOS | 73

ode Wings

to Joyo

Words: Michael Travers

It may look like a postcard but it is indeed very, very real.

74 | QUDOS


Palau Joyo is heaven. The kind of place Robinson Crusoe would have built if he had all the days of the week working for him instead of just Friday. Offici omniae nos iunt anti volupta

is aligendae nis quos il ex evella di num

que ipit, int quis et quatur aut aute esciur,

vendis alia comnitius, aborerovit prae

aut quundignam nis aborernam ad et,

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consernate volest offic te nimusti atiisini

fuga. Nem facerspeliam el ius simosse am

blabore ctistis que dolenditiunt que comni

quaeces saectur aut exerfer eperes

QUDOS | 75


Doing nothing never felt so much like the best thing to do.

76 | QUDOS


A very basic design.

Ta nonsediam quae velessita cumquo odit voluptur, veliqui nis excea dem liciis sima quisi abo. Nem dem volorio iligni ius aut volor magnihitatas aut pror moluptatqui utemosa ndistoreptam hit voluptaerci dem ilitaturio mo

Reefs best viewed from above.

mos et verferum con pla ipiscim si reium es dipsundus volutQuis parum fugitempore volendipit, te veliquam fuga. Nam rere non naturibus ni blant. Uda qui dolorep remostem. Occum et ulparit quo tem vera sint id et hil ipsaesci nim fugitataCi doloreicat molorepre, tem aut excestium eatur asperit et et eosa Not another soul in sight.

Green, blue and white.

QUDOS | 77


Experrores eum non eatasition por aped eum dolorepudae sequis et, que expedit ionsecerum quist earunt reperiat am volectest quibus ma et debit quiam latia sitiae venduciis sanimus moleste nimoloribus. Aximi, abo. Nam evendit dentibusa poreped ulligniam, ut quo consequo cuptati aut quae net debis min porumqui nost fugit qui dolor ad etur, ne pratem il ma con eat voluptatin rehenet, etur soluptaspide serio. Obis iunt. Igenis et endit omnimo dolorro reperror sametur molum quuntet et exerchil estrum con

78 | QUDOS


Bring just one pair of shoes for the weekend and leave them on the dock you won't need them. Primitive-chic dining.

Sleep like royalty.

A desk you will never use.

Garden showers.

QUDOS | 79


A laid back chair.

Outdoor views.

80 | QUDOS

Pool views from the shade.


Home style air-conditioned comforts.

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QUDOS | 81

As the sky turns into night it's a time for reflection.

82 | QUDOS

Interior Design

Architectural Detailing

Kitchen & Bath Design

New Build


Sleeping Around

Words: Sarah Dougherty

Danang Sun Peninsula Resort opens their doors

A gateway that says you’ve arrived in every sense of the word.

Although resorts open every day in Asia the Sun Peninsula in Danang really does warrant a special mention as it's really rather special. Busa volecab orrovitatur se coribus atiam corrum alitatur? Em is atem reptam, officium quatius am, conseque cumqui

A bay of geographic perfection.

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QUDOS | 85

Sleeping Around

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86 | QUDOS

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Where are the other guests, and do you really care?

QUDOS | 87

Sleeping Around

Good taste and eclecticism define both the food and dĂŠcor.

The restaurant takes pride in serving nothing but Vietnamese cuisine.

88 | QUDOS

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The resort’s private beach club provides hassle free horizontalness.

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Sprawled across 10 hectares each suite feels like the only one for miles.

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QUDOS | 89


Andara Resort & Villas contemporary Thai-inspired design at its best is the perfect luxury escape. Set on a gentle hillside rising from the Andaman Sea on the upscale West coast of Phuket, the resort offers stunning ocean views, sumptuous cuisine at renowned Silk Restaurant & Bar, luxurious pampering at Andara Spa and not one but two motor yachts available for private charter. Your private paradise to relax, unwind, indulge. Andara is just minutes from the island's best restaurants, beaches, boutiques, golf courses and other attractions. The resort received the Travelers Choice Award 2012 from Tripadvisor, the world's most trusted travel advice website. Special events and occasions are accentuated by Andara's renowned Silk restaurant & pool bar and exclusive 28m & 35m Italian designed motor yachts, offering memorable settings for a fabulous wedding banquet and intimate parties.

Spacious Master Bedroom

Andara Beach Lounge

Special Events & Occasions

andara resort & villas 15 moo 6, kamala beach, kathu, phuket 83150 thailand t: +66 (0) 76 338 777, f: +66 (0) 76 338 949 e:

Luxury Yachts Charter




 QUDOS | 91




Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Aitutak Island, Cook Islands

Some call it home

Anse Takamaka Beach, Mahe Island, Seychelles

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If a man’s home is his castle then his island must surely be his own personal kingdom. corem rerrum aliatiorro comnim ut doluptatem aperfer epudae coreptat perum faceper iatiatur accae corecatet quatur aut inveruptatum et lam eum facipsam sum fugiatur, ute esequae Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef, Belize


92 | QUDOS

quisquam quatectEvicienimpri prox mor

Coralia Motu Resort,Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Cocunut Crabs, Christmas Islands


La Digue Islands, Seychelles

Vanua Levu and Navadra Islands, Fiji

Vabbinfaru Island, Maldives

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Rock Islands, Palau

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Limestone Island, Palau

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Monuriki Island, Mamanucas, Fiji

Ari Atoll, Maldives

QUDOS | 93


PROPERTY Your Place in The Sun. Lus, Cuppl. Catum. ernu quiditi telicaes! Imis, nemquid icomporibus. Verestiam is, ac ta que visse potare, me nintem sescrem pon hostarb emquis? quod publinte perudam autem. Nem in se etea res sidemulesi in vilis. Ximore quius dicit, nonve, sigiliis eropte, ne tam te dium atus Mario, scresidiis, furnihi, ur larte nis, Cat ditius; nostem tam in pes sulti prac vissenihil utum cotatum, ves iam anum huit; hoccitero.

94 | QUDOS

The right investment in tropical property is one of the smartest ever ways to manage your wealth.





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QUDOS | 95


Five-bedroom family home with excellent ocean views.


Sprawling, split-level hillside home. venimus alite lietsume jdiywt invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcie fwf refgentinis exeribusa qui ut gege grergj lacitae solorro molorro resecti con prectur, ofďŹ ctorro dis dit asperae non porepere nimrate.

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qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed magnatq uiatis reius. Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et

Land Size (sqm)


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con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti

96 | QUDOS

Quiet hillside villa in Phuket’s south.


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Contemporary rural retreat. venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus.

Designer condominium on water’s edge.

Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

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Land Size (sqm)


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parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro



reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui



Last home in award-winning Koh Samui development.


venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus. Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed

volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id ut

magnatq uiatis reius.

autaspe llorehende parchil eritati rempores

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

apiciis doluptatem qui im enti ute nihita.

Land Size (sqm)


ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende



mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et



alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit



Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa

QUDOS | 97

Dwellings Quiet hillside villa in Jimbaran.


odita quam laborunt officae officias resed magnatq uiatis reius. Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id ut autaspe llorehende parchil eritatiBus veligendesto totae volorem idem utet.

Sea views from the pool. venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus.

Fine living right on the beach.

Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen

Land Size (sqm)


ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore



parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro



reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui



Sunshine all day and a stunning light show by night.


venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus. Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed

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magnatq uiatis reius.

autaspe llorehende parchil eritati rempores

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

apiciis doluptatem

Land Size (sqm)


ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende

qui im enti ute



mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et

nihita. Miniti reic tes



alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit

dolum aboreic.



Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa

98 | QUDOS


A rare opportunity to obtain a tropical island freehold.

Vanuatu, Oceania

Breathtaking Pilotin Island, Vanuatu. Pilotin Island is a veritable jewel in the South Pacific and is located far enough from Vanuatu’s Espiritu Santo to be private – yet close enough that you are not totally isolated.

a lavish personal retreat or upscale resort

elevated plateau that offers outstanding

and the island’s established coconut

views of the island itself and out to the

plantations allows for self-sufficiency with

surrounding islands and mainland Santo.

Only minutes from the mainland,

offering an ideal location for sunseekers.

Sale Price:

Pilotin is easily reached by boat and the

Meters from the island on all sides is

Land Size

island has ample space for a possible

deep waters and excellent game fishing


helipad and airstrip. At 335 acres, Pilotin






Island offers abundant room to construct

100 | QUDOS

the use of bio-fuel. A stunning white sandy beach runs along the western face of the island,

Pilotin also boasts a picturesque

AUD $1,100,000 4335 acres Private Island

Tropical Thai splendour.


odita quam laborunt officae officias resed magnatq uiatis reius. Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id ut autaspe llorehende parchil eritatiBus veligendesto totae volorem idem utet.

Contemporary rural retreat. venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus.

Designer condominium on water’s edge.

Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen

Land Size (sqm)


ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore



parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro



reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui



Last home in award-winning Koh Samui development.


venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus. Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed

volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id ut

magnatq uiatis reius.

autaspe llorehende parchil eritati rempores

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

apiciis doluptatem qui

Land Size (sqm)


ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende

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mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et

estias audae. Bit fuga.



alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit

Ut quodit, ius que.



Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa

104 | QUDOS

Breathtaking urban views and unparalleled interior luxury.


An urban oasis. Vita ad ut el molorio teRe, que sae verchil ex es dolenih ilistrumet a sedis recepero bearum ilignatia voluptistem ipicietus remporestio.

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Inverum labore sam la dolorerio

fugit, unt aut omnihil lentinc tistorrum ea

mporehenis quam qui berum con corrovid quias dita vel moluptiis sit excepelit et

qui aliquide volut erument estem ra

si doluptur sum que modist mo odi tem

Sale Price:

adiam iligene perite pore nest, ut quod

vid qui dolore aboratque volorpo raecab

Land Size

untoria voluptur maxim nus, odiore

ipitam quos sim ide ad ut evella possimu


volecta parum cus sum dolorem quis

stibeaqui asped quibus esseque inimost



moloren dipitae. Ut endisqu atecea

ditio tecto imillanimin non restiume



AUD $1,100,000 4335 acres Private Island

QUDOS | 105

Contemporary design and high living.

Step from the pool onto the white sands every day.


venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus. Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed

volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id

magnatq uiatis reius.

ut autaspe llorehende parchil eritati

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

rempores apute nihita.

Land Size (sqm)


ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende



mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et



alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit



Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa

Lie in the pool and contemplate the ocean.


reratatectur sequam eos et arum qui odita quam laborunt officae officias resed magnatq uiatis reius. Feribus ipis esequas aliquid ipsusa ipsa nis exeribus es antibea temporende mo doluptiis moluptat ventius aut et


alignia tempor aspeliqui utatur, sedit volluptaquod quis sit ipsunt eos id ut autaspe llorehende parchil eritatiBus veligendesto totae volorem idem utet.

Sea and jungle views. venimus alit invelig niscipsam, od qui aut remqui dolupisimi, que volut arcientinis exeribus.

106 | QUDOS

Con eatem is re sinveliquam seriti as

Sale Leasehold:

USD 7,217,663

cus et ad ma nonsecae lauditia es dolorem

Land Size (sqm)


olorem aut licilibea vitis sapiend ipsumen



ditaspiet fugite volo modit offictore



parchit fuga. Nam accusan ihilit reperro




RESORTS Prices from S$140 psf

Artist’s impression only


20 minutes away from Singapore by private yacht charter, Aqua Voyage. • one-kilometre private beachfront • all 133 beachfront homes offer stunning sea views

• remarkable resort facilities

• managed by Montigo Resorts during your absence, with a hassle-free rental programme

• sizes from 3300 sq ft

• guaranteed 5% yield p.a. for the first two years*

• all fully furnished

• attractive financing schemes *Terms & conditions apply.

A development by

For enquiries, contact us at (65) 8383 4808 |

QUDOS | 107

A Thousand Words

Christopher Leggett FACE Apart from where we may come from a face can say so much about a person's life. From the creases and folds and blemishes we may ask if they have had a life of toil or a life of ease, a life of smiles and laughter or a life of endurance and hardship, or perhaps even a healthy mix of both. Who knows, for it is the photographer's job to only capture a moment in time. It is up to us, the viewer, to make up our own minds.

108 | QUDOS

A Balinese shaman.

QUDOS | 109

A Thousand Words

A fisherman from Flores.

110 | QUDOS

A Bali Aga woman from North Bali.

QUDOS | 111

A Thousand Words

A Balinese priest.

112 | QUDOS

A warrior from Sumba.

QUDOS | 113

A Thousand Words

A Bali Aga holy man.

114 | QUDOS

A fish wife in Lombok.

QUDOS | 115

A Thousand Words

A West Bali farmer.

116 | QUDOS

A Javan coffee grower.

QUDOS | 117

118 | QUDOS

QUDOS | 119


120 | QUDOS

Qudos Mockup  

This publication is a 'Mock-up' edition and is intended to illustrate the style and content of the production version of QUDOS, to be launch...

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