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Tape back-up is history Don’t waste any more time and money on tape back-up. Connect’s Total Recall online back-up service is safer, easier and more versatile. Even better, it comes at a tiny price. Once the system has been set up, you don’t have to do a thing. Total Recall will look at what’s been saved on your server and takes a copy. It then encrypts the data and sends it to be stored on our secure servers until you need it. For peace of mind, a daily email will confirm that you’re safely backed-up.

Keep your data safe That means your information is safe, no matter what hits your system. And if you lose or over-write a document, you can get that back too. Total Recall saves the last ten versions of changes. How many times have you accidentally over-written or lost a file and wished that you could get the last version back? Now it’s easy.

Keep working... ...and emailing

...that’s still in your office

Better still, if your server does go down, you can continue to work on your files and send emails without any downtime.

Sounds expensive? It’s true that, up till now, this kind of back-up service was only available to companies prepared to splash out a small fortune. Now, this fullproof solution costs as little as £83 per month.

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Total Recall is backed by Connect and is based on our years of experience in answering the computer needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Companies of all sizes trust us with their most vital data because we have proven our reliability. With Total Recall, your data is guaranteed safe for the long term.



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