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Fighting out of Clarksville Fight Club

Jorge Gurgel G is the e founder of o "The Arm my of Athlettes" organiization and d a black belt b under Marrcus Aurelio o. Training for many years y he ha as a wealth h of knowle edge in BJJJ and No-G Gi grap ppling. Jorg ge is widely known fo or his excitiing standup battles in n The Ultima ate Fighterr Season 2, The UFC as we ell as Strikefforce. Altho ough he ha as an amazing stand up game, the majoriity of gel's MMA wins have e been from m his dynam mic submisssions. It is often said that Jorge Gurgel Gurg never brings a boring fight to the ca ard. Not only y is Jorge known k for his h MMA ca areer, but also a for coa aching and d training some s of the e top MMA Athle etes in the world. Jorg ge has train ned Rich "A Ace" Frank klin (former UFC Cham mpion), Dusttin Hazelettt (UFC Vet.), Matt Brown (UFC), Mike M Patt (UFC ( Vet.), Luke Zach hrich (TUF vet.), and Tom mmy Hayde en (TUF vet..) Being a top t level in nstructor, hiis team "Te eam JG" is ranked r 16tth in the U.S. for MMA gyms, g that’ss the WHOLLE country.. Not only iss Jorge Gu urgel know for his MM MA Athletess, h has train ned in BJJ as a well. Bry yan Atterso on, Dustin Ware, W Jerem my but also the black belts he D Jo on Meyer, John J Stutzm man, Dustin n Hazelett, and a Mike Patt P were all a given Waltters, Dan Doerner, theirr black bellts Under Jo orge Gurge el... Jorge has h schoolls in Ohio, Kentucky, K W West Virgin nia, Michigan, Wisc consin, and d in the near future Te ennessee.

Join n Clarksv ville Fightt Club an nd Clarksv ville Budo o club..... On January y 29th (11:00 AM to o 3:00 PM M). Jorge Gurgel G will be b holding Gi and No o-Gi sem minar at Hillldale Fam mily Life Center C 25 50 Old Fa armers Ro oad Clark ksville TN N for the

price of $40 yo ou can train either Gi or No Gi, on o the othe er hand forr $65 you can train wiith Jorge Gurg gel Gi and No Gi... Come join th he fun!

Contact C N Numbers: Cell C #1: Mackel M Re eagan 93 31-302-50 073 Cell C #2: Mike M Merrriman 405 5-371-898 82


Jorge Gurgel Seminar