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9 TV Production Job Interview Tips Television companies such as ITV have always offered exciting career opportunities and competition is fierce; once you’ve secured an interview with the TV company, you will want to maximise your chances of actually getting the TV production job you’ve been working towards. Here are nine tips to help you create the right impression in front of the interviewer. Make sure you have researched the job properly. The interviewer is bound to ask searching questions to determine what you know about the role you are applying for. If you can’t show a good understanding of what a TV production job entails, you won’t be taken seriously as a candidate. Research the company. The interviewer will expect you to be interested in the business you are planning to work for. Fortunately, almost every company will have a website where you can learn more about it. The trade press is another great source of information. Things to look out for are programmes the company has been involved with recently, what it has done in the past, and any plans it has made public about what it intends to do in the future. When interviewing for a TV production job and any other role with a technical focus, demonstrate your knowledge, but don’t show off. Show you have a strong understanding of the field but don’t exaggerate your knowledge, as you may be caught out if the interviewer picks up on something you’re unable to expand upon. Expect to be able to talk about TV. Most people who go into the television industry love watching TV and can talk critically and thoughtfully about it. So expect questions about your favourite shows and why you like them. This is your chance to talk intelligently and express your opinions. Don’t be frightened about being ‘wrong’ - as long as your thoughts are well structured and coherent, the interviewer will be interested in your arguments. Aim for a dialogue, not a ‘question and answer’ routine. Rather than getting drawn into simply answering a question and then waiting for the next, use the interviewer’s questions as an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with them on an equal basis. Be enthusiastic about the job. Every interviewer wants to know that they are giving this TV production job to someone who will apply themselves energetically, so don’t be shy in coming forward. Show your interest. Speak up about your skills – don’t rely on your CV. If you have skills that make you particularly suitable for a role, bring them to the interviewer’s attention. Don’t assume that they will have picked up on them from your CV.

Prove you can cope with pressure. Television production is a high pressure environment, so the interviewer will want to be sure that you have the ability to cope with the stress that comes from having to meet tight deadlines and budgets, as well as the to-the-second timing required for live TV. So they will probably ask you questions about how you have dealt with pressurised situations in the past. Have your own questions ready. Finally, have some questions ready that you can ask at the end of the interview to show the interviewer that you are interested and engaged. Have a wide selection of questions ready, as some may have already been answered during the interview itself. Then all you’ve got to do is sit back and wait for the call to tell you that you’ve got the job. Find out more about working in ITV’s vibrant environment and the TV production jobs available with ITV today. Visit

9 TV Production Job Interview Tips  

Television companies such as ITV have always offered exciting career opportunities and competition is fierce; once you’ve secured an intervi...

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