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Cowie&Fox Issue 1 May 13, 2013

How to Write an Estimate

101 How to become a Notebook Taskmaster Pacific Rim Gymnastics Advertising and Sponsorship Committee

You Voted... We won.

Canada Post Agency Challenge

The key ingredient: Research Creating an integrated marketing plan on a limited timeline

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Agency Identity “The agency of change.” Cowie and Fox truly is the agency of change. Here are some of the reasons why: • • • • • • • •

Diverse skill set Passionate Innovative Understands the changing world Tailored to client Ethical Communciations Program Works with non-profits International marketing

Part of me wishes I could copy and paste the description of Cowie and Fox straight from the agency’s horrible flash website. On the website it states, “We develop unique, integrated marketing solutions that deliver on our clients’ objectives.” This is exactly what is done every day I have gone to work. Cowie and Fox is a boutique marketing agency in Yaletown, that combines

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marketing strategy and outstanding creative deliverables to connect to the target audience in the right place, at the right time. It is a full-service agency that does everything under the sun. Currently they have been working on mostly creating unique responsive websites. With a team of only six fulltime staff and contractors, if need be, it is a fast-paced environment and there is always something to do. The full-time team consists of the six people listed below:

Structure & System • • • • • •

Rufina: Co-owner Mike: Co-owner Rubina: Office Manager Alexandra: Accout Director Jeff: Wesite Designer Nicole: Graphic Designer

During my internship there were two other interns: • Kari: Graphic Deisgn • Kevin: Web Illustrator The diverse group of people creates innovative and unique ideas, which are tailored to fit the needs of individual clients. The agency has made a name for itself through campaigns for clients such an Lululemon and VanCity.

Organizational Structure Mike Co-owner/ Creative Director/ Website Designer

Jeff Website Designer

Nicole Graphic Designer

Rufina Co-owner/ Director of Operations

Alexandra Account Director

Rubina Office Manager

Marjorie Account Coordinator

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Operational Systems

Cowie and Fox is such a small agency that it does not use a lot of the software I had imagined an agency to have. There is no fancy demographic lookup programs, and no data monitoring systems. They simply use a dropbox system linked to all of the office computers to file any documents. They use the same programs accessible to the Marketing Management program. There is storage for archived files, working files, as well as a development folder for new clients. Everything you work on goes in these files so that it is easily accessible for the rest of the team, if need be. Within these folders each client has a core folder, which is then divided up into the many deliverables they have or will be given, as well as a folder for financial information. This is only effective if everyone puts the files on the server. For the financials, a program called Harvest is used. It has a file for every client they have worked

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with. It shows all of the estimates and invoices for each company. You are able to see the current life time value of each customer with a few clicks. This is helpful for writing estimates as you are able to base the number of hours it may take to complete a project off of past project’s invoices.

changes in the time allotment for their project. The email system has not been my friend during the course of the internship. All of the computers are MAC, and the email is hooked up through the computer. My email has not been able to be hooked up yet and I have been using webmail.

Also on Harvest, the creative team is able to log their hours they work on each project throughout the the day. This keeps a realistic time allocation of how much we are charging for our services, in case a client were to ever question the alloted time of a project.

The webmail system is not effective. It is difficult to organize emails, making looking up information time consuming. As well, the attachments function of webmail does not work properly. Some emails I recieve I cannot view the attachment and have had to get clients to send them to my personal email.

This is helpful for project managers as well. You are able to keep track of the number of hours the project is taking. This allows you to notify the client of any

Also, using webmail the attachments will not forward. You must save the item and re-attach it in order to send it to anyone else.

You voted... We won. Canada Post Agency Challenge Cowie and Fox’s video entry for Canada Post’s agency competition received over five hundred votes, and won for having the most votes. The prize was $1,000 to donate to the charity of choice on behalf of the agency, which was the Canucks Autism Network. The three interns of Cowie and Fox created the video as an introductory activity. The first few days of the internship started off slowly. There was not much work to be done, and Cowie and Fox had taken on three interns. An intern had been allocated to each integral

part of the business, website design, graphic design, and accounts. All being thrown in the mix together really helped us bond. During the first week a strange package arrived in the mail. It was a clear cylinder tube with a bouncy ball in it. At first glance, it looked like Pepsi branded it, with its blue, white and red colouring. It turns out, Canada Post had sent out one of these unique, direct mail pieces to top marketing agencies across Canada. The tubes had no

instruction except written on the side. The website gave instructions to create a story, because after all, we are marketing agencies. The video could contain between three and six slides, a limited amount of text, and either stock images or bespoke illustrations and photos. The contest allowed us to prove we were capable of taking on a task in the name of our agency, follow through with this task until it was successful, and ultimately win the agency massive bragging rights.

Please see Appendix A for a storyboard of the video. Page 4

Key Findings: Client Interaction The most important thing I have learned interacting with clients is that you are pitching (and trying to get them to buy into) your ideas. Although this has been practised through projects in the Marketing Management program at BCIT, we tend to forget a few important things when talking to clients.

1. A lot of the time we are talking to the owner of the company. This company is their baby. To us it may just be another company, but these people have left the identity of their company in our hands, have put their heart and soul into creating it in the first place. So, treat it with care, kindness and fairness.

2. Adding on to rule number one, cushion the blow. When telling someone something they do not want to hear, say it in an

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indirect way, or make a compliment sandwich. This will ease them into an understanding of what is happening.

3. When things are not going as planned, let the client know. Whether it is good or bad news, they will want a progress report. Continually update the client on any significant news as soon as possible. It will establish trust, even if the news isn’t what they want it to be, they know you are being honest and upfront with them.

4. It is okay not to know the answers. If you don’t know, tell them that you don’t know. Assure them that you will find the answer for them.

5. It is not about your style of delivery, it is about theirs. Cater how you present different materials to

different clients.

6. The current clients are the main source of how you gain new clients. Word-ofmouth and referrals are a huge portion of how you will stay in business in the boutique marketing agency world. As well, if the campaigns you create are well-viewed, it is not only an advertisement for them, but for the work your agency can produce. Be proud of the work that goes out into the world. It’s actually really simple. Get involved with the projects you are working on, get to know the company, the industry and the client. If you do all of this, generally you start to care about the things you are surrounding yourself with. After that it’s easy to tell a story about something you care about.

The Big Pitch On the second week of my internship, things picked up quickly. The Account Coordinator left for “vacation”, and I was asked to cover the accounts while he was gone. On Friday, most people had left after having a beer and only a few people had stuck around to finish up work, including myself. The office generally closes at 5 p.m. and at approximately 5:30 p.m. the phone rings, and my internship sponsor picks up the phone.

Panic-stricken, I called Cowie and Fox and explained the situation. Essentially, the agency had been given the challenge of branding a restaurant within the Bouevard Casino, which will be a part of a bigger entity.

This restaurant was a challenge set forth for the two agencies chosen based from a previously submitted request for proposal. The process was identical to what you would see on the television show The Pitch, two teams battling for one job. The week continued in the same fashion. The amount of work, and quality of work astounded me.

Cowie and Fox had been shortlisted for a huge (almost half-million dollar) campaign. On Monday, the organized chaos began. There were mood boards being created, research papers being written, people researching trends, others making menus, reports and visual presentations to be done. And it all needed to be done in a week.

The client for the large pitch, Boulevard Casino’s current logo.

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I had the luck of being involved in all aspects of the pitch, from initial research down to naming the restaurant and creating the drink menu.

I walked to the printing office to get it bound, explained the requirements thoroughly to the man working there, and waited.

This was the first experience where I have seen a project of this caliber during creation.

As he handed the six reports back to me I had a moment of panic. He had bound them on the wrong short side.

The day of the big pitch, all was calm. The work was done on time, it was printed in-house, and everyone was ready to present. All that had to be done was have it bound in white coil binding on the short, left-handed side.

Panic-stricken, I called Cowie and Fox and explained the situation. They started to re-print the documents as I ran back to the office. Another trip to the printer

with the documents to get bound, and we were ready. The nightmare of a few minutes seemed horrible at the time, but ended up working out just fine. The next Friday afternoon, the entire office anxiously awaited the call to see who had won the account. Someone made an awkward joke, “Wouldn’t it be horrible if we all waited around and didn’t end up getting it.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

Notebook Taskmaster The question I have been asked my entire life and never known the answer is, “what is the best advice you have ever gotten.” I thought I had finally figured it out during my Journalism program at Langara College. We had a journalist who worked in war zones come in as a guest speaker and tell the class, “If you tell someone they’re pretty, they will be less likely to kill you.” For the longest time, I thought you could not beat advice like that, until recently.

working at filling a third. During meetings there are so many ideas thrown around. It has helped significantly to write them down so that they can be discussed further or turned into actionable tasks. Sitting at my desk one afternoon I was called to come join a brainstorming session for strategy behind a large campaign that was

being worked on. As I got up, the person who asked me to join turned back around and said, “and bring your notebook.” The meeting ensued. An hour and ten pages of notes later, I sat down to quickly go over what I had written and compile a relevant task list for the interns. Not only the interns took

Many teachers at BCIT have told us to take notes in a notebook during meetings. I always use my laptop and figured I would continue to do the same, but bought a notebook just in case. Thank goodness I did.

Guests of the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam playing roulette.

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Within the past two months I have gone through two notebooks and am

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How to Write an Estimate 101 I have gone through almost three notebooks in the past two months. on the tasks I had written down, it was divided between everyone in the office. While everyone was working at their tasks, one co-worker came up to me and told me that they had forgotten their second task and had to come ask me, the taskmaster.

Now, if anyone asks, I will be sure to tell them that the best advice I have ever gotten is to always carry a notebook with you.

This has not been the only occasion my notebook has come in handy. Everyday I am writing everything down for referral. It has helped me stay organized and be a self-starter as I am able to realize what needs to be done, and do it without constantly asking, “Is there anything you need help with?� Now, if anyone asks, I will be sure to tell them that the best advice I have ever gotten is to always carry a notebook with you.

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Working on case studies and term projects the information is given, rules are set, and guidelines help ease you along. When working with clients, none of that exists. The process is completely different. All of the information you have to work from is the information you have sought out from the client, and research you have done about the company, product and industry.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten: Always carry a notebook.

At Cowie and Fox, the process begins with an initial meeting, either on the phone or in person for the discovery of what they

are looking to be done. This can range from rebranding an entire company to just adding to an existing website. After this meeting an estimate is created for the client. This document contains explanations on exactly what will be included in the services provided, the deliverables, and the costs associated with these deliverables. With all of the content within these written documents, they end up ranging between 10 to 20 pages, including a detailed appendix. Although there

With all of the content within these written documents, they end up ranging between 10 to 20 pages, including a detailed appendix.

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is a template that provides the basis for the estimate, each quote has unique needs. Depending on the required services, working on an estimate involves discussing with each person how many hours they would need to spend working on a given task. This includes the graphic designers, website designers, and project managers. The process can also require sourcing pricing for components of the work

that will not be done in-house. This can include video interviews, media training, public relations, photo shoots, and social media strategy and monitoring. Each client is unique and has different needs at the beginning of the working relationship. Some do not flinch at the thought of money; others are trying to convince investors that this is a strategic plan. Depending on the situation, sometimes other initial

documents are prepared for the client in addition to the estimate. These include visual presentations, with content regarding the initial meeting, or representation of the ROI to please the investors. Some clients can go back and forth with the estimate many times, until it signifies exactly the work they want done for their company.


However, it is when the client signs off on the estimate that the real work begins.

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Little Sunshine Child Care Centre Little Sunshine is the first project I have been the offical Account Coordinator on. It is also Cowie and Fox’s newest client, and the closest upcoming deadline. I accepted and appreciate the challenge of completing the majority of an integrated marketing campaign in approximately one month. The project was assigned in the last week of April and all of the strategy, print collateral and website staging deliverables are due in the third week of May. As a start-up, the company Little Sunshine needs everything from a logo, interior branding, print collaterial, media planning and a public relations campaign. The owner is looking to fill 72 spots for the preschool by mid-September. Being such a short deadline, the next day I

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This is the current Little Sunshine logo, which is being redone to feel more highend, while still staying youthful. wrote an estimate and a workback of when all of the deadlines would be based on hours each element would take. The day after, the client approved it and the work began. However, she said that the deadlines for deliverables were too far away. That afternoon, I sat down and made the already seemingly impossible deadlines even shorter. Within the first week of having the account the agency has

been working at top-speed to produce a discovery summary, the first phase of branding strategy, the first phase of logo development, initial talks of sponsorship with both festivals and clothing companies for uniforms.

encourages a structured learning environment, where children will be able to explore and make mistakes.

specific origin she is trying to target, however the philosophy is very Asian and European based.

The school offers a variety of unique opportunities. It will have Mandarin lessons before and after school, as well as Mardarin immersion class on Saturdays. They also provide monthly lessons for parents on a variety of topics including: • Taxes and Insurance • Health and Nutrition • Estate Planning • Home Purchases • Discipline

The owner of the preschool would like to see a high level of commitment from the parents. This is the reasoning for the parents information evenings. As well, parents are asked to attend the Mandarin immersion so that they will be able to reinforce the learning at home.

The school will have a 4:1 teacher to student ratio. All teachers will have a minimum of a university degree. The target of the school is affluent, young families living in Vancouver. There is no

This all ties back to one of the main philosopies of the preschool: learning is a lifestyle; not something done in a classroom. The strong philosophy and mandatory parent commitment makes the market for the preschool much narrower. The preschool is half-day, also narrowing the available market by eliminating

parents who work full-time. To properly communicate with our target audience the agency will have to find the families with either stay-athome parents, or nannies, within the correct financial range, who agree with the philosophies, and are willing to commit time to their childrens learning. A positve aspect of this campaign development is that there has been no trouble finding a unique value proposition. The messaging just has to be clear enough that the entire story gets told, and to the right people, at the right time. After all, the semester will be starting in mid-September, and there are events to be at, people to meet and parents to interview.

The owner of Little Sunshine is basing the philosophy of the preschool on studies, her own beliefs from raising a child, and her husbands input (who has his Early Childhood Education certification). It will be a unique school that

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The Mystery

of the Missing Nutritional Information Avalon is a dairy company that has been selling milk since 1906. The family run company is now entering the next phase of business, a responsive website, a website that converts for mobile phones. Responsive websites allow the website to be seen on a variety of browsers and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Cowie and Fox is creating a responsive website for the

company, which is soon to be launched. The only thing delaying the launch date is the collection and creation of the product’s nutritional information labels. Which, unfortunately, is my job. After starting at Cowie and Fox, the Account Coordinator in charge of this project left. Therefore it allowed me to jump in and help finish off the project. The only thing left to do was

to contact the graphic design company who had created the packaging for Avalon and request the product’s nutritional information labels. I contacted them right away and within a few days they had sent over the ones they had. However, there were still about 20 products remaining on the list I had created from auditing the website. This is where things started to slow down. I contacted a local retailer who sold a lot of

Avalon products on his online store, Sean’s Good Eats. They were extremely helpful, sending all of the Avalon products they carried.

Nutrition Facts Valeur nutritive

Per1/4 cup (30g)/ Por 1/4 tasse (30g) Amount Teneur

% Daily Value Valeur quotidienne

Calories/ Calories 120

Next, I started working with Avalon directly. I have been going back and forth with the company for approximately three weeks now as they contact their supplier asking for the information. Through the process of all of this I have become very familiar with the Avalon website, and noticed a few technical errors on the products pages.

Fat/ Lipides 10g Saturated/ Satures 6g + Trans/ trans 0.3g

15% 32%

Cholesterol/ Cholesterol 25 mg Sodium/ Sodium 240 mg


Carbohydrate/ Glucides 0g


Fibre/ Fibres 0g


Sugars/ Sucres 0g Protein/ Proteines 7g Vitamin A/ Vitamine A Vitamin C/ Vitamine C Calcium/ Calcium Iron/ Fer

10% 0% 20% 0%

The marble cheddar cheese was not listed on the website, but there was an image of it. This is now fixed.

As an example, there were cheese product photos for both white chedder and orange cheddar. However, in the group photos there was marble cheddar, and it was not listed as a product. The minor errors have been corrected and the last of the nutritional information is being sent to me within the next week. This will complete the information hunt. Hopefully, once all of the information is uploaded onto the website it will be ready to launch.

A historical image of the Avalon farm.

This is an example of the illustration for the scrolling story of Avalon on the website.

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Key Ingredient: Research Research plays a huge role in everything you do when working at a marketing agency. Whether the project is small or large, you must know the who, what, when, where, why and how of the product, industry and audience. To fully understand the concept and depth of a project you must know all about it. Through my experience during my internship I found that the initial look into the product is done before the initial meeting

with the client. Any gaps in information about the product are filled in during the meeting. Both before and after the meeting the company website and online presence through social media is examined. The website is used to figure out what information they are wanting to make known to the public. Social media is for the reason above, as well as to view the public response to the company. After the meeting, generally

the process involves looking into the industry, and finding out the brand identity, competitors and unique selling propositions. There is also the process of finding out who the audience is. This can be done though both primary and secondary research. The process of discovery, brand identity, and strategy are all different break downs of research that fit together to create the brand story.

Learning: On the Job There are many aspects of marketing and business that I have learned during my internship which were not covered in the Marketing Management program. Some could be taught, others only come from experience. The top three things I learned that can be taught before internship season are how to write estimates, request for

Working in an accounts position, these are things I find myself doing over and over again. Although you are not expected to know everything when you start, these are things I should have known. They are quite simple, yet make use of a lot of the courses taken during the

BCIT course. These include communication skills, all of the essential marketing courses, and business math. Many agencies may have a template for estimates, However, going through the process helps you define exactly what a client’s marketing needs are, and how to summarize it so they understand the process.

Still need to learn I have learned so many valuable skills through the Marketing Management program, as well as the internship. However, there are a few things that I would still like to learn that would be useful when working as an Account Coordinator. The top three things I would still like to learn all involve computers. The first is to learn how to

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proposals and work backs.

properly use HTML coding to build websites. The course taught in this is very helpful, however I wish it was sooner in the year, so that I had a more in-depth knowledge coming into my internship. The second is how to use WordPress. This seems to be a commonly used platform for building websites in the marketing industry. I would like to have a general knowledge of it to make website updates.

The third is Adobe Illustrator. This is the program most used by graphic designers at Cowie and Fox. It would be nice to be able to understand the level of time and effort it takes to do different tasks when using the program. The things I would like to learn are not essential to an Accounts position but would help to have a fully-rounded knowledge of how things are done throughout the agency.

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Recommendations There are very few recommendations I have for Cowie and Fox. The system runs smoothly and is both effective and efficient. The few things I would suggest are:

1. Hire a full-time Creative Director. Many of the decisions fall on the owners and the Account Director. This is fine, but all of the people mentioned already have so many tasks, that this additional task takes away

Page 19

from other responsibilities.

working of the same tasks.



There should be more interaction between all employees on an ongoing basis. This will ensure that the creative direction is the same, and that everyone is on the same page.

Overall, there needs to be more staff. There are so many projects, and sponsorship projects, that a couple more hands would be put to good use.

3. Have more clearly defined tasks for each employee. I find that everyone does a bit of everything. This is great, until people do not know what they are supposed to do, or start

Appendix A

Havin’ a Ball Y’all 1.


5. There needs to be a predesignated approval system. Things tend to take too long at the end of the process. They need to get approved faster, in order for the next steps to get completed.





Appendix B

Brand Guide Instafund Instafund is broken into two separate companies; residential and commerical. Cowie and Fox is the agency for both sides, making sure that although they want different things, the overall identity of the Instafund stays the same. The residential side of the company was the first client meeting I attended during my time interning at Cowie and Fox. The meeting was anything but normal. I had created the information architecture for the website the agency is currently developing for them. The goal of this meeting was to go over the architecture, as well as discuss other upcoming print advertisements. The main client feedback we got was that they wanted to show more personality. This included the possibility of the client, Adam Korbin, wearing a bumble bee suit in his photo. The website is currently being built and should be launched in the near future, hopefully with no bumble bee suit.

Little Sunshine Child Care Centre Logo Currently In development Little Sunshine Child Care Centre is the newest client of Cowie and Fox. The first meeting with the client was the last week of April. The school is opening as a preschool in Kitsilano, and hoping move into other areas of the city in the next few years, as well as to grow into a private elementary school before 2016/2017. The project will run until the end of summer, with the majority of the deliverables due in the third week of May. Please see full story starting on page 13.

Not officially launched

Pacific Rim Gymnastics

The Wet Cleaner

*Website not yet launched

Cowie and Fox is the marketing and sponsorship coordinator for the Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships in 2014. This is a gymnastics competition with the competing countries all being along the Pacific Rim. The event will be held in the Richmond Oval.

The Wet Cleaner is an eco-friendly way to clean clothes. It is similar to dry-cleaning, without any of the chemicals.

There are many elements that Cowie and Fox are developing for this event. Personally, I am working with Neil Dobson of Sow Consulting, to develop the sponsorship packages and get companies to buy them. This will be a continuing job, as this will need to be worked on throughout the year. Until this point, I have mostly done research to add to his initial strategy presentation. I was in charge of researching sponsorship both for other gymnastics events, and other sporting events held in Canada. This gave an insight into which industries to target. I have also helped create a survey to be sent out to the Gymnastics BC database in order to find out the demographics of the audience that will be attending the event. My future tasks include: • Meeting with companies to present sponsorship packages • Creating sponsorship deals with local food trucks to provide free volunteer food • Sell advertising space for the event

The company is looking for a brand identity, brand story, communications strategy and planning, as well as a website refresh. Up to this point we have created an estimate and visual presentation that they can show to investors. It has the steps we would take to give the company what they are looking for, as well as a hint into how we would produce the strategy. The owner will be speaking to investors in the middle of May.

Student Startup Challenge The Student Startup Challenge is a student competition sponsored by LX Ventures, that Cowie and Fox is also sponsoring. “LX Ventures is a publicly-traded startup incubator that launches, acquires and integrates Silicon Valley-style early-stage, high-growth technology companies.� The challenge is for people within two years of graduation to upload a 60-second video telling their idea. Through social media shares and votes, the top 30 teams advance. From those teams judges will choose the top 5 teams, which will all receive office space at the Launch Academy and mentorship from professionals. As well, the first place team will win $3,000, the second place team will win $1,500 and the third place team will win $500. My role in this is to help spread the word to bloggers and local journalists. Submissions are due May 19, 2013.

Condon & Forsyth Not officially launched Condon and Forsyth is a Law firm based in New York and Los Angeles. The project strategy was completed before I started at Cowie and Fox. This project was a brand refresh and website development. The website is currently under development. I have been involved in contacting and making arrangements with photographer Alex Berg, who lives in New York. He will be the photographer for the employee portraits on the website. His quote originally started extremely high at almost $40,000, and after discussions has dropped by approximately $20,000. There are currently discussions about whether or not to use a photographer or stock imagery for the environment shots on the website.


BC Games

Cowie and Fox is developing a website for Avalon, which has not yet launched.

Cowie and Fox has done work with BC Games in the past. When I stepped in, they are only working on doing updates to the website.

This was a large job, as it is a fully illustrated home page, complete with a scrolling story. There has also been a product photoshoot, for all of the products Avalon sells. As well, nutritional information for each product. Since my second week on the job, I have been working closely with the Avalon website, sourcing the nutritional information for the products. I have been hunting for the information from the graphic design agency who produced the packaging for the company, through the QA Manager at Avalon, the supplier for many of the products Paradise Islands, and doing walkthroughs of grocery stores. Other than the nutritional information supplied to us through the graphic design agency, Cornerstone, our graphic design intern has created the remaining labels in-house.

The website is built with Drupal. This is a hard platform to work with, and changes are hard to make, taking much longer than usual. The account has been pre-paid until the last update that we did for them. Now, they will be sending us requests for estimates for any additional updates.

Appendix C

Initial Job Description Cowie and Fox Inc. is an award-winning boutique advertising agency in Yaletown. Our core strengths are based in both graphic design and interactive development. We’ve had the tremendous opportunity of developing & maintaining such successful brands as Lululemon Athletica, BC Dairy Foundation, Swimco, Bootlegger, Cactus Club Café, HSBC, Greenpeace, and the Opus Hotel. We have a strong commitment to working with people and companies that share our goals and values, and are looking for one or two talented students from BCIT to join us as interns. This is a challenging but rewarding internship opportunity for someone who’s looking to contribute to an ever-increasingly successful agency, wants the chance to learn the business from an entrepreneurial team, and who’s dedicated to helping Cowie and Fox continue to evolve our agency’s level of service, dedication, and creative excellence. Also, beware, we are a bunch of “out of the box” group of individuals and therefore be prepared to have some fun since we are not stapled to our hanging desks and we know how to have a good time. Your contribution to our projects will be to: • Traffic layouts & proofs between creative/account services/vendors • Communicate with account management & creative teams • Generate project overviews of specifications for creative/account services/clients/vendors • Market research • Source estimates for projects from various vendors • Issue purchase orders and instructions to pre-press

• • • • • • •

vendors Maintain job status tracking and reporting, issuing daily status reports that are accurate, pertinent, and easily understood Initiate Work in Progress meetings Identify and refine work processes Organize, maintain, and archive all project materials neatly and accurately Anticipate problems/issues and inform teams of potential delays Ensure that your Supervisor is aware of any issues that may compromise the ability to meet deadlines Support the Account Services department

Other important needs: • Schedule meetings • Administrative duties as they arise Competencies: • Friendly outgoing personality; confident, self-starter, and ability to take initiative • Be a resourceful team player for whom no job is too small or too large, and you thrive when balancing a variety of tasks at once • Effective multi-tasking and time-management ability • Superior organizational skills with high attention to detail • Ability to be patient and process-oriented, yet aggressive and flexible • Excellent problem-solving ability, follow-up, and pro-active • Ability to work productively and in-still a sense of trust and confidence in team members • Strong written and oral communication skills • Strong negotiation skills • Ability to maintain a sense of urgency and timeliness on all projects • Strong team-focus and follows through on commitments • Ability to give a mean high five

Appendix D

Marketing Cartoons These comics are written by Tom Fishburne. More can be found at These are a few of the cartoons that hit close to home. Some made me laugh, others reminded me of client situations I have had the opportunity to work on and learn from.

Cowie & Fox Internship Report Prepared for: Jenness Murray Prepared by: Marjorie Ennis A00714086 MKTG 4416 May 13, 2013

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