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What will be will be I will tell you what will happen on the 12th. People will get on the bus. They will have a newspaper in their hand. The cover is showing a Black Hole in a Blue Room. And whatever it will be, it will be beautifully printed. And whatever it is, it will be this document for an event that is hopefully about to happen. And people will be looking through it and they won’t be able to understand it in a coherent way, but they´ll see lots of stuff.

Some of this stuff will potentially be repeated later, but we´ll get to that. So they go to the auditorium, they take their seat (it´s like banked seating, if we have particularly low takeup on tickets then we have less chairs out so it never feels empty, Wit always feels kind of nice). So they go in, they sit down - now what?

Blackout Blackout and and then then film film starts, starts, very very structured. structured.


Flu season is upon us The following is a short guide to help you understand the flu vaccine and how it can save your life. It’s that time of the year when outbreaks of flu are at their peak. This highly infectious respiratory illness can cause mild to very severe symptoms. You can protect yourself and your family by getting flu vaccine. Vaccination is most strongly recommend for those working in the healthcare and education industries where viruses spread most easily between compromised immune systems. The flu is quite serious and differs dramatically from the common cold. Flu symptoms include fever and soar muscles. While healthy people typically recover from the flu within a few days it can cause serious illness and even death, in vulnerable and weaker people. We ask why risk it? Flu season typically lasts from October through the end of April. Protect yourself and your loved ones by taking preventative measures this season. The vaccine should be a priority for pregnant women. Contracting the flu while pregnant can result in premature births, health complications, and even death. Obtaining the vaccine during pregnancy helps protect the baby for up to six months after it’s born. Any fears that the flu vaccine actually causes the flu are unfounded. This is of course non-sense. Any reactions to the vaccine are generally mild. (*The most common side effects include soreness, redness, rashes, or swelling where the injection was given. Headache, fever, aches and tiredness may occur. Some people may experience mild sweating and shivering as their immune system responds to the vaccine but this is not flu and will pass in a day or so. Rare side effects include mono, blood infection, paralysis, and death. Even though there were 211 cases for vaccine injuries and deaths reported during the period 5/16/2015 through 8/15/2015 this is of course highly unlikely.) If you have the misfortune of contracting the flu this season we suggest you stay at home for up to seven days or until you fully recover, rest in bed as much as possible, take appropriate medicines to reduce the symptoms, drink plenty of fluids, discourage any visitors. This year’s seasonal flu vaccine contains 3 strains of flu viruses as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the strains most likely to be circulating this season. The three strains are: A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09 - like strain (A/California/7/2009, NYMC X-179A) A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2) - like strain (A/Hong Kong/4801/2014, NYMC X-263B) B/Brisbane/60/2008 - like strain (B/Brisbane/60/2008, wild type)

The Movie is loosely based on and the script was written with collaboration written and rewritten during the filming took place after all the material taking the opportunity moving away from the film is not particularly characters are motivations kept many references the throwing of and other details

The beginning of the end…

Remember in the first week when You spoke of being ‘antsy’? You were so urgent, wanting to make work. Eager to begin but without a sense of what would happen. You knew something would take place. You began to speak more easily about things over food, that spontaneous supper. After the awkward agreement not to coordinate meals or shopping. The awkward independence marked by a community of solitude. You were in the kitchen making trays of vegetables for roasting. You spoke french together. You offered a beetroot salad as a companion to the meal. And some green salad. You began to open up and prepare together. Then you came back from the studio. You asked if you could join, offering to make a contribution. Sliced avocado and peppers. You asked if you should put them in a bowl – you misunderstood – you wanted to mix them. You said it would save on washing up. You said of course. Your contribution turned the green salad into a rainbow. You had created a spontaneous feast. Not by plan but by beginning.

Scenes from the movies Scene 1 person standing on a stage running circles on a black squared carpet. now the person is holding the left arm up in the air, as if trying to reach the ceiling. and it begins to snow

Scene 2 Person sitting at a table, mouth wide open Staring at a plate full of food Waiting for the next day like a baby bird

Scene 3

Person being in a nano laboratory Dipping his finger into cybersex-

gel While talking about a certain nightclub in berlin

BRAINFREEZE Named after its resemblance to a seahorse, a cross between a horse and a sea monster, the Hippocampus is connected

to how animals process information. It’s also been compared to a silk worm and a ram’s horn. The image above is not suggestive of these resemblances. This part of the brain matters for making memories. It matters for orienting ourselves in space, moving and crossing and being in space. In certain diseases it is the first area to suffer. You might not be able to form new memories. Some episodes you don’t want to remember anyway.

New ADVENTURE-S IN HI-RES-DEFRAC by Linda OhWell Hi-Res-DeFraction (short: DeFrac – it´s not been long since the exceptional news about this new realm hit the world and caused more than furore. In the meanwhile it became almost a lifestyle, even outside of the space. Still, few people had the chance to visit, so I came with mixed feelings of excitement and nervosity. I have an appointment with the GFI. Knowing his somewhat squeaky voice from various messages, I imagined him way different from what he appears: A sturdy man in his late 50s, with a welcoming but somehow fake smile. He shows me around his workplace: Plans are lying on the table and cover the walls, I wish I could read in them, but they keep changing constantly and my eye is not trained enough to catch up. “We try to work in real-time, but some events can still not be handled, especially destructive activity, as it tends to be much more efficient than constructive work.”, he explains messing maps. Multiple times I turn around, fascinated. “You see”, he continues, “this place here, my department, we are the pacemakers in the whole process.” He obviously is quite proud of his position. To access the site, we have to wear special gear. The mixed bunch of equipment is lend from mountaineering and astronautics as the technological approach is so new, that no customized utensils could be produced so far. “This is one of the biggest problems we deal with. The increasing speed and efficiency makes that the rest of the world can´t keep up the time. What we do in one time-unit here takes many, many more out of the site. The best solution is to expand our infrastructure and construct our own production facilities that are timed right for this space.” Indeed, even just to perceive the various actions on the site is taking all my attention. It is hard to

describe in traditional terms and language, how exactly it looks like. One could compare it to one big dance, sometimes performing complicated spins, always tight, always concentrated, always precise. In front of my eyes colour codes swooshed by as well as echoes voices. Still, the image kept

freezing or blurring from time to time as my eye apparatus is not set up for this. The project began a decade ago as a top secret, but very experimental venture. Back then, the small team was composed of only three coders, a haker and two artist, one being a musician and the other one working in the realm of landscaping. The breakthrough came not long time ago and ever since they have been revolving ever faster. Today, they engage a working unit of more than 120 people, not including the various colonists. Basically, the method of the DeFrag goes back to computer based engineering which was applied to actual systems. The biggest testing ground so far is that suburban neighborhood where the GFI showed me around. Still not able to really grasp what surrounded me, he tried to explain the process of DeFrag that created this new realm: “Just imagine a traditional housing unit with individual houses – I know, this is looks nothing like that, but it used to be the same. What we have now is the same thing, but in a different arrangement. All the components are there, but they are much more easy to access. This is why you don´t see anything that could be called a “house”, but rather different areas of intent.” In fact that is true. Also, the habitats keep changing form, caused by the overturning efficiency of the system, which makes it even harder to describe. DeFrag erases all the gaps and sideways in-between and regroups habits, tasks and social networks. After testing it for some time, an unexpected side-effect occurred splitting the test-side from the rest of the world and creating a yet unnamed timespace. Amongst other phenomena in singularity, this one is seen as a purely positive one. There are few critics, which might also be caused by the inability to understand the process unless you don´t live it yourself. And the effects on the human body are so far hilarious: It prolongs human life while less sleep and nourriture is

needed. But most importantly, the ability to navigate in our hypertextual environment increases. As for all the positive effects, DeFrag products are highly demanded and pricy. “We try our best to export DeFrag for the rest of the world. So far

corrosion sets in amongst all the pages and conversations of the point.

there are some low-tech products on the market that can be applied to the everyday life: such as soft drinks and workout-units. We hope to catch up with the production very soon. The demand is immense. Because this is the future,” states my guide apologetically. I want to believe him.

The first glue is the code that holds all things, all matter, in conversation with each other, which, to be clear, is not to say in agreement with each other.

The Interrupt

The first glue begins to turn when the conversation begins to get more or less onesided. When this happens a watcher will notice that everything feels more defensive… fearful.

A Dance from the Old Days

The real trouble is that the corrosive process itself isn’t really perceptible, only the turn is, and that happens so fast that only very sensitive bodies can be trained to watch for it. They are called The Watchers. If a Watcher misses the turn, which does happen, then it’s quite likely that the point involved will be in for a spontaneous shift to another island, without ritual.

The interrupt is a dance performed solo around a circuit, shaped like a rectangle with a diamond on one of the longer sides. The dancers follow each other seeming quite separate from each other. The pace is a mixture of fast and slow steps. The piece involves turns or twirls at every node or corner. Where there is a break The Old Interrupt Dance Circuit, archival materials.

(in the diamond section) the dancer must hop and clap their way around, each to their own rhythm. As the dancer moves into the diamond she moves faster around the shape, hopping and clapping. After one turn of the diamond the dancer turns into the centre of the dance and here she can slow right down, taking a gentle turn that might push her up onto her tip toes or down onto her ankles. The centre piece of the dance involves surface movements with the palm of the hands (image the palms of the hand are like a mirror reflecting only the world, never the self ). The dancer cannot stay in this position for long, or will be

interrupted by the next dancer, but must do one full turn and exit straight out from the centre of the circuit. Sometimes the dancer’s try to catch each other – sometimes it is danced like a game of kiss-chase. The Interrupt dances show us the fluidity between the dancer and the scribe: they allow us to think of notation as a way to invent movement, rather than just try to preserve and petrify it... Some dance moves from the Old Interrupt Dance Circuit. Mostly these moves were improvised according to the mood and style of each dancer. The circuit itself maintains the form.

The Island Small as the island was, it was uncharted. There wasn’t much interest in that now. Things were arranged in such a way that it would have been to no-one’s benefit to begin making maps. Locally at least, it was well know that this was an inside-out island, which is to say that head nor tail could be made of it. To find your way about the island you’d only to take one step and the route would show up, and you could follow it along as absent mindedly as you’d like. In no time at all you’d be where you’d want to be. More or less. This little island was one amongst a thousand in the archipelago, and just as anonymous as all the others. Every island had it’s own affairs to attend to, and there was little interference between them. Norshair was perhaps one of the smallest islands in the archipelago, with only a handful of points still holding up around the coast. Points were small villages populated by seven dwellings or districts. Each point had residents who had lived there for many years, their generations coming and going. Sometimes people from one point would move to another, but this

was rare enough. There were usually enough souls to keep each point satisfied with their lot, and it was held in common knowledge that this was safer all around, for everything. The islands would usually swap points every 200 years or so and this helped to keep things fresh in the archipelago. There were fantastic rituals associated with these swaps, sometimes involving elaborate performances and the weaving of great carpets from earth, mosses and grasses to transfer from one island to another as a gift. It was also a very interesting way to share plants and propagate species and crafts. Occasionally a point would get restless and spontaneously shift without any ritual. A spontaneous point shift, while it was exciting and sometimes lots of fun, could really upset the balance. Moving so far and so suddenly could be very traumatic for everyone involved. This only happens after episodes of contagion and because the first glue has begun to break down. Contagion happens when the first glue turns, which means it starts to very slowly dissolve. If this turn isn’t watched for carefully a subtle

On Norshair there was only one Watcher. It’s mass was not quite large enough to accommodate two Watchers, but it really could have done with two because the Island’s composition was so complex and it’s points were often quite troubled. The woods were dark. She liked it better there. But she liked the mountain too. She liked everything. Except the fear. She didn’t know where the fear came from, or why it started coming out of everything. It really bothered her. Sometimes she couldn’t enjoy herself because of the fear. She couldn’t relax or feel safe. And she didn’t know who to tell. So she decided to tell the stones. She collected the pebbles from the streams around the pond. And she began moving them to the woods. She didn’t know why she was doing this but it helped her to deal with the fear. It gave her something to do that she didn’t have to explain to anyone. She didn’t have to justify it. She didn’t have to register it. There was no one to register it too anyway. The only other body in the upper valley was The Watcher, and she didn’t think that counted.

Sydak to use Black Tourmaline in new devices Sydak Coorperation, the multinational prototypical technology company plans to integrate the use of Black Tourmaline crystals within its future electronics production. Sydak’s co-founder Claude L. Rain announced this past Tuesday that the corporation will begin mining this rare mineral in Saxony, Germany in early spring with the expectation that the precious stone will be integrated within nearly all of their impending interfaces by next winter. Claude has stated that Black Tourmaline will offer consumers an insurmountably durable alternative to the current glass touch screens utilized throughout Sydaks’s diverse range of products. The crystal will allow for future devices to be “lighter, unbelievably responsive, scratch resistant and nearly shatter proof ”. One of the substances most distinguishing properties is its ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing it - allowing for its alleged increased sensitivity to touch. Although other companies have used small traces of Black Tourmaline in electrical tuning circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies - it has never been used in such large quantities.

Despite any official statements issued by Sydak, speculations have begun to surface that Sydak may have alternative motives in the use of this mineral. Black Tourmaline has historically been revered as a physical deterrent to environmental pollutants, radiation, and even electromagnetic smog. There are growing suspicions that Sydak is working in connection with the unconscious resistance movement. Some sources suggest that the mining of Black Tourmaline is linked with large scale military inversions taking place across Europe and spreading into Asia. While there is little evidence to confirm or deny these speculations, compelling stories are emerging through the micro social media news channel datafuge. One citizen-journalist has posted footage from inside the perimeter of Sydak’s forested compound near Dresden, Germany, that suggests the dark mineral could be being used for the activation and distribution of emotional artificial intelligence.

Adults, Not Children, Get Most Vaccine Injury Compensation Awards The estimated 1,000 claims that the VICP anticipates being filed in 2016 are projected to cost $224 million. Although the VICP was originally created by Congress to shield drug companies producing government licensed, recommended and mandated vaccines for children, today it is not children but adults injured by influenza vaccine who are receiving most of the compensation. The majority of compensated flu

You think how silly you’d feel sitting in your home office, talking to a beige box on your desk. Wouldn’t it be more natural if the character really spoke? Don’t type, dictate.

Author(s) unknown

Book release: Innovative Technologies for Controlled Fragmentation The purpose of this novel is to verify the applicability of innovative technologies for manufacturing controlled fragmentation, with particular attention paid to guided fragmentation. Several studies were conducted by the authors during the development of iii. The practicality of guided fragmentations can be considerably increased with controlled interruptions. This increase can compensate a lower plausibility of data flow. After introducing the concept of fragmentation and its natural fract-tation, this book describes both the elements of fracture mechanics related to the fragmentation and the state of

the art of controlled fragmentation. A preliminary evaluation of controlled fragmentation technologies is illustrated along with the numerical models developed for predicting the natural and controlled fragmentations. The most promising technologies are presented in detail and the features of the fragmentations used for the experiments are defined. A description of the entire experimental phase is provided, including results of arena tests, data analysis and revision of numerical models. The applicability of some innovative technologies for controlled fragmentation is fully

What is DATAMOSHING? Datamoshing, or databending, is a complex technique where the movement in one layer of video is applied to another layer of footage, using lossy compression and removed frames to create a glitchy, psychedelic result. Think of what it looks like when your

shot injury claims are for nerve inflammation diagnosed as GuillainBarré syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune disorder that attacks the nervous system and can result in life-long paralysis. Also on the rise are government conceded claims for shoulder injuries (SIRVA) caused by vaccine providers failing to properly administer vaccinations. GBS and SIRVA are in the process of being added to the federal Vaccine Injury Table to expedite the administrative vaccine injury claims process for those two injuries. National Institutes of Health. NINDS Guillain-Barré Syndrome Information Page. Federal Register Notice. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Revisions to the Vaccine Injury Table. 07/29/2015

Weekly words of wisdom: In greek mythology the tale of Theseus’ Ship describes a paradoxical object in which all of the ship’s original components have been replaced over time from the floorboards to the masts.

The Centre For Dying On Stage is a research body that generates new artistic undertakings, anchored to notions around death and the stage.

The leaves bounce along the walls of the yard in a wild dance with the wind. Cold sunshine flashes the brick and stone, sending shadow and light into a fray. They have gone to the Mountain. They have gone to the Mountain.

The website archives, collects and collates instances of unexpected deaths that have occurred during moments of performance in the public domain. The Centre also comes to life through various real time iterations.

Q: Where have the others gone? A: They have gone to the mountain. They have gone to find her, the one who turned into the forest. It is not that they care for her. They are afraid because she took the glass with her. Their anger is indifferent, choked and cramped, unreasonable. They are tormented. Protocol prohibits any voluntary, spontaneous or conscious inward turning of the glass. The dangers of doing this are ‘known unknowns’ that would lead to crippling violence of an unknown quantity. Q: Why did you not join them? Aren’t you afraid? A: No. I am tired.

Did you know that III stands for Informal Information Industries ?

And so we must ask ourselves: with all of the components replaced do we remain the same? Leaving on a trip represents death in the dream.

This is why they were But then again you know? That´s why In this case clearly a case of in order to a set of statements In the context of reason or justification given for an action In relation to So it goes

“an Emerging Artist is considered to be an artist without commercial representation who has been working as an artist for less than 10 years and who may not have had previous opportunities to sho at a gallery or nonprofit space.”

gets his footing. Dances a little, on NOTICE OF ANNUAL REVIEW tiptoe. StumNotice is hereby given that the bles. Looks Annual Review for the Graphers of the Norshair Strip will be carried down. Now out forthwith. Please be advised that due to the recent security seeallhere, breach Graphers arethis to remain at close quarters until Interviews part is carried cruhave been fully out and usual Gradients commenced. Incial: will hebe assigned clipsas per terviewers be remembered in this mnemonic protocol. Confirmation is hereby thethatedge ofbethe system are mentally associated given Graphers will notiwith specific physical locations. By fied of their successful gradient to stage with his entangling spatial memorization intimate interruptor in time for as linked to external content - one the Trigger. Unsuccessful graphers heel, loses his Charlot encan easily recall clues to help rewill resume the normal cycle. trieve memories. Local man (who balance, and tered from has asked to remain anonymous) swears that the method of Loci has Dated the 12th of Plateau, H-Cycle collapses into stage left, and 2042. saved his life. “The construction of my mind castle has changed the orchestra without my life. I can recallopenmy life...my memories efficiently”. Word of the Day pit. Falls right ing his eyes, adverb down into the he began. The forthwith Those interested in attempting all hostages are to be released this ancient memory tactic need forthwith: immediately, at once, basin ofright a away, bass skit itself was only to follow the proceeding siminstantly, directly, ple steps: ONE Think of a place straightaway, posthaste, without drum. The quickly, not you knowso well, funny. such as your own delay, without hesitation; house or your castle. TWO Visualspeedily, promptly; informal music stops. Nor he, ize a serieswas of locations in the place pronto. ANTONYMS sometime. in logical order. (For example, The crowd go of course. But numinous picture the path you normally adjective take in your house to get from the the numinous beauty of these intorelics: raptures, what adfront door tothey the back door. Begin ancient spiritual, religious, at the front door, go through the divine, holy, sacred; mysterious, laughing unmired was his hall, turn into the kitchen, proceed otherworldly, unearthly, transthrough the dining room and into cendent. controllably at commitment. the living room, and so on. As you enter each location, move logically It’s all part of and consistently in the same direc- the last of his tion, from one side of the room to antics. And the – this the other.act Each piece of furniture could serve as an additional locathere’s Chardisgruntled tion.) THREE Place each item Word of Mouth (Who has said that you want to remember at one lot lounging in old comic, los- what?) of the locations (we recommend starting off by remembering a “Knowing when to stop keeps one the limelight, ing hislist). charm simple grocery FOUR When from danger” Lao Tzu you want to remember the items, at the centre and hisyour pasimply visualize house and go “Emotional Contagion is what through it room by room in your we used to call empathy. In other of everything. tience. Hating mind. Each item that you associwords, the fine folk at facebook are ated with a specific location in so hopelessly disconnected from Suddenly unthe audience, your house should spring to mind ground-level emotional reality as you mentally make your way they have to employ a team of scimoving. Siexhausted. through your home. As you begin entists to run clandestine experito mentally map your memories ments on hundreds of thousands lence. But still space here onto this imagined - you of their ‘customers’ to discover that may find you begin to run out of human beings get upset when othhe quickly. is –Wesomespace suggest you er human beings they care about start compartmentalizing different are unhappy.” Charlie Brooker In this one how desperitems in different containers. “I think hard times are coming, swift instant, ate for their when we will be wanting the voices writers who can see alternatives Word of the Day drama that applause. He oftothe how we live now, and can see through our fear-stricken society forthwith until now had tapsadverb out his and its obsessive technologies, all hostages are to be released to other ways of being. And even forthwith: at once, been in the tiredimmediately, routine. imagine some real grounds for instantly, directly, right away, hope. We will need writers who straightaway, posthaste, without hands of the Stepping forcan remember freedom: poets, delay, without hesitation; quickly, visionaries—the realists of a larger speedily, promptly; informal performer is ward. A hop reality.” Ursula K. Le Guin pronto. ANTONYMS sometime. and a skip. An transported numinous adjective “I dance so I am.” M. Pumpkin the numinous beauty of these into the collecinadvertent ancient relics: spiritual, religious, divine, holy, sacred; wobble tomysterious, one tive possesotherworldly, unearthly, transcendent. sion of the auside. He forTHEATRE REVIEW Local man saved by MethOf the Staged od of Loci adaptatation The method of loci is a mnemonic memorization technique dating of tothe 1952 back the ancient Greeks. This form of memory enhancement film ‘Limeuses visualizations with the use of spatial memory to quickly and light’recall information. The efficiently technique is used most commonly starring Charto recall mass amounts of data such as multitudes of faces, digits, lielistsChaplin and of words. The items to

Public Notices Institute for Intimate Interruptions Norshair

dience. Held Wake Up and Live! bythe Dorotea from first Brande Death (http:// is in the together in the and second www.ruralinnovationinstitute.com/resources/ room. Sudthrill of the WakeupandLiveBrand2.pdf) rows. “Keep denly it can performer’s Chapter 1 - Why Do We Fail? Calm!” some- happen to you With the time and energy we spend in making failure a certainty we might have certain success. A nonsensical last paradox?breath, No; fortunately it is a sober, one literal truth, one which holds a great deal of promise. Failurein indicates shouts. too, here that energy has been poured into the wrong channel. It takes energy to fail. they are called Because we commonly think of failure“Is as the conventional we continue to make false anthereopposite a of success,the moment of titheses of the qualities which attend abruptly success and failure. into Success is bracing,doctor active, alert; soin the typical attitude ofinterruption, failure, we believe, must be lethargy, inertia, a supine position. being. “He’s When failure comes about through devoting hours to time-killing pursuits, we can all see that energy theprecious house?” when the fall is being diverted from its proper channel. dead!” SomeIt is only by looking more closely, by discovering that this (of work gets us nowhere, it both contires us and leaves A white ofthat one us unsatisfied, that we see here again energy is being devoted to the pursuit of failure. one Even as exclaims. we tell of the compensation ofcourse failure we are not quite comfortable. sciousness urit’s Then why do we fail? Especially, why do we work hard at failure? “Everybody! Because, beside being creatures subjectwhite) to the Will to Live and the Will to Power, we are driven by another will, sheet gently awakthe Will to Fail, or die. Stay Calm!” But the Will to Fail is more obscure, harder to observe at work. It takes as many formsanother. as the Old Man of the is pulled from ens Sea, and there are as many individual ways of failing as there are subdivisions of the psychological types. “Somebody Realizing the presence of this Will to Fail is thewings first step in turning from failure to success. the It is possible to get back the energy that is now going into failure and use it to healthy ends. call anof ambuBut the idea another will, a counter-balancing will, the Will to Fail, the Will to Death, is not so readily acand gently cepted. lance!” The It is for this reason that we are entitledlaid to look upon the Will to Fail as a reality. over the Now, If inertia, timorousness, substitute activity, effortless effort, quiescence, and resignation were found only girl toof life, your at the end or when we were drained by sickness fatigue, if they never handicapped us when we should body. Aor shudbe in the full flood of our vital powers, there would be no reason at all for attacking this Will to Fail as if it left faints into were---as indeed it is---the arch-enemy of all thatThe is good and effective in us. der. lady We are so accustomed to speak of failure, frustration, timidity, as negative things, that it is like being invited to the arms fight windmills whenof we are urged to fight symptomsleft of failure. ontheyour “Don’t mention my failure to me,” we tacitly plead, “and I will never let the hint that you are not doing quite all her I shouldlover. expect of youThe cross my lips.” is paler than So we slip through the world without making our contribution, without discovering all that there was in us to front do, withoutrow using theof most minute fraction of our abilities, either her native or acquired. If we manage to be fairly powder but comfortable, to get some respect and admiration, a taste of “a little brief authority” and some love, we think we the orchestra have made a good bargain, we acquiesce in the Will to Fail. date makes no Next, still among the inconspicuous failures, the “introverts,” are the waking sleepers: persons who allow some stand motionactivity to pass before them almost without participation, indulge in time-killing pursuits in which they take effort to orleave only the most minor and unconstructive parts: the solitaire-players, the pathological bookworms, the endless less, crossword letting puzzlers, the jigsaw puzzle contingent. the scene. The Easiest of all to recognize as lovers of failure are the heavy drinkers. their Turning toinstruthe active type, it may be said that the extroverts who pursue failure as their primary career find so group is agog. many ways of doing it that the attempt to tabulate them all would be hopeless. ments Then there aredangle the half-and-half failures, difficult to place, such as the embroiderers and knitters, although it is Captivated only fair to say here that sometimes a light task calling for only manual dexterity may go on while the mind is like usefully handbags. engaged in solving a real problem. and buzzing. There are still more obscure and unnoticeable ways of falling victim to the Will to Fail, ways to which introverts The conducand extroverts are almost equally susceptible. People are Perhaps the greatest class of all those whose goal is failure is that of the Universal Charmers. tor When grasps you find yourself his in the presenceglued of more charm the situation calls for, you are safe in saying to tothanthe yourself, “Ah, a failure!” baton. Ushers tragedy. EnAct as if it were impossible to fail. herd madThat is thethe talisman, the formula, the command of right-about-face thralled. We which turns us from failure towards success. ding crowd, locate the draConfident, steady, freely flowing action is what we need. Then safe delight begins. The mind, cleared of its pressing them doubts, begins to expand and enjoy itsma own activity; the rewardsit of satisfactory action begin to show themeasily: selves. An elation which has nothing to do with delusion or hypnotism naturally follows, and has no later reacback into the tion to nullify it. is here amidst darkness The recommendation,of once more, is simply Act as if it were impossible to fail. thethis:crowd; the To talk stiles. enough, to talk Full persuasively, tothe establishonlookers and maintain friendly relations with those around us, is of supreme importance to effective living. Nevertheless, it is easy to talk too much, at the wrong times, or with the lights. All is wrong objective. have become bright. Breathing is oneThe of the few involuntarythe actions action. of the body over which we can exercise voluntary control. That is to say, it is on the borderline between the regions of the conscious and the unconscious. The man or woman bass drum into who can speak or be silent as he chooses is the individual who has self control. What sepawhich Charlot rated them Having taken all these things into consideration, having formulated as clearly as possible the ideal towards has collapsed which your own work should tend, before launching it into the world you should check it against a set of from Charlot’s questions which arise logically from the possession of well-defined standards. Each line of activity will have a is hauled back different set, each individual worker will alter the emphasis, or have his own idea of the proper order for these onstage illucritical questions, but roughly the finished work should be measured in somewhat this way: up on to the Is what I have done as good as the bestsion in its field? has been Has it everything necessary for all ordinary purposes? stage. The Have I added any special values by wayerased of an original contribution? in one Have I made it as attractive and convenient as possible for those who are its logical users? (Or audience, or ushers help, clients.) fell swoop by Have I considered whether there is another group to which it might also be made to appeal? What more can I as doI release some do before it from myself and send it out to make its own way? the player’s gentlemen own demise.

Don’t be so sensitive

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Educating people about digital disorders When the brain takes the “scenic route� Over 80% of children with digital disorders are missing out on crucial treatment, research finds

A teacher sweeps the classroom, tells the pupils to open a certain page, scroll down and look at an image of an octopus. A teacher sweeps the classroom, tells the pupils to open a certain page, scroll down and look at an image of an octopus. A teacher sweeps the classroom, tells the pupils to open a certain page, scroll down and look at an image of an octopus. A teacher sweeps the classroom, tells the pupils to open a certain page, scroll down and look at an image of an octopus.

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Hello dear fellow, We come from Berlin and we offer online via Skype Aura analyzes. Here you can learn more about your power system. All levels that we experience in our daily lives, such as thoughts, feelings, blockages and openings, are reflected in the energy system, as everything in the deeper levels through dreams, longings, fears, loves and ultimately by our soul expresses. In our work, we have above all specialized in the energy between people to analyze. So we can often recognize and clarify energetic relationships of feelings, thoughts, blockades, etc. much faster. The more clear, our relationships, the more energy we can flow through us. Analyses take between 1-2 hours per person. Couple analyzes usually last 2-3 hours For the first five people who apply to this contribution, we offer half price (50 euros per person)

How to get decent Car Insurance: Write short sentences. Use lists. Arrange to meet friends at set times (use numbers and dates), and not just ‘tonight’ or ‘tomorrow’. _________________________________ Missing peacock sighted:

____________________________ Lost cat Dolly went missing Sunday. Last seen on campus. Calico. Friendly. Cute. Answers to “Dolly” or “Dolls” Reward: my sanity 01 697 3744 ^^ Ask for Roger ^^ _________________________________ Claude

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Scrying is the ancient art of clairvoyance ____________________________ achieved by concentrating on an objectHave you ever wondered… usually one with a reflective surface, until visions appear. The use of the Claude Glass or black mirror is one of the best methHow does imagination work? ods of achieving the state of mind required What are the causes of Consciousness? for entering trance and for scrying work. What are Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts? How do we Manage to Think at All? __________________________________

Schrol increases physical vitality, replacing tension and stress with the ability to view the world objectively with clear, rational thought and neutrality. It inspires a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances, and stimulates altruism and practical creativity. It promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world.

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From the Daily Mail, July 8th 2016 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ sciencetech/article-3680874/ Scientists-verge-creating-EMOTIONAL-computer-AI-think-like-personbond-humans-2-years.html

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No surface too small No topography too large

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Naked Spartans Club Just you, nature, and the breeze. Get out there and get undressed!!!!

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