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July, pandemic time

A surface pattern design collection by

Dichtbij (nearby/up close) is a collection created in special times, where social distancing was ordered and nearby nature was as healing as necessary. I consists of several designs that are both up close and from a distance, and even one with forget-me-nots, thinking of the people we’ve missed these months.






Lichte huisjes






Donkere huisjes

Hello, I am

My name is Marjolijn (pronounced Mar-io-line) de Winter. I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer, since September 2019! My mission is to make people smile. I use watercolour (aquarel) and fineliner mostly, and a patient piece of paper. Plants and animals make up a lot of my subjects, and I like a somewhat retro look.

mostly apples, pears and cherry’s. I’m married to Max and a mother to two girls, Selena and Aurora.

We have a typically small Dutch garden, but we can use a tiny piece of land next to our house as well, which is where our vegetables, flowers and four chickens live. And together with our neighbors we have turned a former school site into temporary I live in Culemborg, which is an old, small city allotments, where we use 150 square meters. alongside the river Lek, just about in the center of Gardening and biodiversity are topics I care about, the Netherlands. I love walking the nearby country- as I feel a strong connection with nature since I was a child. side and swimming in the river in summer. This area is also where a lot of fruits are produced,

Watch how this one was made: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAXPGI-luyY/

My line of greeting cards It consists of seven designs so far, and is for sale at three local stores and two tea gardens.

Contact info@marjolijndewinter.nl Instagram: @marjolijndewinter1 www.marjolijndewinter.nl 51°57'24.1"N 5°14'52.3"E

Thanks to For the fabric products I kindly thank Edith van Damme, for making them for me. The flattering picture of me was made by Kim Cuhfus. I also thank Camellia sinensis, commonly known as the tea plant, for providing all the tea used in the process.

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Dichtbij, a surface pattern design collection by Marjolijn de Winter  


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