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Kees de Boer

activities ° Babysits granddaughter Lotte ° Volunteers actively in the community ° Gives financial advice to close friends

Walks back home

social friends

Police Welzijn

Samen Werken


communication skills

“Great, then I can just walk in” - referring to the restaurant -


12:00 Bored and lonely


Coffee and newspapers at Buurtinfowinkel

15:00 10:30

Nurse leaves, no time!

Thuiszorg Nurse arrives to assist



daughter, granddaughter

Watches TV with Lotte

“The restaurant would really help me” 08:00



° 71 years old ° Widowed ° Profession: owner of a local supermarket, forced out of business by AH ° Retired 10 years ago ° Has lived his whole life in Bennekel ° Serious back problems, and hence has trouble with walking

Daughter brings Lotte and Kees has a nap with her


“I think more people will come than to Buurtinfowinkel”


° Uses only his landline to organise events when he can ° Only meets his friends on Wednesday at Buurtinfowinkel, but he would like this to happen more often ° Has little success as of his physical problems

Son-in-law picks up Lotte and brings dinner



06:00 20:30 Wake up! Falls asleep

DG513 Sound of Service David E. Dass B2.1 | Marjolein Kors B2.2 | Jef Schendel B3.2 | Nita Virtala B2.2

Enjoys a glass of port wine

wants ° Remain independent in his environment ° Continue volunteering ° Visit physiotherapist, which is too far ° Stay in contact with his family and friends


11:30 08:00 06:00 20:30 19:30 18:00 12:00 10:00 10:15 10:30 16:00 15:00 daughter, grand- daughter ocial friends ° Remain independent in his...

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