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OK, if your main New Years resolution is to lose fat and get yourself in shape, then these top 5 fat loss tips will at least help you on your way. You won't find me telling you to buy all sorts of supplements, or pop magic fat loss pills in order to lose the fat, for two reasons. 1: They simply don't work, and 2: It isn't that easy! What you need to do is exercise, and eat PROPERLY! The tips below will have you burning fat in the fastest time, and in the safest way. Tip 1: Get a body composition test What a body composition test will do is tell you how much of your body weight is fat, and how much is lean tissue. This will be your start point on your fat loss journey, and will help you to keep track of how you are doing. Body composition tests are available at most gyms, or health clubs and should be done every 4-6 weeks. You can then make sure you are burning fat, instead of muscle. If you burn muscle, your body will become less metabolically active and will therefore burn less fat at rest. Tip 2: Eat little and often You may have heard this one before, but it still remains one of the best bits of advice when looking to burn unwanted bodyfat. Eating smaller portions, more often throughout the day will make you less likely to snack on foods that are laden with 'empty' calories. It will also help to keep your metabolism raised and your blood sugar levels regulated. You should aim at eating approximately 5-6 times per day. Tip 3: Raise your Protein intake Protein is the building block of muscle, and your diet should be rich in the stuff. It should, in fact, make up approximately 35 - 40% of your total calorie intake. You will get decent Protein from Chicken, Fish, Lean Beef, Soya, and Eggs. Your total Protein intake should be spread across your 5-6 small meals per day. Tip 4: Exercise intensely Your exercise routines should ideally be short and intense for maximum fat burning effect. Your weight training days should include large muscle groups, and multi joint movements done at maximum intensity for short bursts. The total workout time should not exceed 30 minutes. Your cardio days should be done at a comfortable pace with intense intervals for 1 minute, every 2-3 minutes. The total workout time should not exceed 20 minutes, and should be done either on an empty stomach, or after weight training. (You should never use a weight that is too heavy to

complete the set amount of reps, or over exert yourself to a point of failure) Tip 5: Cut out Carbs after 6pm This tip usually shocks people into asking "WHY?", and the answer is simple. If you eat Carbs before periods of inactivity (for most people, this is after 6pm), you will store the excess Glycogen as FAT! As your main aim is to lose fat, storing it is clearly not a good thing. Your body uses Glycogen as energy for everyday tasks, so eating it throughout the day is not an issue as you are reasonably active during the day, meaning you will burn the excess Glycogen. If you take in a lot of Carbs before sitting in front of the telly, it will not get burned, and will turn into the spare tyre that you are trying to avoid! My advice would be Chicken or Fish, and some steamed veggies for your evening meal. Leave the bowl of Pasta for tomorrows lunch.

If you find my top 5 fat loss tips above interesting and you would like to find out more about how each of these will help you, and more pointers on how to make your New Years resolution a reality, visit my lens at Disclaimer: The links above, and on the subsequent page will eventually lead to a program which I am affiliated to, and that I will earn money from, should you chose to purchase it.

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==== ==== For Great Fat Loss Tips Check This Out <a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a> ==== ====

Start New Year With These Fat Loss Tips  

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