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Marjan Sarab van Helmond|Zuidam architecten

Iran : Seven Faces of Civilization Youtube

Fin Garden - Kashan - 1590

The supreme Iranian art, in the proper meaning of the word, has always been its architecture.

Pre-Islamic: The Pre-Parsi style The Parsi Style The Parthian Style Islamic: The Khorasani Style The Razi Style The Azari Style The Isfahani Style

Contemporary Architecture

Reza Shah Pahlavi 1925 - 1941

Sheikh Abdolhossein Mosque - Tehran

Sheikh Abdolhossein Mosque floor plan

sepahsalar mosque - Tehran

sepahsalar School - Tehran

sepahsalar School floor plan

Karim Pirnia 1922 - 1998

Karim Pirnia’s House

Although we observe that the beauty if Iranian architecture, little by little, is fading away; but still at this time we find the perfect and rich examples in traditional cities, such as timceh aminolduleh in kashan, bazar vakil in shiraz, Ebrahim khan school in Kerman.

timceh aminolduleh - kashan

bazar vakil - shiraz

Ebrahim khan school - Kerman

Golestan Palace - Tehran

Tekieh Dolat - Tehran

Fakhroldoleh Mansion- Tehran

Concrete Factory- Tehran

European teachers Foreigners engineering European Companies European Architects

Nikolai Markov

Alborz School - Tehran

Alborz School floor plan

Italia Embassy - Tehran

House of Professor’s Adl - Tehran

Aminoldoleh Mosque - Tehran

Tomb of Gorjy - Tehran

Alborz School entrance - Tehran

Andre Godard

Iran Bastan Museum

Taghe Kasra

Iran Bastan Museum

National Library

Tomb of Hafez - Shiraz

Jamal Abad House

Ronald Marcel Dubrule

Fine Art Department of Tehran University

Medical Department of Tehran University

Amjadieh Stadium - Tehran

Vartan Hovanesian

Fine Art School - Tehran

Fine Art School - Tehran

Mohsen Foroughi

Literature department of Tehran university

National Bank - Tehran

National Bank - Tehran

Hilton Hotel - Tehran

Senate Parliament - Tehran (together with Heydar Ghiai)

Senate Parliament - Tehran (together with Heydar Ghiai)

Senate Parliament - Tehran (together with Heydar Ghiai)

House of Iran - Paris


Tehran in 1950

Tehran after the growth in 1960

Golden Age of Modernism

Houshang Seyhoun

Dolat Abadi House

Koligun House

Tomb of Khaiam

Tomb of Khaiam

Tomb of Ferdosi and museum

Tomb of Nader Shah

Tomb of Abo-Ali Sina

Gonbad Ghaboos

Abdol-Aziz Mirza Farmanfarmaian

Saman Towers - Tehran

Postal Office - Tehran

Museum of Carpet - Tehran

Nader Ardalan

Research Centre of Management - Tehran

Research Centre of Management - Tehran

Kamran Diba

Shafagh Park - Tehran

Mosque of University of Jandipour - Ahvaz

Mosque of Laleh Park - Tehran

Contemporary Museum of Art - Tehran

New Shoushtar - Shoushtar

Old Shoushtar - Shoushtar

Hossein Amanat

Azadi Tower (Tower of Freedom) - Tehran

Sharif University - Tehran

Universal House of Justice - Israel

Bayside residential Tower, San Diego, California

Jiang’an Library at the Sichuan University, Chinabrary at the Sichuan University, China

5 CATEGORIES before modernism (traditional - islamic architecture) beginning of modernism modernism late modernism European modernism

Iran, A bridge between East and West

Navab highway - Tehran

International Residintial Tower of Tehran - Tehran

West or traditional?

City theatre - Tehran

Residential Tower - Tehran


Maternal House - Shiraz

Residential Apartment - Isfihan

Mellat Park Cineplex in Tehran, Iran

Villa - Mazandaran

Shop - Najafabad - 2012

Tehran Stock Exchange Competition

Tehran Stock Exchange Competition - Winner

Bricky Pattern House - 3rd Place in Me’mar Annual Award ( Residential projects ) - 2011

Towards the Future

By benefiting from western thinking, by incorporating the technological facilities of today, together with inspirations from universal Iranian architecture as an abstract expression, architects may indeed be able to create a truly Iranian contemporary architecture


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