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Reasons for Popularity of PHP in Web Application Development The demand for web applications is ever-increasing. Earlier, most businesses had chosen platform such as ERPand CRM, which were expensive and allowed only the big names in the industry to get hold of web apps. These days, most businesses look for robust yet affordable solutions. PHP has emerged as the perfect technology to build apps as it is highly scalable and can be operated from different operating systems. Different versions of PHPinducing CAKEPHP, CACHEPHPand many more have eased the process of application development and integration. PHP apps offer excellent performance both in online and offline mode. Let us now take a look at some of the reasons for the popularity of PHPin web application development.

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Scalability – The needs of a business keep on changing and PHP can easily accommodate large business expansions. Custom apps build on PHPcan be modified to keep it in sync with the needs of the business. These applications also have in-built internal memory that allows them to incorporate complex instructions. Affordability – This surely has to be one of the main reasons behind the popularity of PHP, as it allows small businessesand start-ups to develop web application for their businessand compete with their giant rivals. Usability – It is one of the most user-friendly languages that can easily be picked up by the developers. The frameworks work on standard codes that can be easily applied across different genres of applications making it the most popular open-source platform. Developers can also seek help from the large community of PHP developers and exporters. There are also thousands of online tutorials available that can be used by the developers. Ease of Coding – PHP application development allows developers to insert HTML codes easily. These codes can be integrated into complex databases such as My SQL, Oracle and Sybase. The coding structure and syntax of PHP draw inspiration from C++which is one of the most used languages for programming, thanks to its stability. PHP also reduces the amount of coding required to create an application, making it stable and secured. Compatibility – Applications developed in PHP are cross-browser compatible and run smoothly on major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. They are also compatible with operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and Fedora. This increasesthe reach of the applications over a large target audience. CMS Integration – PHP based applications can easily be integrated with Content Management Systems such as WordPress,Drupal and Joomla to develop businesswebsites.

There are a lot of offshore development companies around the world, which specialize in PHP web application development. You can outsource your project to these firms and get robust applications developed to promote your business among a huge section of target audience. These firms also offer quality support services to keep your app up and running. However, you need to be extremely choosy while hiring developers and make sure the firm has a tried and tested record.

Reasons for Popularity of PHP in Web Application Development