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Hello, The following questionnaire is a crucial step in ensuring your safety during your stay at Canto Luz and will help us to prepare best for your arrival. All information provided will be kept confidential. Please fill in the questions and e-mail the document back to us. Please read the following document carefully as it outlines essential preparation information. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver and copy of this document upon your arrival.

Full name Date of Birth Contact Info (phone, mailing address and email) Emergency contact Do you have any chronic health issue be it physical or emotional? (If yes, specify) Do you have a history of heart condition, blood pressure irregularities, diabetes or asthma? Is there a history of mental illness or suicidal tendencies in your family? Are you taking any medication or have stopped taking some in the last 6 weeks? (Including vitamins, herbal supplements,

vaccines, allergy medication etc.) Do you take any herbal supplements? (valerian root, ginseng, St. John’s worth etc.)

Do you have any allergies or food intolerances?

Do you usually eat red meat, Consume alcohol or recreational drugs, including prescription medication?

Do you include any form of spiritual practice into your life? Do you have previous experience with ayahuasca? How many times? Briefly describe the setting (in Peru with a Peruvian shaman, in North America with western facilitator, solo etc.) What is your main motivation for this journey?

Full name Date Signature You are kindly reminded that the responsibility of taking accurate and timely health precautions – along with professional medical advice – remains entirely with you. If you are a user of any substances/plants/medicines/pharmaceutical drugs, or if are in doubt, please seek appropriate professional medical advice before contacting us. As the final step of booking your retreat with Canto Luz we ask you to confirm your reservation with a 50% deposit, which can be sent through Western Union (please ask us for details).

Your participation is not confirmed until your deposit is sent; the deposit is non- refundable. The remaining balance will be paid upon your arrival in US$ cash and is non-refundable. If Canto Luz cancels the retreat for any reason, the deposit will be fully refunded to you. Please read the following information, as it will help you to prepare for your visit. Preparation for shamanic retreat In order to prepare best for your visit to Canto Luz it is advisable to start your pre-ayahuasca dieta a month before your visit. Foods to be avoided: Red meat (especially pork) Alcohol Drugs Sugar Spicy and salty food Junk and highly processed food It is also advisable to withhold any sexual activity at least 2 weeks prior your visit to the jungle. Arriving to Canto Luz Canto Luz is located outside of the city of Puerto Maldonado, which has international airport with flights from Lima, Cusco, Rio Branco (Brazil). The tickets can be bought through local air companies such as LAN, Star Peru, Peruvian Airlines and TAM. In our experience Star Peru offers best flight deals at the same prices for Peruvians and foreigners. Puerto Maldonado is also accessible by bus or a car from Cusco (7hr through Mazuco). Once you arrive to Puerto Maldonado, one of us will meet you at the airport or at your hostel and guide you to Canto Luz, which is reachable first by car, then boat and the last leg of the journey is done on foot, making it total of approximately 3 hours from the city center, depending on the pace of your walk, river current, weather and such. It is best to depart to Canto Luz early in the morning, full of energy and to avoid midday heat. We recommend you spend your first night in Puerto Maldonado, especially if you are arriving straight from outside of the country. We also don’t advice you to book any further travel on the day you are leaving Canto Luz as we do not guarantee your return to the city by a specific time point. We can help you to book a room in a hostel and arrange airport pick up.

Vaccination: It is always advisable to consult your physician before you depart for the Amazon. If you choose to vaccinate, please make sure to receive all your vaccines at least a month prior to your visit to Canto Luz. Doxycycline & Mefloquine hydrochloride-based anti-malaria drugs (marketed as Lariam) may not mix well with Ayahuasca (proguanil hydrochloride-based Malarone is a better alternative). All the water on Canto Luz land has been tested for consumption and is also treated through gravity carbon/colloidal silver filter.

Rainforest experience: It is important to remember that you will arrive to the deep rainforest and you will be undergoing a lot of emotional personal work and participate in demanding healing rituals, which can pose challenges to anyone not accustomed to climate, physical exertion and forest living. Research and mental preparation are essential for your comfort at Canto Luz. Canto Luz is located in the virgin Amazon rainforest, which is a home to many dangerous species of animals, reptiles and insects included, but not limited to: Jaguar, Jergon (fer-de-lance) and Coral snakes, Anaconda, Bullet Ant, Various Spiders and Mosquitoes. The climate is hot and humid. There are insects. While the precautions are taken to ensure your safety, including safety talk with participants and anti-venom kit on site, as well as an emergency transport, it is impossible to completely shield you from the forest. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and a liability form stating that you have been informed about possible dangers of the rainforest and ayahuasca ceremony and you take full responsibility for yourself.

It is recommended to bring with you: Travel insurance Yoga mat for our yoga classes Sarong Bathing suit Sandals/ Flip-flops Towel Natural and biodegradable products such as shampoo and soap Organic tampons/ Moon cup (for the ladies)

Long sleeved clothes for the jungle (Thick, yet loose, clothes is the best protection against insects) White or light ceremonial clothes Travel clothes/city wear (hot weather) Rain gear/Rubber boots (can be bought in town cheaply) Flash light and spare batteries (kinetic torch or rechargeable batteries recommended) Remember, there is no electricity in the jungle for charging. Money belt Water bottle Pocketknife Personal medical kit (tea tree oil, GSE (grapefruit seed extract), lavender oil, propolis etc.) Citronella essential oil or other natural insect repellent Spanish dictionary For jungle walks the local people usually wear thick rubber boots and bring a machete that can be bought cheaply in Puerto Maldonado, so is a hammock. Remember to pack lightly as you will be carrying your backpack into the forest. To minimize your ecological footprint, we ask you to bring only biodegradable products into the jungle and carry all the garbage such as plastic and batteries back into the city or to their place of origin to be disposed of properly. Once you arrive to Lima, most transactions are done in cash (Peruvian Nuevo Sol) There are ATMs at the airport and in the city (Lima and Puerto Maldonado). Remember to notify your bank about cash withdrawals in Peru and check your daily withdrawal limit. Also, as in many South American countries, the currency exchange places might refuse to accept old, worn, torn bills, or any bills that have writing on them. The exchange rates for various world currencies (such as Canadian dollar for example) might be much lower than in your country. If you choose to bring cash, the best option would be US$. Remember that Peru is a conservative society and as in many latin countries single women attract attention. It is advised to be modest in clothing. Peru is a relatively safe country, but pickpocketing is a common occurrence. Don’t carry important documents with you and only enough cash necessary for the day. Avoid putting your wallet in back pocket or leaving your bags unattended. It is a good idea to scan all your documents and store them online in case any of them get lost. At Canto Luz Once you arrive to Canto Luz you will be asked to attend an introductory talk about safety at camp, schedule of the retreat activities and information session about ayahuasca and our ceremonies and dietas. You will be able to ask our curandera all questions concerning the medicine and meet and greet other participants of the retreat. None of the activities at Canto Luz are obligatory, including ceremonies, except the introductory and post-retreat talk.

We are looking forward to hosting you at Canto Luz!

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