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TITLE: Web Hosting And Its Scope KW: $1 Web Hosting, Cheap Hosting, Unlimited Reseller Hosting URL: SUMMERY: Web hosting enables a user to post his web page on the internet. Web hosting is also provides a platform for online business. BODY: We live in an age of advance technologies. The virtual space around us is occupied by the web of cyber networks, Local Area Networks and WiFi. The reach of internet is increasing and spreading to all walks of life. A number of websites are coming up from every walk of life owing to the webhosting facility. Web hosting is a facility using which a user can make his web page accessible through internet at all times with the help of a Cheap Hosting server. Web hosting in itself is an industry of its own. There are many companies who set up their 24/7 online servers and sell the space of these online servers to individuals or organizations who are collectively termed as the user. The user is allocated a fixed space in the server on to which he can upload his webpage. The cost of service depends upon the amount of data plan chosen by the user. $1 Web Hosting service is one which offers more data and support services for low cost. Once the user is allocated his data space, he can manage it in the way he wants. He can further rent or sell his data space further to any third party independently. This is called Unlimited Reseller Hosting which is an example of the use of web hosting for online business. This trend of online business is increasing rapidly as it does not require large

networking infrastructure and one can manage his online business very conveniently. For more details do visit-

Web hosting and its scope