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TITLE: About Web Hosting Service And Its Usage KW: $1 hosting, cheapest hosting SUMMARY: You can make your own personal web site at very reasonable price and access it via World Wide Web. BODY: If you want to make your website accessible to the World Wide Web, then you have to contact with the web hosts. These are the companies or group that provides us space on the web. Then your website will be accessible via World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosting service is a type of service that allows people to make their own website. File transfer protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files and data from your source to your own website. You can upload pictures and videos from FTP. Single page, which is available as website is called web page. One web page is enough for your personal web site. But for complex website or business website you need to know about the various development programs like (PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Cold Fusion etc). Different group of companies provide us with different services and offers in web hosting. $1 Web Hosting is one of the services that are provided by many companies. In this service, the individuals are provided space on the internet. With this service you can only run your single personal website. Different web pages are connected to a single server. This is the reason due to which this service is Cheapest Web Hosting service. Along with above mentioned service, there are also different types of services offered by the companies. These are mentioned below. Free Web Hosting Service Shared Web Hosting Service

Cheap Reseller Hosting Virtual Dedicated Server Dedicated Hosting Services Managed Hosting Service Collocation Web Hosting service In order to know more anybody can visit to-

About web hosting service and its usage