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==== ==== Finding Cars with Less Fuel Consumption ==== ====

High fuel costs have triggered the search for ways how to reduce gas consumption. People coast to coast are trying out several ways to cut down on gas consumption of their vehicles and are also reducing dependence on gas guzzlers like SUV's. Gas prices have shot through the roof and there is no respite from high fuel costs these days. You can benefit from 7 handy tips to reduce gas consumption in these trying times. Reduce speed The best way to begin is slow down while driving on your existing vehicle. Restrict yourself to a speed limit whenever you take out your car and drive on the freeway. The faster you drive; you reduce your chances of fuel savings. By the end of the day, you will realize there is more fuel in the tank for another day on the road. This is more beneficial for those who hit the road regularly and drive for long hours and need to improve mileage. Stay closer to nature Enjoy the natural breeze while driving and do not use the air conditioner of it isn't too hot and steamy. You may save on fuel with an AC on when you drive faster, but lose out while on low speed. Check tire pressure Car owners the world over ignore the fuel saving tips with under inflated tires. You would have to burn more gas with these tires as they have more rolling resistance. Use a tire gauge to check pressure especially during severe winters. As the car warms up, the air and tire heats up with the air and leads to false readings. Emulate truck drivers During traffic jams when you need to slow down and again rev up, following the speed of trucks can help loads as they maintain a leisurely pace all along. By knowing how to reduce gas consumption, you can shift gears less and stay on with the trucks. Monitor air filter Check the air filter as it is one of the many fuel saving tips. Gas economy can be affected with a dirty air filter that ends up restricting the free flow of air to the engine. If light doesn't come through when you hold the filter against the sun, clean or change it.

Clean your car regularly Keep your car clean and do it regularly to reduce gas consumption. Toss out things you don't need in the car and make it a habit of scrubbing and cleaning the insides as many times you can after a drive. Travel light as the heavier the car, the more fuel it would consume to run. Drive less People wonder how to reduce gas consumption, but without thinking of ways to share a car. It can help loads if you use your car sparingly.

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==== ==== Finding Cars with Less Fuel Consumption ==== ====

7 Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption  

Tips and guidelines how to make the best of your car's consumption of fuel and be as efficient as it can be.

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