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chainset (noun) a component of a bicycle drivetrain that converts the reciprocating motion of the rider's legs into rotational motion used to drive the chain, which in turn drives the rear wheel korba rowerowa fixie (noun) a fixed gear bicycle; a bicycle with a fixed gear sprocket ostre koło: fixie became a fad lately

ostre koło stało sie modne ostanimy czasy flip-flop hub a bicycle hub equipped with two sprockets on its both sides, it enables the rider to quickly switch the size of the sprocket or change from freewheel to fixed gear

piasta typu flip-flop: I've got a

flip-flop hub, so when I'm tired I can turn the rear wheel the other way, and coast riding freewheel. Mam piastę typu flip-flop więc, jak się zmęcze to obracam koło na drugą stronę i mogę jechać bez pedałowania na wolnobiegu. headset

a set of components on a bicycle that provides a rotatable interface between the bicycle fork and

the head tube of the bicycle frame itself łożyska sterowe, stery road bicycle (noun) a bicycle for road use, most commonly equpped with large wheels and thin tires rower szosowy, szosa, szosówka seatpost (noun)

a tube that extends upwards from the bicycle frame to the saddle Sztyca podsiodłowa

spoke nipple (noun)

a headed cylinder with threading on the inside through part of its length, it

holds a

bicycle wheel's rim to each spoke nypel rowerowy stem (noun) a component on a bicycle that connects the handlebars to the steerer tube of the bicycle fork mostek rowerowy track bicycle (noun) a bicycle designed to be used on a specially prepared tracks rower torowy track stand (noun) stand still position on a bicycle, without touching putting feet on the ground stójka

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jest to mój krótki, na prędce spreparowany słowniczek kilku wybranych terminów rowerowych, Niestety nie mogłem znaleźć w naszym programie op...