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PiK Wrocław 29.04.2012

BALL AT HAWKING’S, PIK “Ark” Theatre, in Wroclaw, is a professional integral theatre. The creative team consists of professional actors and people with disabilities working as theatre practitioners. The new proposition of Renata Jasińska is the "Ball at Hawking’s" performance (its premiere took place on April 28th). The main character is Stephen Hawking, the British astrophysicist, cosmologist, theoretical physicist, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which caused paralysis of the progress of the majority of the body. The performance focuses on personage who has been a famous scientist, but it is only pretext for a broader discussion about the cultural and social status of people with disabilities.

Creators of the spectacle have put essential questions about the nature of disability. Is the fully functional body healthy, and the body with defects and disabilities – not healthy? And what about spirit? What makes this categorization to exist – social stigma or medical diagnosis? Do people with disabilities have a right to their carnality, love and fulfillment in relationships between men and women?

The spectacle is a kind of invitation to try and tame mental disability, as well as a protest against conformity and social stigma. Never before there has been such a courageous discussion about corporeality, awareness of one’s body and sexuality of people with disabilities on the stage.

Hawking's scientific achievements inspires reflection on the place of humans in the universe.

"Ball at Hawking’s" takes the form of loose collages, which include events of the hero’s life, and fragments of his work.

The performance is accompanied by live music.

Dorota Olearczyk, Julian Olearczyk PIK, Wroclaw 2012, April 29th

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