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Marius & Manuela Olivier Mobilising the next generation into cross-cultural missions

May 2012

amongst the least reached people groups of the UK, Europe and beyond. And to those of you that stood with us through both It was early 2009 when the times of difficulty, but Manuela and I made the deci- also joy, we appreciate and sion to go fulltime to Bible Col- love you! lege and leave the comforts of Now looking ahead, regular work and income.

You can make a Difference

Greetings Friends,

Missions Director @ WOI-UK This week, Thursday June 7th I will be completing my Nations course July 7th , ran by marked the end of that jourFaces of Worcester, a new ney at Regents Theological project, we will launch in College in West Malvern. the latter part of 2012 to reach the Least Reached On Saturday June 9th, People Groups (LRPG) Manuela is attending her comwhich have been there missioning day and completing her BA (Hons) Degree in Ap- World Outreach International in since WWII, but with little plied Theology & Youth Minis- Chiang Mia, Thailand...which is support and outreach. See Back Page... try. followed by their 80th AnniverThe week of August 6th sary Celebration. we will Head Facilitate a “We are very proud Upon my return to the UK we Kairos course at the Interwill be getting ready to move national Mission Centre of you my wife!� house on Friday July 27th. (IMC) in Birmingham.

We are both very grateful to God for looking after us in so many ways.

Every Blessing, Marius & Manuela Olivier

Out and About... Praying for a Buddhist Monk in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Temple:


Commissioning Day at Bible College:


Itinerary & Prayer


Faces of Worcester


World Outreach International - UK Lindisfarrne House 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester, WR1 3JS Phone: +44 (0) 1905 20376

Itinerary and Prayer... Our Itinerary:      

Praising God:  The Father’s faithfulness & love for all peoples.

July 7th , Finishing Nations Course July 9th till 13th, World Outreach 80th Celebrations July 14th, Flight back to UK July 27th, We Move House! Aug 6th till 10th, Head Facilitate Leaders Kairos course at ICM Birmingham Oct 16th till 22nd, Bulgaria Mission Trip

Please Pray for: Marius & Manuela OlivOur Happy Children!

 People & Churches with the same heart, vision & mission  An increase in our financial support  More workers

A Project which we hope to launch during 2012-13... Faces of Worcester: Worcester is now home for a large number of families from minority ethnic backgrounds. Many came after World War II as guest workers, invited from all over the world to help rebuild the United Kingdom. One our aims is to start children’s work in conjunction with the local Worcester schools. Please pray not only for us, but also for these precious people:

Kashmiri - Pakistan The people of Kashmiri origins are living in Worcester, Redditch, and Hereford. The majority are devout Muslims, who follow a strict code of conduct. Many of the women hardly speak any English as they have been brought over to join their husbands who are often British born.

Gujjars – Indo Gangentic Plains The Gujjars are a gypsy like people group that are scattered from the Himalyas to regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 90% of Worcester & Redditch’s Pakistani community originates from the Gujarkhan district, which lies 35km south east of Islamabad. Christians have been apathetic or fearful of witnessing to Muslims and conversions have been few. Increased evangelism efforts must be made if these groups are to be reached for Christ.

Sylheti – Bangladesh In Worcester, the Sylheti people face problems such as struggles with prejudice, discrimination, and violence that are directed toward them. Despite the abundance of Christians and churches in the United Kingdom, the Sylhetti Bengali remain virtually unreached with the Gospel. Few of the Sylhetti in the UK have become Christians.


Many Turkish people come in to further their education or start private business like restaurants in Worcester. Some marry British Citizens, like Hakan who married Kathleen. Intercessors are needed to daily stand in the gap and pray for the salvation of these precious Turkish people. * Please contact us for more information on research.

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Please do get in touch if you or your church would like to know more or support our work through Prayer, Partnership, Friendship & Finances. Y O U CAN M AK E A D I F F E R E N C E

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