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Marius Olivier March 2012

Mobilising the next generation into cross-cultural missions amongst the least reached people groups of the UK, Europe and beyond.

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Greetings Friends,

through what ‘Struggles’ proIn the January newsletter, we vides. spoke of expansion and student Our ‘Mission & Passion’ is to placements/internships. In this ‘Reach the Least Reach People March Newsletter, read what hap- Groups (LRPGs) of the World pened. with the Gospel of Jesus Over the past months, we have Christ’, this year World Outseen and been in contact with so reach celebrates its 80th birthmany couples who’s marriages day. Missions Director @ WOI-UK are under tremendous stress for Today, even after 2000 years all the usual reasons. Paul, wrote we still see 6900 LRPGs who count, from every has not been reached— an un- nation, tribe, people finished task, but finishable! and language, standing “”We must learn to live in before the throne and the Victory of the Cross” in front of the lamb. ‘ (NIV) in the New Testament on marWhat about you? riage and family life, the cares, the worries and warned that it 2 Peter 3:12 says, ‘ you look forward to the will not be easy. The UK still has 27 LRPGs. day of God and speed With Easter upon us, we must Our ‘Vision’ is clearly de- its coming .’ never forget the Jesus raised on scribed in: Sunday to pay for our debts and sins in order for us to live in Vic- Rev.7:9-10: ‘After this I looked Every Blessing, tory. Choose this freedom & real- and there before me was a great ise that maturity is attained multitude that no one could

Marius Olivier

Bulgaria...A New Season It was in 2007 that we set afoot on Bulgarian soil for the first time. Ever since that special time with three churches God has been growing a passion in our hearts for the peoples of this country. In 2011, a good friend of ours came on a Kairos course in Birmingham through a miracle. Now in 2012 another Bulgarian Senior Church Leader & Translator com-

pleted a Kairos course in Louisville, US. With these key people a new season has started with God raising people up in the right place and time.

tions Team are forming to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Please pray for us during the Least Reached people of months/years to come as a World Bulgaria & into Turkey. Outreach and Kairos New Na-

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United Kingdom - Testimonies


Crossing Cultures Fun




World Outreach International - UK Lindisfarrne House 4 Barbourne Terrace Worcester, WR1 3JS

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An African Proverb...


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Leadership Seminars—World Outreach International Many partners, supporters and friends of World Outreach International, from all over the globe, boarded flights to descend on South Africa. We want to thank our faithful Father for an amazing 80 year heritage but even more so, for a mighty future based on our faith in His precious promises.

John Elliott - International Director Upcoming April Dates:

The second celebration will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand during July 2012 As part of both these celebrations in South Africa and Thailand, groups of people will also be prepared for life abroad as part of a six week Nations Course. Why not prepare well for jour next Journey, Join us: Nations Course.

April 1-4

World Outreach 80th Anniversary, South Africa

April 15th Full Gospel Church Caboolture April 22nd International City Church (am) Fortitude Valley April 29th Harvest House Int’l Church Dutton Park, QLD

Bruce Hills - International Leadership Development

Come join us and contact us for Bookings!

United Kingdom: Student Testimonies A Chinese Student, after Kairos greatly impacted and wants to reach out and a 5 week World Outreach Placement in London, “God literally placed the unreached people in China in my hands and told me to go and tell them about me'. He now applied as intern into World Outreach and wants to work one day in China as missionary.

A student from Ghana, after Kairos and a 5 week World Outreach Placement in Manchester, he has been

to the Muslim community in Manchester...working closely with the Church.

A student in Malvern, after Kairos and a 5 week World Outreach Placement with in Worcester, she writes:

barriers and illiteracy)...These findings during the research has confirmed the urgency to reach out .’ Her husband and her are now proposing a project to World Outreach.

‘Finding out about the Turkish, Kashmiri, Gujjars and Sylheti communities and their different struggles they are facing daily in Worcester (isolation, racism, domestic violence, language

Crossing Cultures Fun Visiting Refugees In Transit...don’t miss the opportunity to serve refugees in Calais, dates:  16-18 March,  18-20 May and  14-16 Sept. Crossing Cultures: During April there is an opportunity to meet Page 2

people of different cultures right here on our doorstep in the UK. James Price, will facilitate this one day event on Saturday April 21st. Crossing Cultures is a fun, eye opening experience that gives you practical tools to understand and communicate cross-culturally with the people living around you.

Contact us for more details.


NCT and HFTC... Recently at the WEC centre in Bulstrode seven new Head Facilitators were trained as part of a two day Head Facilitators Training Course (HFTC), - photo on the right. Kairos in Greek means, ‘appointed time or season’. God is mobilizing His church through Kairos in nearly 45 countries, which is expected to grow in 2012 to 58 countries.

Click: Visit the UK course schedule OR Click: More about Kairos Content

“Kairos gave me direction, a toolbox, enlightened my heart to see scriptures and our mission calling ” - A Church Leader

A Kairos National Coordination Team (NCT) meeting, also held at the WEC centre in Bulstrode, buzzed with excitement due to the fact that more than 120 people’s lives were impacted during Jan-March 2012.— photo on the near right.

Three New World Outreach UK and Church Leaders completed a Kairos in LondonAnd now on a Journey with God.

Kairos: Now in 60 countries!

Will you partner with us? Our ministry (Manuela & I) is funded in part through part time work. Whilst this goes some way to cover our living costs, we are in need of ministry financial partners. Despite the state of the economy, we truly believe that we serve a God who is never in recession. God gives us all the opportunity to bless one another—with such a

clear example in Acts and through the life of Jesus. Especially in this economic climate we believe that it is time for us all to live this biblical example. Please, pray for more financial supporters! Please do get in touch if you or your church would like to know more about supporting us in this way.

“Some are called to Go, and other are called to support.”

Prayer, Friendship & Finances

An African Proverb... There is a healthy tension between the following scriptures...

Isaiah 54:2 - Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

Proverbs 19:2- It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. Y O U C A N M A K E A D I F F E R E N CE

“If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far...Go Together!” May God give us the grace to stay on His agenda and build strong foundations to reach the Least Reached People Groups in the UK and the world.

The Oliviers

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