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YMCA Europe Annual Report | 2017 Published by: YMCA Europe, Na Porici 12, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic Phone: +420 224 872 020, Email:,

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Contents: Message from our leaders About us Our Strategy - Socially Relevant Priorities

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Creating Spaces for Good Governance General Assembly 2017

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Creating Spaces for Movement Strengthening NGS Forum 2017, Field Group Meetings


Creating Spaces for Programme Initiatives European Sport YMCA European TenSing European Scouting and Jungschar Towards Common Standards Training Volunteers for Europe, Unify Conference YES

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Creating Spaces for Youth Empowerment YMCA Leadership Academy

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Creating Spaces for Representation and Advocacy Youth Policy Group Brussels Office Brussels Office Activities 2017

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Creating Spaces for Peace and Justice Roots for Reconciliation Project Peace Work Institute Local Capacities for Peace Grant Tool

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Executive Committee and Staff Member and Cooperative Movements

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General Administration Auditor`s Report

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Thank you YMCA175 Contacts

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Message from our Leadership Dear friends, We are pleased and proud to introduce this annual report highlighting the work of YMCA Europe in 2017. Thank you for contributing to another remarkable year for YMCA Europe! Each of the programmes and actions that we were able to do, was because of the support received from members, volunteers, stakeholders and donors like you. Following our Strategic Plan 20162020, we initiated an organizational review process which shall provide new formulas to increase our

relevance strengthening our European movement and its working platforms. The process was a vast research among our member and cooperating YMCAs which provided crucial and updated information about our in Europe. 4,105 local YMCAs, over 100,000 volunteers and 20,201 members of staff involved in 3,154 projects reaching over 2 million beneficiaries. That is the collective capacity and impact of our network as we respond to contemporary social challenges across Europe. We also emphasized the creation of spaces for Movement Strengthening, Youth Empowerment and Advocacy.

Some concrete outcomes of this work have been our Leadership Academy, the development of policy documents on signature fields such as Peace & Justice and Migration, the camping conferences or another successful year of YMCA Europe´s Roots for Reconciliation project. We have started the planning of the th 175 anniversary of the YMCA through an major event that will gather in London thousands of young people from Europe and the rest of the world in August 2019. We will continue being proactive as a platform, inspiring the local, national and global levels to create positive, sustainable solutions to build a better world. Enjoy reading about all these programmes and the way in which we implemented our Strategy during the past year as we continue being proactive as a platform and inspiring the local, national and global levels. Young people and their self-development, growth and participation is our goal. Mike Will President


Juan Simoes Iglesias Secretary General

YMCA Europe is a working fellowship of the national YMCA movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.

YMCA Europe is an umbrella organization that serves 32 members and 5 cooperating YMCA movements throughout Europe. Inspired by our Christian ecumenical mission, we offer administrative support, facilitate networking and programme sharing, organize seminars and events and, in accordance with our Strategic Plan “Towards 2020” (2016– 2020), serve to enhance and positively influence lives of young people. YMCA Europe cooperates with different public and private

European institutions benefiting from grants attached to projects developed in different countries. Young people are involved either as beneficiaries or as leaders at different initiatives. Representatives of our member movements meet at the annual General Assembly and set the main goals for each term. A democratically elected Executive Committee together with the Secretary General and the Staff work on the implementation of the Strategy with a special focus on Movement Strengthening.

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“UNITY” YMCA Europe`s General Assembly in Edinburgh More than 100 delegates from all European regions and beyond met under the tle "Unity”. The General Assembly focused on the first year of the implementa on of the Strategy 2016-2020 and the par cipants were exposed to 15 different examples of programs and best prac ces through panels, presenta ons and group work sessions. Plenary sessions included repor ng about the developments of the past year, updates about the Opera onal Plan for 2017 and governance issues in the frame of YMCA Europe´s Cons tu on. Over 30 reports from YMCA Europe´s working pla orms and Na onal Movements had been previously shared with all delegates as part of the working documents for this annual governance mee ng. Guests from World YMCA (President Peter Posner), YMCA of the USA (Kent Johnson and Tom Valen ne), YMCA Canada (Mary Beck and Mary Anne Roche), Y´s Men (Paul Thompson) provided valuable inputs with a focus on the coopera on with YMCA Europe and a Movement Strengthening approach. The play "Soul in the Machine" brought us back to 1844 and the life of George Williams, founder of the YMCA in London. The welcome and cultural evenings organized by YMCA Scotland connected all par cipants with tradi ons, music and atmosphere truly unforge able. YMCA Europe´s President Mike Will chaired his first GA combining the governance agenda with very clear messages based on the mission of the YMCA, our call for unity across Europe and the leadership role within our communi es of everyone involved in our movement in different levels with a focus on youth. Juan Simoes Iglesias reported about the year behind and shared about the main highlights included in the Opera onal Plan for this year. An update about the 2019 Event was presented by members of the Steering Group and soon further informa on about this pan European and global ini a ve will be shared. Thank you YMCA Scotland, thank you to all delegates, thank you to our member YMCAs for a successful General Assembly! Photo gallery


The 6th National General Secretaries Forum. On October 2 - 4, National General Secretaries from 22 European movements met in Kassel, hosted by YMCA Germany. The agenda included presentations and group work about the reality of the YMCA in Europe and updates about programme initiatives. The NGS Forum has become a key working space with a focus on the implementation of the current YMCA Europe´s strategy "Towards 2020". Special gratitude to YMCA Canada For the continuous support to this initiative.

Ukraine, September 25th, 2017. Kosovo, October 19th - 22nd, 2017.

Russia, October 6th - 8th, 2017.

Belarus, September 29th - 30th, 2017.

Field Group meetings.


YMCA Europe Programme Groups were created as working platforms in order to implment the Strategic Plan. Formed by voluteers and members of staff representing a variety of national and local YMCAs, each team focus on two main areas: - Specific internal work according to their aims and strategic priorities; - Planning and developing initiatives involving beneficiaries from different European contexts;

During 2017, the following Programme Groups were active and their reports were shared both at the General Assembly and at the Executive Committee meetings: Christian Orientation Group YES Group (Youth Empowerment Space) European Sports Volunteers for Europe European Scouting and Jungschar Youth Policy Group

Thank you to the inspiring work that all Programme Groups develop on a daily basis. Special gratitude to all the Chair persons and members of the groups representing local and national YMCAs involved! 13


European Volleyball Championships Finland, June 15th - 18th, 2017 European Championschip Team Handball Sweden, 7th - 10th September, 2017 ESY Sport Seminar Macedonia, 13th - 17th September, 2017



EUROPEAN TENSING GROUP (ETS) ETS Conference Ukraine, March 2nd - 5th, 2017 ETS Executive Meeting Norway, October 13th - 15th, 2017



EUROPEAN SCOUTING & JUNGSHAR (ESG) ESG Leadership Training and Seminar Armenia, August 23rd - 27th, 2017 41 YMCA scouts, bright sunshine and a packed program were the ingredients of this year's ESG leadership training and seminar. Participants from six nations shared their working experience from their scouting and jungschar work and learned new skills. Activities from dierent countries were developed, new food was tasted, and new songs were learned. Furthermore Armenia provided the contrast between the city (Yerevan) and the traditional old country, where participants were exposed to its way of life, interacting with local people.


One important point at the LTS is the annual governance meeting, where they had the elections for new members for the Executive Committee. In addition, interesting reports from the past, but also important information for the future was shared with participants and guests. The next LTS will take place in the Czech Republic in 2018, after we meet in England 2019 and in Germany in 2020.


TOWARDS COMMON STANDARDS Common Standards of YMCA Camps - Management & Training Finland, August 28th - September 3rd, 2017 The conference was founded mostly by Erasmus+ National Agency in Finland and was prepared by YMCA Finland in cooperation with YMCA Europe. There were 38 representatives of 9 European YMCA movements and 2 experts sent by the YMCA of the USA. Among European participants and trainers more than one third had attended previous training events on camping. That was a sign that such gatherings are needed and we are quite advanced in developing the programme of YMCA Camps in Europe. For those who came for the first time that was an opportunity of picking brains of more experienced colleagues. This time we focused on camp management. Common standards need commonly recognised policies and some associations, which are not so advanced at camp programmes, had a good choice of proved policies in such areas as safety, strategic planning, recruiting staff, team building, dealing with diversity, education of campers etc.

word In Finnish language for help and support within a community. It is "TALKOOT". Let it be a Finnish contribution to the program vocabulary and a memory of this conference. This is also a tribute to the Finnish YMCA leadership for being such a great host. We hope that one of the next training events will be organised in Finland as well.

There were some important conclusions and decisions that concerned the future of the Camping Program. One of them was the decision of creating a new programme group in YMCA Europe. There are identified leaders from some European national The number of people and camps that are involved in movement who will coordinate the work of this building Camping Program as pan European platform group. To cooperation are invited American partners experts at camping who ran activities during the is growing. They are already creating remarkable Conference. This is a very important moment in community that shares the same values and developing camping program in Europe and also for recognise the need of building common standards. building the world coalition. They contribute to this process in various ways and are going to support each other. There is a special


VOLUNTEERS FOR EUROPE (VfE) Denmark, September 23rd - 28th, 2017 September 23rd - 28th 2017, staff and leaders from different YMCAs across Europe met in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss and plan the future of the VfE as programme group, possible actions, networking and cooperation in the field of volunteerism. VfE aims to utilizes the existing network of YMCAs across Europe to offer a diverse range of placement options (fields of work) in a variety of settings and environments, but all within the context of one "YMCA Movement".

YOUTH UNIFY LEADERSHIP CAMP Romania, July 30th - August 5th, 2017 UNIFY is a platform for European YMCAs to share and explore about the Christian Mission of the YMCA. The main objective of Youth Unify 2017 was to continue dialogue and initiate practice that enables the development of Christian mission in local YMCA contexts. The programme offered opportunities for workshops on leadership and mission, worship together that expresses the different Christian traditions, group discussions, visit to a local YMCA, recreation activities both on and offsite, including opportunities for hiking and river swimming and many more. VISIT UNIFY WEB PAGE


YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SPACE (YES) YES (Youth Empowerment Space) it is a network of young leaders aged 18-30 advocating for youth empowerment and youth representation at all levels of European YMCAs and YMCA Europe.

We involve our representatives in the annual YES Seminar, the YMCA General Assembly as well as in the local and national initiatives that provide international experiences to young leaders.

YES seeks to have a representative from each European YMCA in order to get young voices heard across countries and to ensure equal representation across the continent.

Over 40 young people took part at the the General Assembly in Edinburgh, Scotland. Close to 35 % of the delegates to the General Assembly were under 30 years of age which highlights the importance of “Youth


Empowerment in Action� on our main annual European governance platform. We are thankful to National YMCAs for helping providing this experiences to their young people. Youth Empowerment is a cross cutting element in our new Strategy aligned with the vision and priorities of the YMCA in the global level.



YMCA Leadership Academy: from IMPACT to ACTIONS Czech Rep, March 21st - 26th, Moldova, June 11th - 16th, Belgium, November 7th - 12th, 2017 Youth of Europe learns about human rights, social relevance, governance, strategic planning, project management, advocacy and communication. 25 young leaders of YMCAs from different European countries have graduated from the educational course of YMCA Europe "Leadership Academy". It consisted of 3 sessions, 4 full days each.

We introduced new topics like the human rights based approach and advocacy, but we also tackled very practical subjects like running governance seminars, designing socially relevant projects, creating advocacy campaigns. The participants were practicing filling in a project application, formulating strategic priorities, analyzing vulnerabilities, improving their public speaking skills. The course was not only about receiving knowledge but about putting tools into

practice, which will help the participants to be good governors and managers of their NGO. The Leadership Academy generated 20 governance trainings led by our participants in their YMCAs, and 8 transnational and local projects which have been or will be implemented in 2017. A great goal of the Leadership Academy was to mainstream into YMCAs across Europe the human rights based approach: we work with young people and vulnerable communities to support them in enjoying their rights fully, to seek inclusion and peaceful societies. YMCAs will then become advocates for these young people and groups and their rights, becoming an actor for change, who speaks for justice loud and clear. The "Leadership Academy" in 2017 was in fact supported by the European Youth Foundation, who works for youth on behalf of the Council of Europe, and roots its work in human rights promotion everywhere in Europe. The course thus aimed at raising professionalism in young board members, staff and volunteers rooting their work in human rights based approach, increasing the social relevance of their organizations and the level of their work in their communities. Read the Final Report here.

Watch the sessions videos



YOUTH POLICY GROUP (YPG) The Youth Policy Group plays a central part in the creation of the policy documents upon which YMCA Europe's advocacy will be based. The Youth Policy Group is composed of 9 people, from 8 dierent YMCA Europe member movements, between the ages of 22 and 30.

The YPG members are: - Gerald Chifamba (UK) - Eliza Vas (Romania) - Janette van Kalkeren (The Netherlands) - Phillippa Lewis (UK) - Martina Vitezova (Serbia) - Eglantina Lula (Albania) - Lea Suzanne Wisseler (Germany).




issues that affect young people today in Europe. Migration, Peace and Justice, Youth Unemployment and Youth Empowerment are examples of this work.

Leadership Academy, hosting a session on advocacy in Brussels, and has cooperated with several movements on European funding opportunities. This has reinforced knowledge and competencies in fundraising.

Established in January 2016, the main purpose of YMCA Europe's Office in Brussels is to increase the visibility of our movement as a key youth platform in the frame of the European institutions and other private organizations and networks. In 2017 the Office has supported the development and creation of signature programmes like the

We thank all our National Movements, World YMCA and partners for their contribution and support to these processes.

Another important area of work has been to develop position documents to raise our voice and profile on

Activity in 2017 10




Project applications drafted and submitted

YMCAs supported with project applications

Meetings with other NGOs

Meetings with European Institutions




Youth Representatives in the European Youth Forum Expert Groups

Amendments to policy documents

Info Newsletters





Youth Policy Group meetings

Policy Papers finalised

Policy Papers in the making

European Youth Forum Policy Papers co-drafted



European policy events attended by YMCA Europe`s youth representatives

Intern in the office 25

Creating Spaces for PEACE and JUSTICE

“Roots for Reconciliation” is a YMCA Europe project,

promoting youth activism towards peaceful transformation of conflicts in Europe. Since the commencement of the first phase in 2007, it has evolved from the Initiative focusing mainly on South Caucasus & Balkan Regions into a Pan-European project covering the whole Geography of European Continent. This year we are celebrating 10 years of activities, involving over 1300 participants from more than 30 countries! Within RfR 2020, YMCA Europe plans to continue the enrollment of the following target groups into the project framework: Ÿ Ÿ

Conflict affected youth; Youth opinion leaders;

Under conflict affected youth we assume primarily the age group between 16 – 30 years old, with equal gender inclusion and predominantly coming from the region of South Caucasus. Under youth opinion leaders we assume primarily the age group between 18 – 35 years old, with equal gender inclusion. They are first of all the Peace Work Institute (PWI) alumni of the previous RfR phase (25), and the PWI participants of the RfR current phase (25) – 50 in total. Coming from all over Europe, these young women and men have been and will be selected to be the driving force of the RfR 2020. In order to achieve its objectives, the YMCA Europe runs the following activities, which logically are clustered in the following three interconnected sets. Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Peace Work Institute; Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool; Reflecting on Peace Practices Process. 27

PEACE WORK INSTITUTE - “Generation NEXT� The aim of the Peace Work Institute it to empower youth opinion leaders in acting for change in their sending organisations and respective communities as multipliers of peace culture and movement. It assumes a twoyear training and practice scheme including the following key activities: 2 training Sessions (2017), Tandem Project by Peace Work Institute Graduates - through 2018 and the Peace Work Institute Alumni Reunion Spring 2019.

Training Session I: Tbilisi - Georgia, April 3rd - 9th, 2017 Training Session II: Berlin - Germany, November 12th - 18th, 2017 30 participants; 15 countries.



LOCAL CAPACITIES FOR PEACE SEED GRANT TOOL Activities in South Caucasus The Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool is one of the major components of actual phase of YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project. The concept was elaborated based on best practices from previous phases of Roots for Reconciliation and aims towards strengthening the Local Capacities for Peace of involved organizations, with particular focus on South Caucasus Region. In 2017, 261 participants from 8 countries were involved in four activities:

“Road Towards Peace” Ureki - Georgia, July 23rd - 29th, 2017;

“Syrian - Armenian YMCA Youth Forum” Vardenis, Armenia, August 11th - 13th, 2017;

“LiveLove Camp” Manushak, Armenia, August 19th - 26th, 2017;

“The Camp for Hope” Patara, Nagorno Karabakh, July 25th - 31st, 2017; 29

YMCA EUROPE WAS THERE... YMCA Europe Executive Committee Bratislava, Slovakia, February, 24th - 26th Edinburgh, Scotland April 27th Brussels, Belgium, July 31st Catania, Italy, October 6th - 8th YMCA Italy General Assembly Catania, Italy, January 22nd Youth Policy Group Meeting Brussels, February 10th - 12th, 2017 YO! Fest in Maastricht The Netherlands, February 14th; World YMCA NGS Meeting Tanzania, 13th - 17th February 2017 YMCA Ukraine National Seminar Kiev, Ukraine, March 10th - 12th Camp Conference Belarus Belarus, May 11th - 14th European YMCA/YWCA Planning Meeting Litomysl, Czech R. 17th - 20th ESY Committee Meeting Kaub, Germany April 1st COMMEM Meeting Brussels, April 22nd Training the Trainers, Eastern Platform Switzerland, April 19th - 24th ESG Executive Board Meeting Armenia, May 3rd LACA General Assembly Haiti, May 3rd - 5th

Future of Europe Conference Malta, May 24th YMCA 175 Steering Group Meeting London, March 24th - 26th, June 5th - 7th Frankfurt, November 26th - 28th Visit to YMCA Malta Malta, June 24th YMCA Canada National Conference Edmonton, June 16th Y`s Men Europe Area Convention Cesis, Latvia, July 6th Visit to YMCA Belarus Belarus, July 31st YMCA Reformation Camp Berlin, Germany, August 17th-19th Visit to World YMCA Geneva, Switzerland, August 23rd YMCA World Global Gathering Setubal, Portugal, 1st -4th September Visit to YMCA Karabakh Stepanakert, Karabakh, September 17th 17th YMCA Urban Network Vancouver, Canada, September 19th Invitation to YMCA Armenia Yerevan, Armenia, September 27th - 29th YMCA Belarus National Conference Belarus, October 1st

Invitation to YMCA Germany Nurenberg, Bayern, Kassel, October 8th - 12th

Vatican Youth Symposium Vatican , October 13-15

DIG Innovation Network USA, Oct 25th

YMCA Aragon 30 Anniversary Zaragoza, Spain. November 30th

World YMCA Strategy Delivery Summit Litomysl, Cz, October 29th - 31st


Invitation to YMCA Ireland Cork, Ireland, December 20th

YFJ Council of Members Cascais, Portugal, November 26th Learning Week of Human Rights Sweden, December 10th





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This publication relects the views only of the author, and the EU Commission and the Council of Europe cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.




LONDON 4 - 8 AUG 19

CONNECT. CELEBRATE. CREATE London, UK. August 4-8, 2019 We started planning and preparing for the largest global youth event, celebrating 175 years of the power of youth transforming communities. YMCA175 will attract 5,000 young people from six continents and over 100 countries to equip and empower them to address today's most compelling social issues. At ExCel London we will bring together YMCA and non-YMCA youth leaders and share practical skills in a youth friendly environment. We will celebrate diversity, strengthen cross-cultural collaboration and provide youth with a platform to speak out and shape the future as global leaders. YMCA175 will be shaped around four zones, to reflect the YMCA triangle of Body – Mind – Spirit and an interactive Exhibition zone. Event Objectives : 1. Connect young people to learn, share and take action 2. Celebrate 175 years of YMCA and young people transforming communities 3. Provide a platform where young people create positive change and shape the future as global leaders Event Outcomes : Key outcomes for event participants will be to: 1. Increase understanding of global youth issues, social inclusion and diversity 2. Strengthen personal, civic and cultural competencies 3. Develop new perspectives on the impact of globalization and personal decision making on the lives of others 4. Gain knowledge, and a sense of belonging within the global YMCA movement 5. Experience new programmes and share best practice models focused on youth priorities & global issues 6. Improve leadership skills to continue transforming communities 7. Develop new connections for friendships, partnerships, and peer networks (From YMCA175 Concept Paper)

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YMCA Europe Annual Report 2017  
YMCA Europe Annual Report 2017