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marit meganck


about me



molenstraat 261 9032 gent


째11 january 1986, wilrijk unmarried belgian


Secondary school

2002-2004 architectural design


2004-2009 Architecture

Sint Lucas hogeschool W&K Paleizenstraat 65-67 1030 Brussels

Erasmus exchange

2007-2008 architecture + design

1997-2002 latin + mathematics/science Sint-Ritacollege Pierstraat 1 2550 Kontich

Sint-Lucas Sint-Jozefstraat 35 2018 Antwerpen

Technical University Lisbon

my diploma

Master in the architecture cum laude


internship: january - december 2010 NEUTELINGS RIEDIJK ARCHITECTS in rotterdam



Office (word . excell . powerpoint) Adobe (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) AutoDESK (autocad . basic 3ds max) Sketchup VECTORWORKS making models

dutch: mother tongue ENGLISH: very good FRENCH: good

my interests

architecture . to paint . to draw . to sketch . to cut . to paste . fashion . design . furniture . to travel . model making . urbanism . culture . foreign culture . tokyo . japan . south america . europe . sports . scouts . pub . fresh ideas . to talk . south east asia . to laugh

BACHELOR 3ar housing linkeroever. antwerp. belgium

Asked was new housing concept in belgium, antwerp linkeroever. The site only contains: huge apartmentblocks. without character. all identic. big open spaces in between. wall effect. Wanted was giving the site a see-through building with the sense of the surroundings. no 2D facade, yes interactive 3D. no wall effect anymore. Created was: walls containing all fixed functions (kitchen. bathroom. toilet. washing room. technical stuff. .. and smaller scale. cupboards. bed. ..) in lots of different sizes. depending on the size of the family. all the rest = open . fill in a different way according to their needs.

designing system




















MASTER 2nd open school sint jozefscollege aarschot

school architecture SCHOOL = PLACE TO PLAY (children) = PLACE TO MEET (youth) PLACE TO PLAY = square = experiences = the city = PLACE TO MEET SCHOOL IN CITY (schaluin: meet.culture) (bekaf:

SCHOOL = PLACE TO LEARN SCHOOL = SOCIAL MEETING = CULTURAL MEETING = CULTURE SCHOOL AS CULTURAL CENTRE CITY IN SCHOOL PLACE TO PLAY ≠ UNBUILD PLACE TO PLAY = BUILDINGS SQUARE IN SCHOOL CITY IN SCHOOL (play area used as school-square for the city) SQUARE IN SCHOOL (interaction playsquare/school/building) MEETING PLACE = NICE PLACE WHICH STIMULATE TO LEARN ‘the school of the future. one of less education, but a place to learn more. need to a surrounding. who stimulates to learn. to ask questions, a climate that defies to exchange and confrontate, intellectual, cultural and political.’ Herman Herzberger

existing remarkable problems remove chapel

interaction inner-outer space

city in school

street in school

builded / unbuilded

without chapel

new entrances

street in school

link building - street

old entrances existing (problematic)circulation

new entrances situation circulation.meetingplaces

replace functions

collect all meetingplaces

meet . greet . walk







cultural centre in school

3D model (render with ward delbeke)

view in expositionhall

part of stopmotion movie



1st year internship dance and musichall spui, den haag team: neutelings riedijk architects

Asked was a design for the new international dance- and musiccenter in den haag. Characterized by two opposite functions: . transparency to public and city . intimacy for students and artists Designed is a synergy + individuality of all spaces of all users 1 +1=3 polyvalent space in the cupola 1 ensemble 1 reused theater 1 impressive entrance hall

models different sollutions cupola



trust catwalk


working living 2ar koningin groenpark brussels belgium

Given was a parcel/parc in belgium, brussels, koningin groenpark. Needed was an efficiÍnt mix between living and working. Used was east and west. maximum light inside. enclose functions that don’t need direct sunlight during daytime. use of thick all containing walls. oriented north. structural element.

competition “vizzion awards” 5ar vision for brussels FLUorCITY team: quinten de cuyper

Brussels still mourns about the Zenne. How can they ever get over the fact that they buried their river of origin? With the disappearnce of this river, Brussels lost one of his main fibers and at the same time ousted the history of the city. The poor river was blamed for everthing and for sure, it was a dirty river. It spreaded many diseases and as we may believe Sir Anspach: “The Zenne is so cloudy that even the strongest sunlight wouldn’t be reflected by the water.”

And so in 1865 the covering started. Jules Victor Anspach, the 34 year old mayor at that time made it a task of his own. He wanted this project to be finished as soon as possible but many problems rised. The costs were high, the constructions were difficult and at the end, the contractor went broke. In 1870 the project was called ‘a joke that turned out very wrong. ’ Though this joke , this first destruction was the first step in the later revolutions of Brussels. The traces who were left behind by this project formed a nice alibi for the next demolisheners. 100 ans de débat sur la ville, 1840 _ 1940, Archives d’Architecture moderne, 1984, p78

based on OUTER area

based on INNER area

designing system

generating place 5ead folding city brussels team: stephanie vander goten

Generating 200% of space. how? by folding. We determinated an activation area around the ‘porte de ninove’ near the ‘canal de charleroi’. based on the urban activity and functions we created our zoningmap, that need to be activated into the site for 200%. the urban regulation of the site is determinated by our MAXIPLAN. These maxiplan is the urban envelope of hights, lights, activation, accesability and views. these values are acquired by the ecomical balance we deployed of the site. the shape of our monsterproject is based on the play rules we designed for folding with an urban connection idea. We have the intention to make a folding city where leftspace is non existing and folded slabs have more then one role to play in our monster.

activation zone

design system

feasability study - 1st year internship ‘ensemble’ apartments - hotel - commercial - disco - underground parking team: neutelings riedijk architects

Feasability study of the compaction in this area. The location contains a square connecting the sea with an important transportroute through the city. Urban and architectural design. Apartments, hotel, commercial functions, disco and underground parking. Result is a composition of 3 volumes with vertical accent. Elegant volumetry with nice views and good orientated flats.







section and plan

folding lounge chair 4ead tensegrity and folding course team: stephanie vander goten, stijn boon, olmo peeters, quinten de cuyper

Our lounge chair is a sequence of “reverse fold� moves. The prototype was fold out of a 80x300cm paper. without glue maximal use of material perfect transfer of the forces The sum (two times the height of the elevation) + (the width of the seat) must be the same as the width of the paper. We didn’t controle the total form, but you can recognise a human body, head and knees are high and smaller than bottom and foot, which are low and wide. The working height is high enough to use a thin material, like paper. The force is mostly needed on the upper surface, so we think a synthetic material is a better choice.

design system

‘kenniscluster’ - 1st year internship culture house arnhem , the netherlands team: neutelings riedijk architects

This cultural building is organized as a public route that meanders up from the narrow streets of the medieval city center of Arnhem. The activities of this knowledge center enroll along this public cascade: library, reading rooms, music classes, art studio’s, study areas, exposition spaces, auditorium, cafeteria and bookshop. A composition of wooden showcases as a spine for display, storage and vertical circulation forms the center of the building. Around it, large surfaces can be arranged in a flexible way. The route to the top culminates in a panoramic roof terrace, overlooking the Rhine River.

model - 1st year internship opera and ballet theater perm state tchaikovsky team: neutelings riedijk architects

Design: .the building as a landscape. .three iconic volumes in the park. .the classical park enhanced. The historic theater building remain the focal point. The new buildings are modestly proportioned to the existing theater. The symmetry of the composition makes the historic theater building stand out in the middle. New public squares in front of the theaters welcomes the public.


portfolio marit meganck architect

portfolio architect marit meganck  

architect portfolio tot 2011 marit meganck