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Editorial Notes Enjoy this last issue of the year as we wrap up the happenings of 2012. Read what our HR Advisor have to say. A colleague’s experience in organizing an event for the first time. A trip to the Maritime Experiential Museum. New product. OSEA 2012. Awards received for the year. Happy Reading! Maritimes Editorial Team Jesslyn. Lina.

Wise Words From Advisor Managing Human What kills values? The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. With the advancement of technology and the speed of globalization, the world economy has been volatile and will remain unpredictable. The work environment has also seen many changes, from having an intergenerational workforce to how work is done. The future of work holds many surprises for us yet. One thing is sure though, for companies to be an employer of choice and have engaged employees to effectively compete, having the right values and aligning the organization to behave appropriately is critical. What kills values at the workplace? It happens at two levels, at the organizational level and at the individual level. At the organizational level, leadership has the greatest impact. If they do not clearly define the core values, the desired behaviors associated with these values and model them to encourage adherence, the organization has no moral compass. Employees tend to do what they want and challenge the authority of the management leading to poor results. At times, leaders do not work in unison and lose sight of their own commitment to the core values. A house divided is fertile ground for employees to behave contrary to the values. We often see quarrels across departments leading to sub-optimization affecting overall company’s interest. Another instance could be an ineffective performance management system that leads to unhealthy competition amongst employees. Too much emphasis on personal key performance indicators without team indicators may be detrimental to the overall importance of securing customers for the company and keeping them satisfied. In some companies, the conflict be-

Capital In Jason tween sales and the departments responsible for executing and maintaining the sales may exist unless there are overarching targets that affect everybody’s bonus, e.g. meeting sales revenue. Last but not least is the leadership’s high tolerance of non-compliance. Employees who demonstrate good values go unrewarded and others who flout them are tolerated. This gives rise to gossips and politics, both of which are unhealthy at the workplace. On the personal capacity, there are at least three ways of killing values. The first is the lack of mutual respect. If managers are allowed to shout at their subordinates, subordinates would see no reason why they should respect their bosses and their colleagues. Over time, bosses and employees start using disconnecting habits on one another. Examples of disconnecting habits are complaining, blaming, discouraging, threatening, showing temper, shouting etc. In the case of Jason, old time employees lament on the family spirit that existed amongst colleagues. Some feel that this spirit is now eroded with the ‘family’ having grown. This should not be the case. There are many big companies that have taken pains to keep the value of mutual respect and the spirit of camaraderie alive. They encourage connecting habits such as coaching, giving praise and recognition, helping each other etc. Employees in such companies have a high sense of belonging and make good friends at work. Having fun makes work light. The second way of killing values is competition. This is very common as we all wish to get ahead. Unhealthy competition is a result of a lack of transparent performance management. If the latter is effective, employees are aware of each other’s contribution and would accept the difference in rewards better. When things are fuzzy

Wise Words From Advisor Managing Human Another way of killing values is the lack of respect for them. This often happens to individuals who have high freedom needs and like to challenge organizational values. Let’s take integrity as an example, people who wish to challenge this would continually expound their belief that it is difficult to gauge integrity, whilst those who wish to uphold would accept that if somebody is open, subject himself to audit and conducts himself in an honest way, he has displayed integrity. In other words, people who advocate a value system would like to see it implemented rather than find arguments against it.

Communication The leaders in Jason mean well and have the employees’ interest at heart. However, it is important to continually communicate and make clear their expectations and act appropriately when people do not live up to these expectations. Leaders must encourage commitment by making sure employees know what is expected of them in terms of targets and behaviors. These targets and behaviors must be clear, leaving little to interpretation. Leaders must also communicate the company’s results so that everybody will be accountable when things go wrong. They should build a spirit that encourages employees to contribute rather than one that assigns blame. Further, it is important to encourage employees’ input through employees’ listening platforms and coaching. These are leadership skills that have to be practiced every day. It symbolizes concern, respect and willingness to engage employees. All these are encouragement to employees to live the values.

Capital In Jason aged. Employees must have a mindset of positive contribution and a willingness to work as a team. Misunderstandings and disagreements must be resolved at the lowest levels and not be allowed to fest and bring about a bad relationship between the individuals. Everybody must feel a personal responsibility to build a healthy and caring environment where good behaviors and character prevail. A well meaning employee with strong communication skills and a positive mindset is indeed an asset. Collaboration Collaboration is important as it promotes competence, a value of Jason. No one today can claim that he has the monopoly of wisdom or capability. Teamwork and collaboration strengthen competence and leads to better results and a greater sense of camaraderie and belonging. While cultivating a shared vision is the responsibility of the leaders, the onus is on every employee to work as a team-player. This is particularly important across departments and functions. Having a ‘silo’ mindset is myopic and does not serve an organization well. Micro-managing and not having an ability to appreciate the big picture and being overly concerned of one’s own results limits growth. Finally, for Jason, let us all have the ‘can do’ attitude. Let’s adopt a positive mindset and together build a conducive and forward looking environment. We will collectively promote our values and cherish the behaviors that had been the cornerstone of our good reputation. We shall strive to have a company that we are proud of.

Elizabeth Martin Chua On the employees’ side, having good communication skills that are supported by care and concern for the company and colleagues must be encour-

HR Advisor

New Crews On Board

Rogemer Ayran Cortez Logistics Assistant

Chris Ong Assistant Drafting Engineer

Lau Chee Da Assistant Drafting Engineer

Kee Peng Kiat Sales Engineer (Offshore)

Bryan Cheong Business Excellence & Safety Manager

Erica Tan Accounts Assistant

Kelvin Lim Assistant Technical Engineer

Ben Goh Sales Manager (Offshore)

Li Zhiheng Proposal Engineer

Seah Take Wee Sales Manager (Offshore)

Lam Tak Ming IT Engineer

UpComing A c


Health Scree n

Zumba GOLD

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January 201 3

Do participate in our yearly survey early next year. Your feedbacks are important for us to arrange/organize activities, to accommodate to your wants & needs for a healthy lifestyle!


Because we care...

Do you know? This policy is hung up at the doors of every unit (almost) including Canaan Room.

Our Awards The Singapore Prestige Brand Award is an annual award conferred to recognize outstanding efforts of SMEs in the promotion of their brands. The award underscores the Company's abiding commitment to distinguish ourselves in the industry by upholding our service standards and continue to enhance our technical and engineering capabilities. We are proud to receive this award for the third consecutive year! To read Press Release in full, please go to: 20121214_173537_5PF_5D07B2A8276D4E2B48257AD40011C1A9.1.pdf

Received GOLD Award for the Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employers Achieve LifeTime Health) 2012. The Award recognizes the employer’s and its continuous efforts in promoting healthy lifestyle for its employees. Our WHP Committee has been active arranging health related activities like lunch talks, cooking demonstration and physical activities for fellow colleagues to enjoy during office hour & after office hour. Thanks to Jasonians and management, who have supported and participated actively in the WHP activities. The activities not only benefited us in terms of good health, but also allows us to bond with colleagues across departments.

Past Activities: • Paintball • Ice Skating • Kickboxing • Zumba • Chair Yoga/Yoga • Bowling • Jogging • Weight Management • Archery • Hip Hop Dance • Pilates

Events & Happenings Jason Electronics have just participated in the recent OSEA 2012 Exhibition held at Marina Bay Sands. We set up a booth measuring about 38.5sqm, with blue waves decorated around the booth. This unique decoration have attracted many customers to walk in to enquire about our products. With the theme, “Telecom System Integrator”, we displayed products from various brands like Baze Technology, Shore Connection, Bosch , Southern Avionics Company, Thrane & Thrane and Seatel. The suppliers who have participated in OSEA 2012 have been invited for a company dinner at Yu Cuisine Chinese Restaurant on the first day of the event to show our appreciation for their support.

COO’s Speech (Badminton Tournament 2012) “It is encouraging that we have Work Life balance in Jason. While we all work hard, we also play hard as well. Badminton Tournament is one of the many events that WHP & Jason Recreation Club had organized for all of you. To name a few, there were paint ball, Ice Skating, Movie Screening, Department Bonding, Dumpling Festival, Dinner and Dance, Zumba Dance, Yoga, Health Talks, etc…

This sport not only provide you with some form of exercise, it is also a bonding session. We hope the sport spirit does not end here but carry forward to our office and work as an united work force, regardless of which Dept you come from. Team work is the key to success. Unity is Strength. Going forward, please continue your own form of exercise to keep yourselves healthy always. To the Winners, congratulation and keep it up To the Non winners, take it as an exercise session well spent to sweat it out To the Supporters, it is an unselfish to come to support your fellow colleagues and provide lots of morale support To the Organiser, well done for organizing it very successfully and let’s all cheer for them.”

Jason badminton tournament 2012 was one of the Recreation club activities collaborated with WHP. The tournament was held in September at Clementi Sports Hall. There were a total of 21 teams participating in the Men, Women & Mixed Doubles. I am truly honored to be part of the committee & chairperson for this activity and I would like to share my experience. The duration we took to finish the Men, women, and Mixed Double was three weeks. I must say that my team members and I have put in a lot of effort in preparing for the tournament. It was this badminton tournament which I realized many Jason staff love to play badminton and are very good at it. Jason indeed got talent! Besides working hard, they know how to play hard too! Not forgetting the bonding within our colleagues, we have teams which made up of staff from different departments. And for those who are not participating in the tournament, it was heartwarming to see them coming down after work to support their fellow colleagues who are competing. Even after each session, we would go for dinner as a group, celebrating birthdays, chit chatting with each other. As I love to play badminton, I was also one for the participants taking part in the Women’s and Mixed Doubles Categories. I enjoyed the practice sessions & discussing the strategies on how to win our opponent with my partners from both categories. Personally. I feel that all participants are the ultimate winners for Jason badminton tournament 2012, because the goal of this activity is not to win the game, but to enjoy the process and bond within our own people. This commitment my committee and I have taken outside our working hours not only taught me the importance of planning my schedules, managing complexity and juggling different priorities, it also allows me to gain leadership skills in allocating different roles & responsibilities to my own members to make sure the event goes smoothly. Organizing this event also allow our team to bond and understand each other better. The success of this event would not be possible without my team members. Salute to my team members~ I am proud to say that WE DID IT! Lastly, I would like to end this article with a quote I always believe in: ~Never be afraid to try something new, because life get boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know~ Ng Sze Fang Accounts Department

Events & Happenings Service & Technical Department had a combined department bonding at KBOX Cineleisure in September. It was a wonderful night filled with games, prize presentation, food, pool & karaoke! Our fellow colleagues from these two departments were able to interact and catch up with each other. During this special event, we were able to spot many talents of Jason who can drink, sing & play pool very well! Rec Club would like to thank both departments for their active participation!

It’s our first time on the yacht! Accounts department had their bonding session at a special location, The Yacht Club! It was everyone’s first time on a yacht. Though the space was small, it was cozy for the girls to come close together for an evening of games & interaction. Not forgetting the good food, Curry fish head, Chili Crab & Wasabi prawns!!

Maritime Experiential Museum Located at Resorts World Sentosa, Maritime Experiential Museum is one of the attractions that tourists & locals visit besides the famous Universal Studios. The Museum showcases the different kinds of ships and some traditional goods and activities of the various countries, for instance Malacca, China, Sri Lanka, Iran and Indonesia. There are also exhibits on Pirates (their activities, types of ships and weapons).

There are storyboards at each country’s exhibit to better understand the Maritime history. The interesting part are the mini activities at each exhibit that visitors can get their hands on. For instance, at the Malacca exhibit, visitors are able to make their own ‘Wayang Kulit’.

The best part of the museum is the Typhoon Theatre. Additional rate applicable for those interested to enter the theatre. It has special 3D effects and visitors are able to experience what it is like to be on a moving ship. Highly recommended!

Price: Entry to Museum—$5. Typhoon Theatre—Additional $6. Photography is allowed but not in Typhoon Theatre.

Productivity Figure Labour productivity— 10.09. It measures the value added (or output achieved) per worker. It is affected by factors such as technology, systems, processes, training, etc. adopted by the company. Labour cost competitiveness—0.29. It is a ratio that indicates the company’s efficiency and effectiveness in producing value added (or output) per dollar of labour cost.

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