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Over 90% of the world’s goods are carried by sea. The movement of freight around the world is the lifeblood of shipping and in a time of economic turmoil worldwide, freight rates in the shipping industry have reached new lows. Managing that risk has been a key component for shipping companies and traders alike. In recent years, the traditional physical movement of goods from port to port with all that entails in terms of insurance, ship operations, manning and crewing, safety and security, has been joined by a new concept, that of the paper trade. Involvement in freight trading is no longer just a physical exercise but an electronic transaction, which manages, and hedges risk through forward freight agreements. At a time of economic uncertainty, risk management and forecasting have become ever more important. The key to good risk management is due diligence and knowing your client. If deals in the past may have been done on a handshake, no company trading in the current climate can afford not to have the most critical and complete financial information available on customers and suppliers. Financial information will be key to a successful business, thus ensuring the company is as risk averse as possible in a volatile market. The FFA market has itself evolved over time with most transactions now being cleared to ensure a greater level of market security. Freight Focus, the new publication to be launched by Maritime Media in February will look at all aspects of the movement of cargo, most particularly the movement of cargo from a financial point of view which includes all participants in the trade that can affect the bottom-line. These include owners, traders, brokers, charterers, port and harbour authorities, but in particular banks, hedge funds and investors. With bank finance tight, alternative sources of finance for the industry are essential. The publication will also consider on an independent basis the different trading systems that are currently available for users – including their strengths and weaknesses, and examining the breakthroughs in system software and technique that place readers ahead of the pack! The seaborne transportation by tanker, bulk carrier, container ship or specialist vessel will be covered as well as multi-modal deliveries and the issues that they raise, not least from a regulatory point of view.



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Freight Focus Media Information  
Freight Focus Media Information  

Freight Focus Media Information