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September 2017

No. 2

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Ny stålkutter I Hirtshals Unge fiskere får millionstøtte Minister: Et godt og sundt erhverv

Issues: 12 per year Print: 3.787 E-magazines: 3.575 Total: 7.362


Issues: Print: E-magazines: Total:

11 per year 2.843 1.694 4.537

843,498 341,874 86,266 7,500 articles read per month

visits per month


unique readers per. day on average, distributed with 8,233 on weekdays and 5,668 on weekends

All news channels are free for users * Audited circulation for the period 1st October 2016 untill 31st September 2017

PIRATES Remain a threat

TOTAL Acquires Maersk Oil

DMD/DMF Getting ready for 2018

Issues: 3 per year Print: 4.188 E-magazines: 2.243 Total: 6.431



2 4

No other media offers direct communication with the entire Danish maritime sector. Maritime Denmark is the only free media, which is focused on the maritime business in Denmark. Our news is read by the entire sector and on all levels.

quickly hit the graphic line of exactly your company.

EASY, FAST AND EFFECTIVE If you don’t have a graphic designer in your company, we can help you with preparing banners. We can give you inspiration regarding text and layout and our graphic designers have the necessary experience and are able to

You can get a lot of views to your site by optimizing your search engine and advertise on Google, but by using Maritime Denmark, you make sure, that every visit is relevant. We have made the necessary short listing - the users on Maritime Denmark represent The Blue Denmark.

Banners will be uploaded within 24 hours. When the agreed period expires, you will get a statement of displays as well as clicks on the banner.

A right banner will for instance generate about 1 million displays in average in a month and about 1.000 clicks in a month, depending on the layout of the banner. THE BANNER IS ON ALL PAGES On Maritime Denmark we do not just upload your banner on the front page. Your banner will also be shown on all other pages and on our English site. This way we make sure, that your investment pays out.





Topbanner (760 x 90 px) EUR 1,100 per month

Topbanner (468 x 200 px) EUR 540 per month

Topbanner (760 x 90 px) EUR 810 per month


Left banner (140 x 350 px) EUR 475 per month

Content banner (468 x 200 px) EUR 470 per month

Bottom banner (760 x 90 px) EUR 540 per month


Right banner (160 x 600 px) EUR 950 per month


Content banner (610 x 250 px) EUR 950 per month

Bottom banner (468 x 200 px) EUR 410 per month

Discount: 10% at 6 times per year, 20% at 12 times per year.



The Magazine Maritime Danmark:

76% visit the website daily 93 % are satisfied/very satisfied

read the magazine online or in print

with the website

63 %

have a household income of 399,000 – 999,999 DKK on average

12 %

have a household income of more than 1,000,000 DKK on average

91 % 78 %

Newsletter (Danish):


receive the Danish newsletter daily

66 % read the newsletter every

think that the Magazine Maritime Danmark is a good and professional magazine


Danish Maritime Magazine:

consider the news in the newsletter to be relevant and of good quality

90 %

read Danish Maritime Magazine online or in print

66 %

think that Danish Maritime Magazine is a good and professional magazine


Newsletter (English):


receive the English newsletter daily

EFFECTIVE JOB ADVERTISING has the skills, but also fits into your company. It’s fine to advertise on various online jobboards, but the unemployment rate in the maritime industry is so low, that it is important to hit the so-called passive job seekers and they are not on jobboards. You will find these people, where they


When you are looking for the brightest minds, Maritime Denmark is the obvious partner. We can reach out into the entire market, both on land and at sea. It is important to generate as many qualified applications as possible. Only that way, will you have a wide selection and give yourself a chance to find the perfect candidate, who not only

read their daily news. With 80.000 users per month and 10.000 subscribers to our daily newsletter, you will obtain a unique exposure in the maritime world. At Maritime Denmark you will also have the advantage of job postings being automatically posted in relevant maritime groups on social networks.

We have tried and tested job advertisement solutions from maritime danmark and we are very satisfied with the results. We get relevant candidates and we appreciate the input we get on positions that are harder to fill. We recommend maritime danmark if you are looking for a profile with a maritime background. - Lisbeth nowack, HR Manager Man Diesel & Turbo

Budget package:

395 EUR

One month at and + First day: sent out in the newsletter to 10,000 recipients.

High Profile Package:

1,350 EUR

One month at and + First day: sent out in the newsletter to 10,000 recipients + ½ page in the Magazine Maritime Danmark or Danish Maritime Magazine + 1 left banner at the front page of both and

MAGASINET MARITIME DANMARK PROFILE Here are some reviews of accountings, new ships, company profiles, portraits of keyplayers and relevant topics and much more. The magazine is a supplement to the daily online news, the form is very suitable to indepth analysis. TARGET AUDIENCE This magazine ties up the whole Danish maritime business. The magazine is developing very positively and is read on all lev-

DKK 49,50




No. 2

FREQUENCY Magasinet Maritime Danmark is publicated once a month, the whole year. It is sent out per post and e-mail to all subscribers and distributed in relation to relevant events. CIRCULATION Print: 3,787 E-magazines: 3,575 Total: 7,362

FISKERBLADET PROFILE Fiskerbladet is Denmark’s oldest media for the fishing industry and has a very loyal readership. Here you will find information about new ships, equipment, catching methods and covering new innovative initiatives inside e.g. aqua culture. TARGET AUDIENCE The entire commercial fishing industry, including fishermen, fish farmers, fish processing companies, wholesale dealers and exporters, fishdealers,

Ny stålkutter I Hirtshals Unge fiskere får millionstøtte Minister: Et godt og sundt erhverv

els in the business. Especially the e-version has during the last year attracted a lot of subscribers.

schools and universities, service-and equipment suppliers and public institutions, organizations and politicians. FREQUENCY Fiskerbladet is sent out 12 times a year. It is sent out per post and e-mail to all subscribers and is distributed in relation to relevant events. CIRCULATION Print: 2,843 E-magazines: 1,694 Total: 4,537


DKK 49,50

PROFILE English language magazine about the Danish maritime business. The magazine contains portraits of innovative Danish companies and key players who plot the course, not only for the Danish maritime business but for the entire global sector.

PIRATES Remain a threat

TOTAL Acquires Maersk Oil

DMD/DMF Getting ready for 2018

TARGET AUDIENCE Decision makers abroad, specifically maritime profiles but also inside the political system and English-speaking profiles in Denmark. The magazine is

published in relation to larger international events and is distributed personally to all exhibitors. FREQUENCY The magazine is sent out 4 times a year per post and e-mail to all subscribers and is uploaded online, where it is read continuously of new readers. CIRCULATION Print: 4,188 E-magazines: 2,243 Total: 6,431


Deadline Publication

* only Magasinet Maritime Danmark












Jan. 19 *

12.01 01.02

06.02 03.03

06.03 03.04

03.04 25.04

08.05 31.05

01.06 22.06

03.07 06.08

07.08 31.08

04.09 01.10

02.10 01.11

06.11 03.12

04.12 31.12

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Classified ad 90 x 61,5 mm € 335.00 € 251,25


10% at 4 times per day. year 25% of Full Flex agreement


MONTH January


TOPIC Service Shipdesign and counseling Shipbuilding Repair and maintenance Ports Terminals and port companies Digitization Cybersecurity Danish Maritime Fair Danish Maritime Fair - Follow up Maritime electronics IT and communication Offshore Oil, gas & wind Maritime Industry Green technology propulsion and environment Safety Working environment and security 2018 Forecast Maritime Events and Christmas Greetings

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Havnebladet (Lolland Commercial Harbours)

Havnebladet (Lolland Commercial Harbours)


Deadline Publication


April (Danish Maritime Fair 2018)


12.01 01.02

06.03 03.04

07.08 31.08

06.03.18: Seatrade Cruise Global 14.03.18 Asia Pacific Maritime 11.04.18: Sea Japan

02.05.18 DMF 2018 04.06.18 Posidonia

04.09.18: SMM

BLUE MEDIA INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE The media consultants in Maritime Danmark have a deep insight in the maritime sector, not only in Denmark, where our own medias cover the whole market, but also internationally. The media market is a varied market and it can be difficult to identify which medias you should choose to cooperate with, in order to obtain the best results. During our work with- among other things- marketing The Danish

Maritime Fair internationally, we have achieved a great knowledge of both global and national maritime medias. We have a complete setup of both internal resources and external partners, who can help with text, pictures, graphics, video, searchmachine optimizing and optimal use of Social Medias. In addition we have achieved a detailed knowledge of maritime events globally.

ONE STOP MARKETING PARTNER We offer competent and professional 360 degrees consulting to companies and organisations, which have a need for strengthening their profile. If you don’t have your own dedicated marketing department or if you feel a need for having your sales – and marketing strategy revised, our consultants are at your disposal. We will study your situation and use our experience to advise you about the right strategy and we will carry it out, if you should wish so.

PRESS RELEASES VIA BLUE MEDIA If you want to implement a new activity, launch a new product or change the organization it is important to have it communicated to the outside world. If it happens for instance 2 – 4 times a year, it demands great resources to become familiar with what works. Now Maritime Danmark introduces a new concept under the brand Blue Media, where we will provide a complete package. A PRESS RELEASE CONSISTS OF: • A Danish or English press release after a preceding interwiev with you – will be written by a professional maritime journalist and approved by you. • A press release will be the basis for a 1 page Profile ad, put up as an article in Magasinet Maritime Danmark or Danish Maritime Magazine (depending on the target group) • A press release will in short form be uploaded online on and with links to the full article in the E-version of the relevant magazine. • News online will get out in the newsletter of the next day. • A press release will be sent to approximately 300 maritime journalists in Denmark as well as worldwide (depending on the target group) • Link to the Profile ad will be shared on the social medias, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, where Maritime Danmark has very active pages and groups at our disposal.

2,671 5 ps. EUR 10,017 1 ps. EUR

GO wide

ADVERTORIALS, INSERTS AND OFFPRINTS ADVERTORIALS In many cases an advertorial has more impact than a traditional ad. Unlike an ordinary ad, an advertorial will not use promotional language, but use journalistic tools to draw precisely the image of your product or your company that you want. You are, in other words your own editor. Advertorials in Maritime Denmark’s print and electronic publications are produced by Blue Media, who are a part of the Maritime Denmark Media Group. The content is produced by journalists with great insight in the Blue Denmark and with exactly the angle you want. Both text and layout are submitted for approval by you before print. Advertorials are marked with the denotation PROFILE, a concept defined in the colophon. Here it states that Profiles are produced in close cooperation between journalist and advertiser. Furthermore, advertorials differ from ordinary articles as they do not mention the

name of the journalist, but instead the name of your company. Contact our Sales Department for more information. INSERTS With an insert, your publication will be distributed together with Maritime Denmark’s magazines. This is an effective way if you want to profile your company to a broad section of the Blue Denmark. No other maritime publications reach as far into the profession as ours. Inserts in Maritime Denmark is way cheaper than doing you own distribution. Contact our sales department for more information. CUSTOMER MAGAZINES If you want to promote your business through a professional Customer Magazine, we are ready to help you. We solve all tasks - text, photos, layout and

printing - in close cooperation with you to ensure that your customer magazine appeals to the right readers. You can do your own distribution or choose to have the customer magazine distributed with Maritime Denmark. Contact our sales department for more information. OFFPRINTS With an offprint, you will have your message in the magazine you choose, and will also get a print run for your own distribution. There is no limits to what offprints can be used for; newsletters, product news, mini magazines etc and we can do the total production and distribution. Here, you will also reach the furthest ends of the maritime industry like no other options can provide. There is loads of money to save through cooperation with Maritime Denmark and it is much cheaper and easier than doing it by yourself.

DANISH MARITIME FAIR In 2014 Maritime Danmark started up a new activity, the international maritime fair Danish Maritime Fair. It took place for the third time in 2016 in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen.

DANISH MARITIME FAIR 2018 The Danish Maritime Fair has moved and will take place in 2018 at the beginning of May with a nice distance to the world’s largest maritime fair SMM. Danish Maritime Technology Conference is once again the flagship of the activities that accompany the fair. ”We are happy and proud that Danske Maritime has chosen to hold the Danish Maritime Technology Conference in connection with Danish Maritime Fair,” says Martin Uhlenfeldt, Partner at the Media Group Maritime Denmark.

One of the biggest successes in Danish Maritime Fair 2016 was the Shipowners Lounge, a stand that made it possible to enter dialogue with Danish Shipping and their member companies under casual circumstances. The team behind the fair has further developed the concept, and in 2018 the Danish Maritime Fair will welcome at least one more lounge - the German Shipowners Lounge. DMF is in dialogue with ship owners from several countries, who have shown interest in participating. The number of national stands is also expected to grow.


4.600 visitors

1% increase

24% from abroad

4% increase

40% top executives 37% responsible for purchasing 634 shipowners representatives from 79 shipping companies

Registration fee: 470 EUR

Price per m2:

250 EUR Online package:

110 EUR

Your own page with logo, video and gallery and logo on the front page of

Official exhibitor pass:

230 EUR

Official exhibitor pass which gives access to the exhibitor lounge, with complete accommodation (breakfast, free coffee/tea, water/beer, lunch, cake) and a big Networking Dinner with beer/wine ad lib from 18-24 thursday 03.05.18. (There is a limited number of tickets available regarding the dinner – alternatively an exhibitor pass can be bought, which only gives entrance to the exhibitor lounge).

Are you interested in exhibiting, please send an e-mail to or call us: +45 7020 4155 (sales)


World Careers


Germen Shipowners Lounge


Editorial staff


Esplanaden 30.4 1263 København K Danmark

Esplanaden 30.4 1263 København K Danmark

Esplanaden 30.4 1263 København K Danmark

T: +45 7020 4155 E:

T: +45 7020 4155

T: +45 7020 4155




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