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WORLD CHAMPIONS IN MARITIME INNOVATION The maritime industry is global. Many Danish maritime businesses make more than 98% of their turnover globally. The world stands well to partake in the maritime know-how that is the strength of our industry. The Danish maritime businesses cover a wide range of areas such as maritime technique, engines, service, satellite communication, life rafts, paint, design, valves, boilers etc.


e have solid Danish shipyards, strong in quality shipbuilding and repairs. They are ready for the increased international demands of environmentally sound shipbuilding and maintenance. Shipping is unfortunately not faring very well at present. Some shipowners are bankrupted, offshore suffers under the low oil prices and giant shipyards in Asia are closing. So far, the maritime industry has held its own. Seen in a wide perspective, the industry has had tremendous success. Once we are through the next few, likely quite rocky years, the industry does hold great potential for continued growth. But why? What are the reasons? There are many! First, and foremost though, comes competence. We have managed to become world champions in several fields, and we are experts in the markets of the future.

It takes a few thousand businesses to supply all the equipment and components that make up a new ship, and many of those suppliers are Danish. The majority of diesel engines used on oceangoing ships are designed by us. We are the world’s largest producer of maritime boilers. More than every third life raft, used commercially, comes from Denmark. We are the world’s biggest supplier of pressure/vacuum valves (flashback prevention valves) for tankers. We are world leaders in silicone based anti-fouling paints. We have the world’s largest shipyard for deep sea trawlers, and next year, we are to build the largest ever electrical ferry. The international maritime growth will in part come from raised environment and safety demands towards the shipping industry. Fields, the Danish industry are experts in. The international fleet is historically big with more than 100,000

large ships, all requiring maintenance and upgrades to meet new demands. The coming years offer big challenges, not least in technologies that can safeguard the most sustainable traffic on the oceans while providing the lowest possible environmental impact. This applies to fields such as cleaning ballast water and limitation of sulfur and nitrogen emissions. All the oceans are connected. Ships sail from continent to continent. Challenges and their solutions cannot be limited by national borders. We have to think, develop and act internationally. Please use the Danish Maritime Technology Conference and the Danish Maritime Fair to look into the Danish maritime market. Meet the world’s best shipyards and maritime suppliers. Welcome to the Danish Maritime Days!


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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...