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MARITIME CHALLENGES CALL FOR LEADERSHIP Welcome to Danish Maritime Fair 2016 and the third edition of Danish Maritime Days. During the past three years a large number of maritime stakeholders – from CEO’s to engineers – have visited Danish Maritime Days to discuss challenges and opportunities for the shipping industry and not least exchange ideas and business cards.


t is quite understandable that the Blue Denmark opens its doors for our international partners. Shipping is the most global-oriented industry in Denmark, and Denmark is a leading shipping nation. That’s why we are pleased to gather knowledge, expertise and decision-making capacity during the Danish Maritime Days. Although Denmark represents less than 0.1 per cent of the world population, we are among the world’s 10 largest shipping nations, when mea-

suring the operated tonnage. Additionally, we are among the frontrunners, when it comes to finding responsible solutions in regards to maritime innovation and know-how, in order to reduce our footprint on the environment and climate. Our approximately 1.800 controlled vessels are employed in almost all areas of the maritime sector – from container, tanker and dry cargo to offshore and coast protection, and they are employed all over the world. Ship owners also play an important part in Denmark as shipping accounts for 20 per cent of Denmark’s exports and by doing so is one of the country’s largest export industries. Altogether, the maritime cluster creates employment to more than 100,000 people across Denmark. This is only possible, because there is broad support for Danish shipping - both from Parliament and from the general public. This year the Danish Shipowners’ Association has its own stand at the Danish Maritime Fair, where you can meet a series of Danish shipping companies and learn about Danish shipping. Among other things, you can hear about our many environment and climate initiatives, where we actively pursue a vision of quality shipping that combines high standards with competitiveness - even in difficult times. The global shipping industry has been seriously challenged in recent years. Overcapacity and low freight rates in combination with lower global trade and greater focus on the environment and climate create heavy demands and call for leadership in the maritime industries. Tomorrow’s growth belongs to companies, which take action and are able to adapt in this uncertain situation. It requires curiosity, innovation and a willingness to find new ways. Therefore, I hope that the Danish Maritime Days can provide a breeding ground for new collaborations and partnerships, and that all participants will return home inspired.


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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

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