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decline in the net turnover as well as in the profit, is for example Desmi, which has continued the investments in the development of a system to treatment of ballast water. The sale has, however, not yet begun, as IMO’s ballast water convention has not yet come into force. Another company with declining net turnover and profit is SH Group, which is a company that is very dependent on the offshore sector and with that the development of the oil price. That most of the maritime industrial companies have had growth is due to a combination of several factors. -It is a combination. Much focus has been on energy efficiency – that is the green technology, where we have some strong competences. It is a large part of it. There is, however, also service and maintenance, and we also deliver for newbuildings, an area where the order book until now has been big. In this way, it is a healthy combination of several factors, Jenny N. Braat says. danish maritime magazine

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THE GROWTH DOES NOT CONTINUE Looking ahead, everything suggests that the growth will not continue for the maritime industrial companies. In the longer term, it will necessarily impact them that the customers – the shipowners – are not doing well. -In the next couple of years, we do not believe that it will be just as bright. Placing of contracts on newbuildings have come to a stop. The market for newbuildings has simply come to a stop. The other leg for the maritime industrial companies is service to the existing fleet. Given that our customers, the shipowners, are not doing well, they try to postpone maintenance as much as possible. It has its limits, as ships have to pass compulsory inspections, and it gives some work, but we will not see the same growth in the years to come. We will see some years without the same growth, the growth will, however, come back, Jenny N. Braat says.


-That is why it is important that in connection with the work in the government’s growth team for the Blue Denmark we look at what we can do to get the companies out of the crisis in a stronger position. It is important to get some framework conditions in this country, which at least are equal to that of foreign countries, she adds and estimates that the growth will turn back to the maritime industry within a couple of years. The maritime industrial companies, however, do have some new growth opportunities. -Within retrofitting we have some great opportunities. Another market is naval vessels. Several countries wish to get or renew their naval vessels. Danish companies have some good possibilities to offer their products, Jenny N. Braat says.

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