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STRONG GROWTH IN THE MARITIME INDUSTRY When you look at the 2015 accounts from 20 of the biggest maritime industrial companies, you cannot see that large parts of the shipping world have had problems with overcapacity and low freight rates. The vast majority of the maritime industrial companies has had significant growth compared to 2014. The problems, however, lie in wait.


n the industry-specific analysis are included 20 of the biggest maritime industrial companies and shipyards in Denmark. Only 14 of these make their net turnover public. The net turnover for these 14 companies that make their net turnover public has in 2015 in total increased by 17.1 per cent to 21.1 billion DKK compared to 2014. The figure covers the fact that 10 of them have had growth in the net turnover, while the other four did not. All 20 companies have had growth in the gross profit at 18.3 per cent on yearly basis to 8.1 billion DKK, while the profit after tax in total has increased by 30.5 per cent to 1.5 billion DKK. This growth follows 2014, which also showed remarkable growth compared to 2013. -It reflects, what we also see and hear from our members. Growth has been present, and the companies work a lot to secure higher productivity, and the figures also show as you see that a fine productivity growth has been present. It only shows that it is a good investment to invest in the maritime industry, and it is all things considered an advantage for Denmark to have a maritime industry, Jenny N. Braat, CEO for the trade organization Danish Maritime, says. GROWTH AT MOST COMPANIES Out of the 20 companies, 15 of them have had growth in the gross profit, while five have had the opposite. Correspondingly, regarding the profit after tax 13 have had growth, while seven have seen a decrease. The growth at the 13 is, however, so significant that it more than compensates for the decrease, which the other seven companies have had. One of the companies that has had a remarkable growth is Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen, which had a growth in the net turnover of 24.4 per cent to 971.5 million DKK. The profit is moreover multiplied from 3.3 million DKK in 2014 to 26.6 million DKK in 2015. The shipyard has had fine activity within newbuildings as well as repair, and the shipyard has in 2015 delivered three newbuildings to foreign customers. The profit after tax has also increased that much due to the fact that the profit from investments in subsidiaries did increase remarkably. Those companies that opposite the majority have had decline, all seem to have been impacted by special circumstances. One of the companies that have had danish maritime magazine

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