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Currently the repair market is good, but there are very few new constructions so the Danish maritime industry welcomes the Polish state orders. Specifically, the Polish shipyards have planned projects in the construction of three types of navy vessels, gas carriers - two major carriers and four smaller bunker units, 2 RoRo passenger ships operating on LNG, 4 tugs (LNG) and a significant number of special vessels including offshore wind industry. Furthermore, there will be repairs and an upgrade of the fleet of large fishing vessels. - Poland also has suppliers. They are strong on steel structures in general. At the same time, things can change in offshore wind. Poland is also expanding their infrastructure in offshore wind. From the Danish side we of course hope to get in on some of the wind activity down on the Polish Baltic coast, says Valdemar Ehlers, and highlights Danish shipping companies who have specialized in foundation work on turbine towers. It is a complex job and must of course be accurately done for environmental approval. - So there may also be interesting know-how exchange he says and mentions that the two countries generally complement each other well. There are many Danish companies which use Polish shipyards, both for new construction and for repair tasks. Royal Arctic Line, for example have had ships built in Remontowa in Gdansk. And there are a lot of repairs: Scandlines, DFDS and other shipping companies use Polish repair yards, who often bring Danish maritime suppliers in, because there are many Danish components and Danish equipment on the ships, he says. Therefore, Danish Maritime is very pleased with the fact that the event is at a high political level, and that Polish official representatives including the Ministry of Maritime Economy is so positive. It is an important role for Danish Maritime, to create and maintain relations at the political level. The event also includes a networking part for businesses and opportunities for match-making, so buyers and suppliers can meet in private.

Selvrensende rygekabiner - rygeborde Rygeskabe og rygerum. Kan tilpasses til rummets interiør, i alle farver og træsorter, samt størrelser. Udgiften til filtre mm. er på under 1 krone pr drifttime. Det selvrensende system er patentanmeldt. Se mere på med priser, forslag og billeder.

Fjern alle slags bakterier og dårlig lugt Ozon er den mest miljøvenlige måde at lugtsanere på, da ozonen laves om til ilt efter endt behandling. Billig i anskaffelse og drift.


TLF. 7025 1720 • Vi udstiller i Lokomotivværkstedet fra 25. – 27. oktober på standnr. 0812.


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