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DENMARK AND POLAND COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER WELL The industry association Danish Maritime, together with his Polish counterpart has arranged an event for maritime companies in the two countries, which shows both the business opportunities and accounts for perspectives at a high political level.


here are over 350 Danish and Polish industrial companies invited to Danish Maritimes and their Polish counterpart, Forum Okretowes, event on October 25 at the Danish Maritime Fair. The two organizations who know each other well both at top level and in practice, has created a Danish / Polish speaker panel representing ministries, agencies and organizations that have their finger on the pulse and an eye for the future. Poland, like Denmark, has felt that times can sometimes be rough in the maritime industry. But currently, Poland is engaged in shipbuilding projects that may be of interest to the Danish suppliers. Recently, Poland has decided to strengthen its shipbuilding industry. This industry is an important

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part of the country’s maritime economy, and the goal is to create additional industrial, scientific and financial activity. This will strengthen the development of the Polish shipbuilding industry, developing research and development environments around ship design, to stimulate employment of skilled labor and secure an environment for shipbuilding through the years. The Danish maritime industry sees good opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration in several of these areas. - The political aspects of this is very interesting, because in Poland, the state plays a large role when you talk about big and heavy industry, says technical manager of Maritime Denmark, Valdemar Ehlers.


- The Polish government has recently confirmed some orders for the Polish shipyards which will kick-start production. The times have been hard, and the yards, just like here at home, have had it tough. So it has helped a great deal that there is finally a ‘Go ahead’ from the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy, he says. Pointing out that there is hope that more industrial companies in Denmark can become subcontractors for newbuildings on the Polish shipyards. REPAIR YARDS The orders are primarily for passenger ships, ferries and naval vessels, so it is fairly specific newbuilding orders from the Polish government, which also meets local needs.

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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

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