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THE REQUIREMENTS FOR BALLAST WATER ARE HIGHLY CURRENT Bureau Veritas is at the forefront of the new requirements for shipping both in terms of cleaning of ballast water and CO2, and helps businesses with the many new international rules and approvals. - As a classification company we are a part of the maritime cluster and would like to give visitors at the fair the idea, that we naturally belong in the industry. So at first it’s about showing our brand and signal that we are present in the industry, says Bengt Sangberg, Marine Chief Executive of Denmark, Iceland and Sweden Bureau Veritas. - Ballast Water Management is the one of the latest topics, and we are showing how to help the industry and the shipping companies to meet the requirements of IMO, which of course

has just been ratified in September. The regulations come into effect next year, he says, and points out that the rules clearly will help the biological environment in our waters. In addition to ballast water, the latest is MRV: - MRV stands for monitoring, reporting and verification, and is launched by the European Commission and is already in effect. This is a program for implementation, which involves the shipping companies accounting for their CO2 emissions once a year for each ship calling at European ports.

- It is nothing new compared to what factories on land are doing today, where you have to submit environmental reports, but the EU’s requirements for ships in European ports are an additional task that shipping companies must resolve. We want to help them, so it does not become too great of a burden on them. That is something we are going to present at the fair.




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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

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