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DIGITAL SOLUTIONS IN SHIPPING IS NO LONGER A CHOICE There are only two possibilities with digitization. Either you close your eyes, or you go with it. That is what Wärtsilä believes and is emphasizing the need for action - immediate action. This is what I will come to Copenhagen to talk about, says Stefan Nygård.

- The Danish Maritime Fair is important for the Danish home market as well as for the entire Scandinavian market, and thus also important for Wärtsilä, says Stefan Nygård, General Manager, Portfolio Management, Digitalisation, Wärtsilä, Finland.

MORE, BETTER, FASTER - I will talk about digitization, which is my specialty, and I will show where we see the greatest opportunities in digital solutions. Digitization is much discussed at the moment, says Stefan Nygård.

He does not hide the fact that he thinks the shipping industry are facing challenges.

In his opinion, the digitizing is necessary for both large and small companies and businesses: - It’s the same for everyone, including Wärtsilä. It is simply a universal thing that is going on. From my point of view, the choices consists of going along with it, or more or less shut our eyes and wait for the evolution - no one can escape digitizing.

- And we see no major changes of that during the next few years. It will continue to be a challenging market, although of course there are also positive signs and things that move in the right direction. Although there are problems, ships are still being built, cargo is being transported and things are still getting done. There is something happening all the time, but the current market situation looks more or less to continue, he says. - Therefore, we must be competitive and have both the right solutions, the right contacts, right services and the right product. It is challenging and puts a lot of great stress on us to succeed, says Stefan Nygård, who is also the keynote speaker at the Danish Maritime Technology Conference to be held in Lokomotivværkstedet.

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- At Wärtsilä, we clearly see the need for action now. It must be done here and now, and it’s one of the reasons why I am coming to Copenhagen. We make an effort and we offer great digital solutions. - I believe that we are doing the right thing, but we cannot just go to the companies and tell them to do this and that. Everyone must decide where they see opportunities so we can present the services that we believe can help them - digital offerings, he said.


Only the beginning In a time when everyone talks about big data, Stefan Nygård says that we are actually just at the beginning of digitization, but it is not a question of technology: - In addition to technology, it’s about new business models, user experience and human behavior. 10-15 years ago sailors did not have a touchscreen phone and today almost everyone on board has one, while the people on the ships are increasingly internet-connected. It has already changed the mindset, and people are accustomed to mobile phones and apps and behave accordingly. - There are always new things coming out. The consumer market and business-to-business will experience new business models, disruptions and emerging markets. Consumers will demand greater environmental awareness of us. They want us to take responsibility. And when they do, we must follow, and here digitalization can make it easier to meet their requirements, says Stefan Nygård.

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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...