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- We have proved that we can do what we say, and have achieved to be considered a recognized and respected name in the shipping industry. This means that the companies know that they won’t compromise on quality, service and finance, warranty, and the environment - when they choose us, she says. Through our Rodby department we are involved in the four-stroke-components also. There we will include focus on connecting rods, which we have been successful with. On our Woodward electronic control technology of the engines, we have made a major investment of test equipment here in Copenhagen, which means that we can cover a much wider area, as we have in addition to representing Woodward in Denmark (including Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands) now also have Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as a service area.

With its many years of experience, PJ Diesel has invested in a quiet development and has primarily grown organically. The only inorganic growth came with the acquisition of Woodward 10 years ago. At the exhibition we would like to draw attention to the niche business we are and that reconditioning is a way to be both environmentally conscious and also achieve savings, she said. - We as a nation can be proud of the fact that we can put together such an exhibition in Denmark. We Danes are innovative, active, pioneers and we see opportunities. It was also a pioneering effort when I started this company many years ago: Why do you throw it away, why not repair it? Then you of course have to develop the concept, because it has to be exactly as easy for the customer to take a reconditioned thing as buying it

new from the manufacturer. Where we have developed - and that’s something we can - is our employees who travel the world, they are also ambassadors for what we stand for here at home. By educating them to become holistic and keep track, we make sure that when you see one of our employees in PJ-boiler suit, you will have a person who can go in and troubleshoot on an overall plan, says Anne-Mette Elsborg, whose background is purchasing manager in a large shipping company: - I saw the opportunity to be able to deliver on exchange basis - I had seen in the aerospace industry where they had programmed maintenance. And then I thought, it must be possible to do within shipping, if I could arrange to make it easy for the customer to get the components back and forth.


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