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BRIGHT IDEA TRANSFORMS USED PARTS INTO STRONG ASSETS At PJ Diesel Engineering with headquarters in Copenhagen harbor, focus is on reconditioning of components in engines, so that quality, durability and warranty are perfect, while customers save money and the environment is protected. It’s about knowledge and craftsmanship.


EO, director and founder of PJ Diesel Engineering A/S, Anne-Mette Elsborg says that PJ Diesel, which has 40 employees, has chosen to showcase themselves and be a sponsor for the Danish Maritime Fair, based on previous good experience: We had many interested and relevant visitors at the last fair. It was very important for us as a company, and we wanted to show how proud we are, to be a part of the great seafaring nation that Denmark is, just like Norway, England, Germany and so on. As a company, we are very focused on customer needs and environmental regulations - taking economy into account. - We have existed for 37 years, and when you start with a good idea and are a small groundbreaking niche business, it requires you to constantly stay in contact with the customers so you know their needs. The needs have indeed been very different over the years. - My original concept was to recondition rather than buy new and throw away. To do that, it required great knowledge, while having the artisanal training and thought process. We had to be flexible and know what good service was and is – and accommodate the environment at the same time. - It has been our guiding principle that there has to be a saving in it for the customer, without compromising on quality, reliability and warranty at all, says Anne-Mette Elsborg and stresses that PJ Diesel has received support from manufacturers around the world like Mitsubishi, Woodward, KBB etc. - They have given us authority, which has helped to legitimize and validates our good

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idea. That was important for us. It is not enough to be sitting in Copenhagen and having the great idea to “recondition your things.” It had to be legitimized, and that manufacturers have helped us with, because they have supported what we did and have given us the professional knowledge of their products that we needed, she says. TREMENDOUS FLEXIBILITY You can say that we, as a small innovative company, have an enormous flexibility and presence in relation to the customer 24/7, something the big businesses of course cannot have. So it is a continuation of the quality from the large corporations? - Yes, and it has also been our legitimacy in the market. - We have our service production and warehouse in Copenhagen Nordhavn and in Rodby and sales offices in Norway, UK and New York, so we are internationally oriented. THE SHIP CANNOT WAIT - The concept we have developed is based on exchange. It is based on the fact that a ship can’t wait for a component to be sent to Copenhagen, so we can fix it and then send it back again. So we simply take a tested replacement component - a “plug-and-play” part - down from the shelf and send it off. Later we get the used components returned when it fits into the ship planning. - We have the skilled, experienced machine repairman who goes on board and assists. Our employees are our greatest asset, not least


because we provide a holistic approach to problem solving on the spot, says Anne-Mette Elsborg and elaborates: - Sometimes you get out and it turns out, that the symptoms are in one place, while the cause lies somewhere else in the engine. Our experienced and qualified engineer can find and solve those problems. People talk about the crisis in shipping, but PJ Diesel has experienced increased demand in the wake of the problems: - It has increased the interest in what we stand for, while we have been able to adapt our concept, so we can accommodate to the way the companies manage their operations today. ENVIRONMENT AND REASON - At the fair, PJ Diesel will show where we are today and how proud we are to participate in a Danish maritime exhibition.

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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...