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This year, the Danish Shipowners’ Association has decided to support the Danish Maritime Fair by participating with a Shipowners’ Lounge, where several shipping companies will be present. Here, you will - among other things - be able to test your knowledge of Danish shipping and learn about the Danish shipping solutions to environmental and climate challenges.



nne H. Steffensen, Managing Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association elaborates: - The past two years, the Danish Maritime Fair has proved to be an interesting hub during the Danish Maritime Days. The Shipowners’ Association has decided to participate this year with its own lounge.

Tuesday. October 26th at 12:00 am, the Danish Shipowners’ Association will host the opening of the Shipowners’ Lounge, where everyone is welcome. Drinks and snacks will be served and there will be lots of opportunity to network. There are scheduled streaming of keynote speakers from the Danish Maritime Forum Thursday October 27th. Besides staff from the Danish Shipowners’ Association, the Shipowners’ Lounge will also be manned by staff from a wide range of Denmark’s most important shipping companies. A schedule will be published so you can clearly see which companies you can meet the different days. Exhibition Manager Jakob le Fevre tells about the reason for the lounge: - When we analyzed our visitors from 2015, we found that there had been 629 shipping company representatives from 67 companies at the fair. As the shipping company employees

are popular guests on the stands, they can of course meet there, but we think that it would make good sense on many levels to ensure that shipping company employees also have a place to meet, network and talk business. We are very grateful for the support from the Danish Shipowners’ Association and we can see that it has had an effect. At this stage it is approximately 13% of all registered guests at this year’s event that are shipping company representatives. This means that if we reach the target of 5,000 visitors, we will have around 650 shipping company representatives there. An interesting detail here is that the 3% are from foreign shipping companies, so there is good opportunity to end up with 150 foreign shipping company representatives. Kristine Henriques, Consultant, People & Communication in Nordic Tankers, says: - We look forward to participating more actively in the Danish Maritime Fair this year. The Shipowner’s Lounge is an exciting new initiative that we give our wholehearted support by being there all three exhibition days. In the lounge there will be representatives from both our fleet, purchase, marine and HR. They look forward to meeting visitors and talking about how important chemicals are for our everyday life. I will not reveal details yet, but I can tell you that we are planning a series of activities that visitors can participate in.


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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...