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COPENHAGEN - A NEW DESTINATION IN THE GLOBAL EVENT CALENDAR In just 3 years, the Danish maritime cluster has managed to build a trade fair of international standard. Supported by the Danish Maritime Days, the Danish Maritime Fair attracts key maritime players from all over the world.


t is not yet clear whether or not funds can be provided for the continuation of the Danish Maritime Days, but the Danish Maritime Fair has achieved so much recognition in its own right, that the fair can and will continue. Denmark needs a recurring event for the maritime industry. From a theoretical point of view, events like a big fair with associated conferences are very important as they revitalize the cluster. Professionals can update and expand their personal network, knowledge can be obtained about the new systems & products and you can be updated on the new regulations that are being implemented. The Danish Maritime Fair is not only a market with exhibitors offering their products and services. This year, we have more than 25 events which together represent more than half of all events that are registered under the Danish Maritime Days umbrella. The biggest event is the international technical summit - The Danish Maritime Technology Conference. The Danish Maritime Fair provides comprehensive sponsorship for the conference organizers, so it is possible to have conferences of international standard. We support innovation with a dedicated lounge for startup companies, we have launched a concept called Blue Start Up of the Year and hosts The Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management ambitious event Blue Innovation Challenge - and finally we will announce the Danish Ship of the Year. This year we have 4 international pavilions from Finland, Sweden, Germany and Holland. We have managed to gather 10 schools from 4 countries in a Blue Career Lounge and finally we have entered into a cooperation with the Danish Shipowners Association on the Shipowners’ Lounge, so that the ship owner representatives now have a place to meet and network at the fair.

Danish Maritime Fair has echoed around the world. For example, the organizers of the Dutch pavilion is the company Ahoy - also known as the organizers of Europort, the world’s third biggest maritime exhibition, and a series of smaller exhibitions globally. Ahoy’s support should be seen as a clear signal, that they see Copenhagen as a strategically important destination and that they expect a long-term potential of the concept.

fair; we have fully supported the initiative. We hope to find a consolidated model for the future, so that the Danish maritime industry is united and strong.

We are pleased to be a part of the Danish Maritime Days and with the conduct of this year’s

We are proud to welcome you to the Danish Maritime Fair.

We have studied the calendar and have decided that the next Danish Maritime Fair will take place in Copenhagen in the first week of May, namely April 30th to May 4th 2018.


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Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...